Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Win Scrabble with Names of Magical Creatures

Alright this is going to be short since my week has mostly been uneventful..I think...
Anyways way back to..wow...last Tuesday.
Well I had to go to school...for the two days that school was actually open in the week...what the hell...
There was a bonus I got taken to school on a motorcycle which made me happy, there goes my host Grandpas rules down the drain.. (I feel very free saying that)
Anyways during the morning assembly one of the teachers came up to me and told me she was taking me with some students to the university of Bang Pra... for what well I had yet to figure it out. Of course alayna wasn't at school as she talked her way out of going to school for two days
Anyways we piled into the cage trucks and took off..
when we got there I was finally filled in on what was going on... It was an engineering and agricultural engineering expo...son of a gun... Two of the things I will never in my life be interested in... so I got to spend the first half of the day looking at stuff that I've seen hundreds of times before in 4-H I thought I would die of boredom.
After lunch it got slightly better with running around with some of the girls and looking at all these different stalls selling plants and puppies. There were some really adorable puppies, you just wanna pick them up and squeeze them. That was about the only exciting thing at school.
When I went to check my e-mails after school I had quite the experience. This was the first time I went to the school while they were actually teaching classes. I got lots of stares from the little kids. P'Boat's wife made some of the kittle kids come ask me questions about where I was from and what my name was.
Later on the older kids started coming for classes and two of the boys actually came up and started talking to me. One of the boys had thick glasses and has a name I cant pronounce.  The other is a pretty cute boy named Mint. Mint can speak amazing english as he studied in India for two years. We got talking about all sorts of things as he was really nice.

Anyways Wednesday was a normal school day.. pretty boring if you ask me. mostly sitting around and just bla bla bla. The only exciting part was talking with the english teachers during my last free. At one point the very sexy secretary who usually works downstairs came up and of course all the boys were making comments about her, and who wouldn't. Then one of the thai teachers caught them talking about her and so the thai teachers went on to make fun of them. Howard got so flustered, it was great.

Thursday...what was thursday even about..oh right. Well it was my first day off school so I sat around watching SVU and just laying around, though when I went to go check my e-mails Mint was there and this time we traded phone numbers and he asked me to go to a movie with him, chronicles of Narnia, we had a good talk but I had to leave early because I had to attend a thai wedding...on a thursday? what? lol well I got all dressed up though no dress this time and we headed out with another family from rotary to the wedding. The reception was taking place at this huge hotel and there was maybe 1000 guests, what the hell? the actual wedding had taken place a few days before in the traditional thai style so the bride was only in her dress for maybe 5 hours? in my opinion not worth all the money they spent on this thing. The bride looked lovely though..
There was no dancing, almost no drinking, it didn't even feel like a wedding... It was so boring.. never again.
Friday...what was friday... I think avery boring day of  nothingness... Saturday was the same I think. Sunday well I finally got a hold of Alayna and we planned for a 2 night sleep over which we do so often. Anyways she showed up and we went about watching criminal minds and yes man.
The next day after I finally woke her up we went to check my e-mails and she was able to meet Mint..She couldn't stop teasing me that time... It was kinda funny.
anyways after we decided to go swimming in my pool. It's actually pretty clean for an outdoor pool. We had fun splashing and listening to music as we swam around. at one point the back of Alayna's earring fell off and we had the adventure of retrieving it from the bottom of the pool
we then sat around and just talked, I also introduced her to PM which she also fell for with his irresistible
tuesday well this day was fun. I woke up around 10, like usual while Alayna was still Asleep I watched a couple of movies then decided to go check my e-mails. Mint was there waiting for his class to start so we started talking and while I checked my e-mails he pulled out..math scrabble...I thought things couldn't get any nerdier lol. I poked fun at him for it When his friend with the glasses showed up they put away the math scrabble and pulled out normal scrabble. thats when I made the bet with Mint that if he lost the game I would never talk to him again. He was trying pretty hard... until I started helping his friend. We won the game with me just being able to spell ENT, like the tree guys from LOTR. He lost gracefully and I decided to still talk to him. Anyways I went back to the house around 1 thinking Alayna would still be awake. nope. I woke her up at 2 and we sat around until4 when she finally got out of bed and got ready. then we headed over and met up with Mint.
We took a tuktuk to the mall. We first bought our tickets, and holy crap it was so cool they had a touch screen where you chose your seats and it was so cool!!!!! my and Alayna were both amazed. After we hit Swensons because we had some time before the movie. There was much stealing of bananas and kicking Alayna under the table.
The movie theatre was looked pretty normal. Though right before the movie started we had to stand and show respect to the king...in a movie theatre huh? It was a little different. Anyways the movie was great, though different from the book, still great and I want to go back and read the book again for the first time in a long time.
We then headed to the cheap movie store and bought some stuff. I bought Juno for Alayna as her christmas present and she got me an Optimus Prime phone charm. I also got a little bunny with my birthday on its sweater, you know one of those things that they have for every day. Though Alayna couldn't remember my birthday and almost bought me the wrong date.
Alayna's parents picked us up at the mall and we headed home. I bid alayna a merry christmas  and sent her off past the scary dog.
Anyways now I'm just fiddling around. as I need to do laundry and start packing before my parents get here on friday though my grandpa wants to pick me up at 8:45 when the drive is only an hour and my parents plane doesn't land until after 11...wtf... I'm sorry but I'm so glad I moved host families like you would not believe...
alright I'll let you go

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is My Girlfriend (crap)

alright alright alright
wayyy back to Monday  believe.
So originally I thought that I didn't have school all week due to exams going on, funny enough I found out sunday night that I would be going to school the next day as exams had been moved to December.
So thought...dang it...
Anyways got to school and banged my toe around a couple of times before first class even started and I thought maybe this wasn't going so well, then I found out Alayna wasn't there, she was still under the belief that we had this week off, so course she was in bed. Well just great.
I phoned my Grandpa to ask if he could pick me up after third period, all I had after lunch was triple dance and triple dance is not something I'm doing with my toe, third also because Howard had threatened me that if I didn't go to that certain class well he'd make me write lines everyday for the rest of the year...so I went.
The boys in that class are complete jerks... they were picking on this one boy and just...ugh it was so rude...
I also realized my brain was just not in school mode, it was still in trip mode, where everyone spoke awesome english and just it was so weird to get back to reality...
Anyways I got home and talked to my Grandpa and was able to get tuesday and wednesday off for my foot to get better. So I sat around...Then one of my friends suggested I watch Young Justice, a new tv show thats coming out with marvel sidekick characters...I LOVED IT!! I'm now in a complete batman and robin zone and I really want to go find the movies from the 90s...
So I spent the next two days sitting around watching mostly romantic comedies and Batman cartoon movies...
Finally Thursday rolled around and I actually had to go to school... though seriously It was one boring day...School just seemed pretty bland next to the trip..
Friday after school I had to start packing...not fun... It was a huge pain to collect everything I've got and stuff fit into some suitcases and a couple of plastic bags. thankfully I got everything together, though I stayed up a little late just thinking about the good and the bad of this family that I've spent the last 3 months with, truthfully the things I'm going to miss the most will be Koon Took and the dogs..and having my own house, that was pretty kick ass...
anyways I also woke up early on Saturday as I had to finish packing the little stuff like paperwork I've collected. I got to have a good Skype convo with Kathryn as I packed so that was nice.
It was horrible moving all my stuff down stairs.. I will not envy myself trying to lug that suitcase through the airport.
I was ushered out to the car to put all my stuff in it... I also had to say goodbye to the dogs, and man can Koon Took give one hell of a hug or what... (I'm tearing up as I write this I'm really gonna miss that lady) Anyways it was sad pulling away from the house and just driving to my new house. I got pretty nervous about the whole thing..
When we pulled up the the house there was actually no one there, they were all down the street at the store they own or the school.
Once someone finally arrived I was shown inside and to my room where I could put all my stuff. Then I had to say goodbye to my first host family...actually it was very stiff and awkward... shaking of hands and nods, nothing really emotional.
Anyways I'll describe my new house. well first off I got a pool!! woot for those hot days when you can't help but melt. I have my own room opposite the bathroom that everyone shares, thats gonna take some time to get used to as I haven't shared a bathroom with anyone for 4 years. I also have a TV in my room that has 60 channels, 10 of them seem to be english, though most of them are Australian news channels and Eurosport, though I do have the universal tv show channel which means tons of law and order...
So I got settled into my room, unpacking clothes and such, then I was taken to the mall to pick up food for breakfasts.
I also got to meet most of the people who will be in my life.
first there is my host dad and host mom, neither of them can speak a whole lot of english but they are both very nice and I'm so glad they took me in.
They have two kids, both in their 30s
First is their son who has a wife and a two month old son named PM (though I always want to call him 2PM after the korean pop band).  They live in the house with me and my host parents, though I have a feeling these people will feel more like my host parents then my actual host parents. Then there is the second brother and his wife. Both of them are really nice. the son can speak more english then his wife, but his wife is really nice.
I also can remember none of their names...crud
anyways I was taken out by the second brother as means of getting me out of the house. though I didn't know he was the second brother at the time, and he took me to this near empty construction site outside of the city and for some reason I just felt fear race through me, maybe watching 5 episode of Law and Order SVU right before the car ride had something to do with it... maybe lol
Anyways after I was taken back home and I was told that I would be going with the family to dinner with all of my host mom's side of the family.. I thought maybe a small family? well we arrived at the restaurant to maybe 30 people... oh god.. Though as soon as I sat down it actually felt like a family dinner. There were so many people of all different ages. quite a few who are just a few years older then me. A set of twin girls who are 21 and super pretty. Some boys including a really cute guy and one guy that reminds me of the godfather for some reason. There were also two boys who were younger then me and some much younger kids. the youngest of the cousins being 8. there were I think 15 cousins, 6 original kids and the grandmother of them all. Then Pm is the first grandkid of them all.
Anyways we had dinner and much talking in thai was done. everyone was really nice and tried talking to me, including the cutie who turned out to have the name Champ.
Even though it felt like a family, that I may not be a part of yet but will be someday, well I got overwhelmed at one point and had to take a breather.
Anyways I was super tired by the end and slept the whole drive home.
The next day I woke up and got taken to the store o meet one of my many host aunts who lives in Bangkok, she is the mother of the twins and the Godfather guy. Well them Along with Champ and his family were all going to the Zoo for father's day. Fathers day is also the King's birthday. Well we all met up at the Grandmother's place which was nice. At one point I knew that the twins and Champ were talking about me in Thai (it's always pretty easy to tell) anyways one of the twins turned to me and said "he would like to talk to you but he is shy" and I just had to say "well he should try talking to me, I'm not that scary" great going me.
anyways we headed out towards the zoo only to hit major traffic..which turned out to be everyone else heading to the zoo. I now realize why My parents tended to opt of of going places on holidays..the zoo was a mad house, just full of people and cars. Anyways we walked around, saw some shows, one of them was just showing animals that people could go up and hold. When they brought out a rather large looking snake I was the only one to raise their hand. The two guys running the show seemed pretty surprised but the snake was so beautiful...

Hmmm what else, well I finally got around to talking to Champ, he's super nice and really funny and said we should hang out sometime, maybe go to a movie..then I found out he had a girlfriend (son of a gun) oh well we had some good talks about his schooling which he just completed and such. It was really fun going to the zoo with this group of people. It felt more like a family thing...
Then once we headed out from the zoo I was dropped off and met by the first son who then took me to another family dinner, this being the Dad's side of the family and it sure reminded me of my Dad's side of the family. everyone older then me or younger then me, no one really near my age. It was nice though and there was a ton of good food. Then we went outside to watch the fireworks for the king's birthday, man these were good fireworks with some awesome sounds. I was quite a ways away from where they were setting them off but have the explosions shook glass and one both pushed a door slightly and literally hit me with a force it was so loud...it was awesome!!!!
I got taken home early as I was super sleepy but the best part was... I was taken home on a motorcycle!!!!!! ef yeah!!!! It seems that its okay if it's a family member which makes my day.
I stayed up kinda late watching Law and Order and Fashion Tv.
Today I finally got internet access as there is no wireless internet in my house and I got a new cellphone which is really nice, it was super cheap and still looks good, now I just have to go and buy that Optimus Prime cell phone charm I've been eyeing up and I'll be all set.
I was really happy my last host family took me in but this host family, this family, feels real, like I actually could fit in somewhere here... I'm so happy right now...
anyways sorry for the random blog, my mind isn't in one place long enough for me to make this a good blog entry

Saturday, November 27, 2010


holy crud, what a week, one of the best out there and yet the worst lol
wayyyyyyyyyy back to Saturday which seems like a lifetime ago.
woke up early on Saturday and got all my stuff together and headed out the door, my Grandpa said the back of the jeep was full so we had to tie my suitcase to the roof of the jeep... it got slightly covered in smooshy bugs...not fun.. anyways we went and picked up Alayna and had a good old boring 2 hour car ride. We arrived at this restaurant, us being the first of the exchange students there and met with On, a wonderful lady who is co-head of the inbound trips she's really nice and very motherly. anyways we sat down and started eating lunch waiting for everyone to arrive. I perked up every time it looked like a car was going to pull in, I must have looked like an idiot.
When the first car did arrive it held three of the exchange students and I'm just going to describe them in like 10 words or less, just so I never forget them...
first was Jessica, Canadian, blonde, kinda crazy, and super awesome!!!!.
Then Came Giulia, Brazilian, beautiful in a natural way, super cute, and so fun to talk to.
Last was Ray, Taiwanese, the most adorable girl ever, super open, and just so cool.
those three piled out of the car and it was much hugging, and saying hellos. These girls are the closest to Alayna and I yet they are still about 3 hours away from where we live. We are the furthest south in our district so it sucks when trying to see other people in our district
Anywho, we sat down and gushed about our excitement for the trip though we were all sort of tired and it was a little bit mumbled. The last to arrive of the southern group was Kumiko, Japanese super cute and has that adorable Japanese accent. Again with the hugging and laughing and hellos.  After Kumi gobbled down some food we said goodbye to our host parents and piled into the van. This was a 4 hour ride with much laughing, playing "screw, marry, kill", and sleeping. Me and Jess got to have an awesome talk about Canada and all these things we loved about Canada. It was really great and I got to know her a lot better, she also said that I'm almost the exact same as one of her best friends, it made me laugh that there may be two of me in the world.
Well, we finally arrived at our first day destination, Korat.
This was the same place we had our orientation at 3 months ago, same hotel and everything. Well standing there waiting to great us was ... crap I can't remember his name, well lets just call him Mullet Man. He originally had a mullet at orientation but had since then cut it off, he's the other co-head of the trips.
We got to take our stuff up to our rooms and then we decided hell, lets go swimming. The pool was pretty plain but we had a blast, pushing each other in, trying to teach Ray and Giulia to dive and just swimming around, though at some point Jessica lost her ring and even though we could generally see it on the bottom of the pool we just couldn't grab it so it forever will be at the bottom of the Korat swimming pool. while we were swimming A ca arrived carrying 2 exchange students who live in/near Korat. Catarina, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous brazilian which seems to have everything right with her body and super nice to everyone. Second was Susie, a super cute and short Mexican was curly hair and great personality. well they arrived to the usual greeting. While they went to go change into their bathing suits which by the way took them forever to do. well while they did that another car pulled up. This bringing one of the people I was more excited to see again, Pancho. Mexican, a little on the short side, pretty good looking and complete gentleman.  this was our group for the nights shananagins.
Well after some more swimming and us getting kicked out of the pool as it was getting dark we changed and decided we wanted Mexican food. Not taco bell but real stuff. So we got the great idea lets pile 9 people into a tuk tuk, something that usually carries 3 people at most. It was one of the best trips of my life. It was just so funny and spontaneous. 8 girls were shoved int he back and Pancho got to sit up front riding on the battery. That ride was a lot of yelling hello to people and waving to all the others who stared at the tuk tuk full of white and hispanic kids. Well we found our way to the restaurant and got all settled in.
 THE FOOD WAS DROOL WORTHY!!!!!! yeah I've had awesome mexican food before, but when the variety here is wither you want noodles or rice for a meal, well you learn to appreciate the awesome foreign food that much more. There was a ton of laughing that went on as we talked and shared exchange stories. Being there made me so happy that we got to spend that extra first night together.
After the dinner we ventured over to the night market to check things out. There were some good booths with some awesome looking clothes. At one point we found a piercing studio. Giulia decided to get another piercing but the guy messed up and se had to take it out again right away, then Alayna decided to get a piercing but the guy messed but and didn't put in the right place but it still looked good, oh did i mention he dropped the earring on the floor TWICE before he actually got it in Alayna's ear, or and did I also mention this place was super sketchy and I would not get a piercing there but whatever worked for the other guys.
Well we finally had to head back to the hotel as we needed to wake up really early the next day so we said our goodbyes to the three living in Korat and headed up to our rooms. We actually decided to drag our mattresses all into one room and had a slumber party in the one room for the night, though most of us fell asleep pretty dang fast, me included.
Well we got up and got ready then had some breakfast in the hotel restaurant. while we were, Jessica took 10 pieces of bread and a whole ton of jam and made one giant sandwich  to give to one of the other exchange students as an inside joke, it was pretty funny to watch her make it and try and shove it into a bag. At one point we were talking with O and she said she had a little toy she was bringing on the trip, guess what she pulled out. A Breathalyzer, this made my eyes go a little wide,  all the kids looked at each other as there may or may not have been one or two drinks for some the night before, it was eerie that she pulled it out and showed us. well after hurrying to make it out the door with all the exchange students including those from Korat and all of their stuff we got to the bus station where we met up with two more YE kids.
Bryce, a Canadian with a mind-in-the-gutter sense of humour and he's super tall compared to the rest of Thailand. Also Jana, a German who is well stereotypical german, blonde and blue eyed, though she's going home early in December as Thailand just isn't working out for her. Anyways we got to climb on the bus and started the 6 hour bus ride. At least there was a movie playing though it was a nascar horror movie. guy dies on track, spirit possess car, kills everyone in sight, though it was such a low budget movie that it was really funny, like a guy getting his face taken off with the window wipers. Cat and I had a good laugh over it. The bus ride though was lots of sleeping and waiting. At the one pit stop I was buying chips when i accidently dropped my ipod, something i do regularly, but this time i cracked my screen and I nearly cried, this thing is my baby, my life line at time and I hurt it... T_T
When we finally arrived we were greeted by a sight I hadn't seen in Thailand yet. A mountain that actually looks like a mountain, yeah I know it sounds stupid be believe me, it's a little startling to see.
Well we got to eat lunch beside the mountain at this little place on the side of the road and while waiting for our ride to arrive we crossed the road to go look at these dozens of funky toques. We all ended up buying one as a little thing to remember the start of the trip, my hat looks like a watermelon and is a little small but super cute.
Well we got our ride, a giant truck, with kinda a cage on the back that we got placed in and taken to this small... I dunno what you want to call, maybe a 2 star resort which greeted us with ceramic statues of disney characters and pokemon. We got settled into our rooms, deciding who would sleep where for the night and had us moved in, we waited for the rest of the exchange students. while we waited we were told the rules, like there was never to be just a guy and girl alone, there always had to be three or more, stuff like that. finally the other kids started arriving and lets sort out whos who.
Heather- a Canadian which a really loud voice and a kick butt sense of humour
Ryan-A canadian who's funny and knows tons of random facts
Tim-An american who is so white that it's funny and makes great facial expressions
Emily-An American from Florida who likes to have a good time and doesn't know what tobogganing is
Oscar-A Mexican with a bit of a lisp but super cutie
George-Another Mexican who loves to make fun of everyone's name and really fun to talk to
Isaias-The only Brazilian boy and a ladies man in the best way possible, also a cosplayer!!
Ludmila-A Brazilian who is well in a nut shell kinda crazy and a bit promiscuous
Inkan-A German who's a little quiet but really nice when you talk to her
and that our group for the trip, we were only missing one student and that was the other mexican girl who I hung with in Rayong.
well there was much hugging, screaming, laughing to be had by the end of it, and truthfully in those first few hours I realized, i seriously hit the jackpot when it comes to the people in my district, almost all of them are simple amazing people and I'm so happy to get the chance to share this experience with them.
Anyways as we were all sitting and talking in different groups On came up to Cat and told her, we have chose you to represent Rotary in the Loi Krathong beauty pageant. well she got dragged off to have her hair and make-up done.
When it started to go dark we were loaded up into the cage truck and driven to the Loi Krathong festival.  This is a festival that thai people celebrate to ask forgiveness from the water goddess for all the bad things they have done to her in the past year. Its mainly characterized by people setting little bats made out of bread and banana leaves and covered in flowers and candles into the water.

(ffff this is going to be such a huge blog entry, I'm so sorry to everyone You can seriously stop reading here if you don't want to die of boredom)
The first hour was a good time of laughing setting off our little boat thingys and taking photos. I got to talking with all the different people in our district and it was so interesting.
Well when we were told Cat was going to be paraded on stage soon we rushed over. course we had to sit through from lady boys singing and such. It was as at one moment we were all talking among ourselves then I heard the words "where are the Feraoung??" I turned around and hollered, people looked including some of the YE kids, then they joined in, the lady boys gave us a little hello and made a few jokes in thai that I'm sure were at our expenses.
Well finally when the girls started strutting out we watched anxiously, When Cat finally came out we whooped and hollered, getting so many looks but we didn't care, This was for us and we were cheering on one of us.
Well things got pretty boring after we let off our lanterns into the night sky, just wondering around and talking to one another, keep in mind most of us had traveled up to 10 hours that day and needed some sleep.
we went back to the resort and headed to sleep. in the Canadian girls cabin, he gossiped and discussed what we thought things would be like over the course of the trip and then we fell asleep on a bed that reminded me of bricks wrapped in a cloth.
We woke up to mist and an early morning. after being blessed with some tim hotrons tea from Jessica and some bread and butter we head off. We don't have to carry our bags up the mountain, Rotary paid for porters to carry them up. It made everyone of us feel horrible seeing people carrying 6-10 bags of various sizes strung to bamboo and slung over their shoulders. They sweated and strained but they never looked at us with angry eyes like I thought they would. anyways we started our hike up and at the start I was at the front with most of the boys plugging away but I slowly fell behind them as my feet started to hurt, my sweat started to drench my shirt and my head went light. At one of the stations me, Ludmila, Cat, and Giulia got into a bit of a water fight and all came out soaked.
After that I ended up hiking with Emily and Bryce. It was a good hike and Emily always waited for me, The sad part was the only two people who were behind us were Ludmila and Jana, both of them having asthma. crap. When I finally made the part, I didn't care about the view, I just cared about laying down and wishing for death to take me lol. After that we had a bit of a hike to the actual place we would be staying at. It was well, an odd assortment of thing, a field of tents, a visitors center, various stores selling the same things and some junky looking cabins. well those junky looking cabins is where we would be staying. I was in a cabin was Cat, Giulia, Jana, Ray, and Ludmila. Well we got set in and then headed over to CHAMP for lunch. the store owned by a rotary member, on the way there there was a deer wandering around, some though it was robotic, pffffft. We had a quick lunch and then sat out on the grass. At one point Alayna called out. "I just pulled at leach off my leg" though I didn't think anything of it, leaches live in water, not on the top of mountains.
Me and Isaias had fun fighting for his Sasuke Uchiha phone charm, I swear I almost had it.
Anyways went back to the cabins to change and there it was, that little bastard, there was a leach on my leg. after screaming, stomping and Mila almost setting the cabin on fire we were able to kill it. Well these little buggers were renamed by the boys as whoopie whoopies and that name stuck through out the whole week. I think everyone at least once, screamed, yelled, hollered having one of those things sucking on their legs, or arms. I think Pancho had the best reaction through out the week squealing like a bit of a girl.
When dinner rolled around it consisted of Sishcabobs (however you spell that) and tons of singing songs like 'country roads' and 'when the night feels my song'. We even pulled out the kareoke and sung Lady Gaga and Spice Girls, it was an awesome night and a lot of joking around. Finally hit the sack with sore feet and sleepy eyes. Had a horrible sleep  full of waking up and fear of whoopie whoopies.
Third day started out bad with bad feet pains due to walking up an 8 km mountain. well that and a 4:30 wake up to go watch the sunrise. A hike of listening to Jana complain about every little thing as she is not a morning person, much like Alayna. Well we sat on the top of a cliff shivering in the dark until the sun started to rise, nothing overly amazing, but still beautiful and quite a bit of fun to watch.
After a hike back and breakfast came the 20 km hike. it started out good, me talking with people here and there. We een played in this little pond, the most exciting part being Bryce falling in the mud. Then it started to go downhill, my feet started to cause me serious pain. I don't remember much of the trip, just talking to people as they passed me, also the top of the mountain looked so much like Pentiction so it was super unexciting. Near the half way mark and lunch i had to take off my shoes and socks. my heels were bleeding from blisters and I could barely walked. I hobbled into the lunch place cringing with Alayna laughing at me. We gobbled down some iced cocoa and soup. Finally mullet man came up to me and said that if I couldn't walk I could ride one of the bikes that some of the chaperones had taken to that point. I jumped on that chance. Well Bryce volunteered to go with me as a supervisor, mainly because he had blisters covering his feet too. well see i hadn't ridden a bike in a long time, I got on took a few wobbly turn and promptly biffed it in the sand in a spectacular crash right in front of everyone. I lay sprawled out on the ground, with people super worried thinking I was crying, I got back up and Bryce and I headed out. It was so much easier, didn't hurt my feet, killed my thighs though but it was fun, almost fell dozens of times going through the sand, at one point we even broke into the full version of Bohemian Rhapsody, that was the best moment of the trip back. It also took about less then half the time it took to get there. Spent the time waiting for everyone else to get back with Jana and Mila who didn't go on the hike due to their health. We just sat and talked. At one point Jana showed me her crab dance, without  knowing there was 5 people walking behind us, she went so red when I pointed them out.
People slowly started filltering in around 4 pm just in time for dinner... I can't even remember what dinner was, but I'm sure it was good, all the food there was really good. Then we all drifted back the cains, We ended up sitting outside one of the cabins all intermingling yet talking in separate groups. This was the first time when all the couples that have started to appear become so extremely obvious. All the Brazilians have Boys, So does Susie and Ray. It made me a little depressed, specially because the one really good looking guy is with the girl I like the least...
Anyways Alayna, Isaias, and I ended up talking on the stairs about movies and cosplay and anime, It was really good swapping our favourite movies. When Mullet Man showed up kinda angry since we were all up past our bedtime well we all stumbled to bed to another fitful night full off horrible whoopie whoopie nightmares (seriously they scary shit).
The next morning we were allowed to sleep in a little before breakfast and heading out. They promised us that we could swim in a waterfall which sounded pretty good, since my feet were in a lot less pain i decided to make the trip with everyone. It was a bit of a hike to the first waterfall, not swimmable. But there was this heart made out of maple leaves on a rock that was just so cute. I slipped and almost whacked my head but ended up whacking my butt pretty hard instead.
When we hiked to the second waterfall, well there was water...that came up to our calfs. oh well Bryce, Emily, Oscar, Jessica and I all jumped it..though it didn't satisfy us enough, so we hiked down the stream until we found a pond, came up to our waist so we jumped in, yeah it was kinda really cold, but you got used to it super quick. We had fun dunking our heads. Then George and Tim showed up so Bryce was like "hey take some sexy pictures of me in the waterfall here" so we started having a fun Calendar shoot that was most liekly my favourite part of the entire trip.
we once we hiked back, which included me having a whoopie whoopie on my foot, well we all hiked back to the cabins. We were supposed to play football but it fell apart and we just hung around instead while some of the girls showered with the freezing cold water in our room.
We all headed to CHAMP for lunch and much hanging out, and at 4:30 about half the group headed off to go watch the sunset, I stayed behind along with Alayna and Kumiko, we sat at the table and played around with Kumi's Japanese translator, well Pancho came and sat with us, and we started setting into Spanish words, well we found Alayna can't say spanish words to save her life and we found out that Pancho can make the words Enchiladas and Nachos sounds very sexy. We had a ton of fun and couldn't seem to stop laughing, though at one point I caught Mila scowling at us with a whole lot of hate...oh well sucks to be jealous. anyways Pancho went off to go kick a soccer ball around with some of the other people and I decided to join even though I was wearing flip flops knowing who everyone tells you not to. well we kicked the ball around for a few minutes until it happened. Pancho kicked the ball higher then I realized and I went to kick it and well... My toe nail is now partly separated from my toe. At first it didn't hurt a lot then it started actually bleeding quite a bit and I started crying. Alayna let me crush her hand while they bandaged the toe up... It hurt so much. I got down to some sniffling after a half hour.  I could see though blood and puss seeping out into the cotton ball.  When people started arriving back for dinner we all sat down for a meal exactly like the place the english teachers had taken us with the grill/hotpot. As everyone filtered back well everyone was really nice about the whole tow thing and some people gave me hugs are kisses on the kiss and head which was so sweet of them. Dinner was super good and kept my mind off my toe. It was so sad to think though that is was the last night we would all be spending together. During the dinner we were all given shirts with the the thai saying we conquered the mountain which was super nice of On to buy us OUT OF HER OWN MONEY..  Anyways something was noticed during dinner. Two people were missing, one guy and one girl. Giulia and Tim. when On pointed that out there was a hushed silence then Jess says "Tim's gay I swear" which was wrong in the way of lying but we all couldn't help but laugh. when the two showed up walking together they were taken away and asked what they had been doing, actually they had been trying to break into the cabins since all doors were locked and ended up going through a window, in between that and being attacked by whoopie whoopies it took them a bit of time. truthfully it was a little bit scary to think that two people could get sent home like that and especially those two. both of them are so nice...
anyways after dinner most people drifted off to the cabins, Ryan was supposed to help me back but he forgot so I was left with Alayna to struggle back to camp. When we were about half way there we met up with Bryce who was trying to find his shirt which thankfully we had. We handed it over to him and when Alayna asked him to help me out, He said he was busy and he took off across the field, Alayna called out after him "I HOPE YOU GET EATEN BY WHOOPIE WHOOPIES!" the funniest thing ever because that could actually be taken seriously by people there.
Well we finally made it to the cabins. We again sat on the porch talking to everyone while Alayna and Tim debated how to dress my toe for the climb down tomorrow. At one point Inkan accidentally sat on my toe and I let a few tears and curse words escape. She almost didn't even notice... ouch..
anyways we sat there for a long time talking and such and when we finally all went to bed we were so tired. At one point I knocked a water bottle over with my foot and When I said oops water bottle Cat was like "water bottle?" like she didn't know what it was, it took her a few minutes for the actual words to sink in, it was sooooooo funny.  During the night at some point I accidentally kicked something in my sleep and I woke up nearly crying, cat woke up too and stayed up with me holding my hand until I was able to fall back asleep. She really is such a wonderful person to do that thank you so much Catarina.
We woke up at a dark 5 am so we could pack everything and have our bags in front of the visitors centre by 7. People were so nice and helped me with all of my things. though I felt bad that I needed that help so much. Anyways I hobbled over to breakfast. Well that day was American Thanksgiving so Tim pulled out a Can of Cranberry sauce and promptly started ripping it apart with the can opener thingy on his swiss army knife. this was an adventure to watch. the Can was mutilated by the end but the Americans got their cranberry sauce.
After people started to head out, and I had a dilemma, there was the 2 km hike just to get to the mountain top place where you start to hike down, then there was the actual 8 km down the mountain. Well the first part was solved with a man pushing me in a cart. We actually made pretty good time and assed 3 groups of people, course everyone laughed as I passed and so did I, it was pretty funny.
When we got to the top of the trail we took some photos then I found out I would have to walk down to the first rest station then someone would carry me the rest of the way down. well the hike down was of course slow for me. At one point my worst fear came true and I smashed my toe into a rock. i sat down and cried for a good few minutes.
Anyways I finally made it to the first station and eat some well deserved coconut ice-cream. Then I saw how they were carrying me. they had a strong black material tied at both ends to a bamboo pole and the ends would rest on two guys shoulders while I was carried in the fabric... I was kinda horrifying as I felt like a corpse in a body bag. I also felt so horrible for the men carrying me down.. thats a long freaking hike and they only took one break.. I literally beat everyone down the mountain which is kinda insane.
Anyways I made it own with only hurting my foot a few times in the process.
Well as people slowly made their way down the mountain we showed off our battle wounds. Emily had takena  few good spills and skinned the side of her leg, most people had some scrapes and such.
When people headed off towards the shops a truck pulled up and ushered me, Alayna, and Kumi inside as well as the guy who had been the photographer of our trip. We didn't actually know where we were going so it was a bit of a surprise when we pulled up outside a hospital.
Alayna was gun hoe for me to be pushed around in a wheel chair but I declined.
I was ushered into a room which hd about 5 people in it and was told to hop up on the bed and prop my foot up. They looked at it, cleaned it, and at one point looked like they were going to pry nail from toe which made me pull my leg away. at least some of them could speak semi-english so we got through it okay. i came out with some pain meds and antibiotics.
over all the trip was very quick and we were heading back to the mountain in less then 20 minutes. When we got back, from which no one even noticed my absence in the first place, well people were just about to leave. Goodbyes were starting as were the tears, Giulia cried quite a bit,and so did Inkan saying goodbye to Jana. It was a little heart wrenching saying goodbye to her knowing I'll probably never see her again... She is an amazing friend and even though I'm sad to say goodbye I wouldn't have given up the memories I made with her for anything.
Slowly groups started to leave until it was back to the original group from Korat. Pancho, Catarina, Susie, Jessica, Kumi, Ray, Giulia, Alayna and Me. We got into the cage truck with On and Mullet Man and drove back to the place where to bus would pick us up to take us back to Korat for the night. Since we had time to kill half the girls went out and slept in some chairs while Alayma, Kumi, Pancho, and I headed over to the coffee shop for some iced cocoa and laughing about whatever. we talked about our favourite parts of the trip, cookie islands which turned out to be the cook islands, sexy mexican words and always easing one another. I actually had a good conversation with Pancho which was a little surprising as he didn't really talk to me at the start, I'm slowly moving towards true love!!! jkjkjkjkjk 55555555 =)
well after more sitting and waiting and eating awesome cookies the bus finally showed up and we climbed on. this time another horror movie was playing called dinoshark... horrible CGI made it another really funny movie. after it finished they put on a thai movie which seemed to have very little point... oh well, after that when it got dark and most people were sleeping I resorted to my ipod which quickly died on me due to having no plug ins on the mountain top.
Well when we finally arrived at Korat we munched on some quick dinner and went to sit beside the pool and talk... It was pretty sad saying goodbye to the Korat kids as those were some of the people we traveled with most, but it had to be done.
After we went to our rooms. I was rooming with Jessica and we had one hell of a conversation, lasted well until 1:30 am when we finally called it quits so we could get some sleep.
It was very deja vu waking up in the hotel, packing and going down for breakfast except this time I was limping around with a gauss wrapped toe. We got everything together but the van wasn't due for another 2 hours so mullet man drove s to the Korat mall. well the mall didn't open till 10:30 and it was only 9:30 so we got to sit around, a really creey guy (well Alayna didn't think he was creepy) anyways he came up and started talking to us. He asked pretty early on if we had boyfriends, so Jess decided she was engaged  and all the rest of us were taken. when he asked where we were from Jess decided I was from Russia, She was from Briton and well everyone else came from their respective countries. what the hell does a russian accent sound like? all I could think was James Bond characters lol.
Well when McDonalds finally opened we scurried inside so we wouldn't have to talk to him anymore even though he still stared after us for a while after. Once the actual mall was open we headed over to Swensons for a huge Earthquake. 8 scoops of icecream with all different toppings and whip cream. We had a blast trying to pick out the different flavours we wanted. When it finally arrived we dug in. It tasted amazing and it was gone in a snap. After we headed into the mall, we found a movie store which had an amazing selection of movies, including both the movies that played on the bus ride back and a ton of movie that I had forgotten all about.
Then we decided to head up a floor where we found little cars, dinosaurs, and scooter that moved on 10 baht, it was a gong show, us just riding around very slowly yet still being able to crash into things. I thought the lady running the thing would never let us on but she actually laughed with us. at one point there was a little boy and his dad standing off to the side and the boy seemed to be crying I tried to go say hi but he got more scared, by the time we left I almost got the kid in my arms before his face screwed up and he started hollering. he was simple adorable.
anyways we went to other parts of the mall, including to a tv store where a horror movie about piranhas which was actually pretty disturbing was playing in the middle of the mall for all to see, there was also this pond with these huge and i mean huge catfish, which i was a little scared of after seeing the fish horror movie not 5 minutes before, then we noticed that Ray's bag was missing, luckily we found it back at the toy cars...
When we finally got the call that the van would be there soon we rushed over to McDonalds and grabbed our lunches then headed out. Eating McDonalds was also a treasure much like the mexican food it just felt so normal, so different from what I've grown so used to here.
Well the car ride was much sleeping in the 5 hours, where i got devoured literally I have over 30 new bug bites across my body...from inside the freaking car, not outside, what in the name of god's gigantic panties is wrong with this scenario? Well first to drop off was Giulia...Then Ray and Jessica, and Finally Kumi... Alayna who was attached to Kumi at the hip throughout the week cried a bit saying goodbye to Kumi. She said it was stupid that after this year she would likely never see anyone again and didn't see the point in certain things, I wasn't going to push the subject as she wasn't in the mood to argue.
We finally made it to the restaurant where Alayna's dad met us, originally I was supposed to go with Alayna back to her house but after going through so much I just wanted my own bed, ya know that feeling?? well I finally made it home at 11 o'clock at night.
Today I've been uploading the mass of photos and going through my DA inbox which is a nightmare. I also received the package from my mom... seeing your handwriting mommy made me so happy and made me think of your smiling face though it's a bit of a hard read in a lot of places...
anyways... this week has been...well awesome.. not the greatest rip in some ways but I simply cannot wait for the chaing mai trip in 4 months what will be one crazy trip and twice as long...that blog is going to be huge rofl...anyways see you in a week

Friday, November 19, 2010

AAAHHHH Quick Update!!!

crud I complete forgot to do this any sooner, I now need to madly do this as I leave tomorrow for 6 days and I need to get things out because I'll certainly forget by next thursday.
Sooo I'll talk about the main things I remember and such.
Alright last week. well we didn't have regular school on Thursday and Friday as it was Sriracha school's birthday and it was a giant festival filled dozens of stalls that each class presented, some held food, tohers held games. it was a ton of fun.
Thursday was setting up and looking at all the stalls. It was super funny as people I knew from different classes would come up to me and ask me to buy whatever they were selling. drinks, food, random stuff. so I ended up promising a ton of people I would buy their stuff though I never did.
We mostly sat around our classes stall watching the people walk by. Kids form other schools were allowed to come and check out the fun happenings. you could only tell the girls apart because of the different skirts, almost all the boys looked the same so you never knew if you knew them or not =)
Our class stall was serving pop but we got to mix the carbonated soda with the flavours which was the cool part. I must have drank my weight in soda over the course of the two days.
hmmm what else...
oh well on the first day there was dance competition the first day. most songs I actually knew due to me being obsessed with kpop since I got here. some Super Junior, Big Bang, and Girls Generation. The best dance was guy some Toms and Gitoys, so a group of girls dressed like guys and guys dressed liek girls had the best dance, who'd a thunk it? My personal favourite was a 2PM dance. Actually only because me friends and real smexy man Bow-Tie guy was dancing in it. when he walked out the crowd of girls went nuts. He has a lot of fans in this school. The funny part was he had no clue what was going on in the dance. He didn't know the moves and kept messing up, but he was super adorable while doing it, so it made up for it. There was also a few singing entries though it was all vegas style thai songs which isn't my cup of tea on any day of the week.
Friday, well friday was much of the same lots of hanging around, snoozing and such. the girls redid my hair in a high 50's style ponytail which is the style here, one girl said that I usually looked like a guy but the hair made me look like a girl now...wow nice compliment...not. well we got dragged along with some of our friends up to one of the classrooms while they got their makeup and hair done for the song and dance competition. Alayna had fun trying to learn the steps to the dance and I got sucked into getting my make-up done by our new gay friend Tarr, he's super awesome and though the make-up was a little thick and for some reason silvery, he did an awesome job. i found out Tarr is also in one of our english classes, woot woot. anyways when we walked out into the festival people would not stop staring at the make up i had on, I kept going red as they were super obvious about the staring.
Alright the next big thing was Saturday. Well for once in my life I got dressed up like a lady in the one dress I own, I even straitened my hair. All because for part of the birthday celebrations the school had a nighttime party for all the grown ups. Well I arrived with my Grandparents and well yeah. There was tons of people there, mostly old people I didn't know. Waiting to seat people from the 300+ tables which held over all almost 300 people on our soccer field, well anyways the people seating everyone were guys from the top 3 grades. I knew almost everyone and well, they stared. I don't think they realized there was a girl under the ugly uniform and "manly hairstyle" I felt pretty dang proud of myself. I found Alayna and well she was..not in a dress. her parents had told he to wear jeans while mine had told me to dress up. she looked like a tom and I looked like a girl a comment was made that "it's surprising, I would have though gina come dressed like a guy and Alayna as a girl", we like the throw people for a loop I guess.
I found our tables. It was the white person table. Alayna, Matt, Michelle, Dino, Dino's wife, and Me. Steve came late and sat at a different table and Howard was unable to make it due to a fight with the lady. Well some good times were had at the white person table. destroying fish with chopsticks and spoons, snatching pepsi from other tables while trying to look natural, making fun of the Canadian.
After the dinner the dancing, and mind you old people dancing started and low and behold the dance teacher made a beeline for Alayna in the first song. She went beet red as she followed him on to the floor. Matt and michelle went up and danced for a little and they looked super adorable together.  After Matt actually took me up for a dance and he tried some impromptu tango...did not work... there was much laughing and stepping on of toes. Supposedly Dino's wife was a little worried as I was "too young" to go out dancing with a teacher even though me and matt are much closer in age then Alayna and the dance teacher.
Since my Grandparents went home early I got to catch a ride home with my usual Ride of Ajan Benja, When we got o her car she said we would drive another student home and we would pick them up by the front gate. Well we got there and waited. after 5 minutes I asked what grade the person was in and she said he was in M6 which equals grade 12, then she was like, he's a very talkative boy 6/8 a boy named Palm aka Bow-Tie guy...fffffffffffffff did i do something really good and get good karma or something????? Well we waited a few more minutes, then the teacher phones Bow-Tie guy's mom and there was a long discussion where he would maybe get a ride from his mom instead but the teacher wasn't too happy after sitting there for 15 minutes so she went to go find him to "kill him" as she put it. Well we found him, and she used the "not yelling but if I could I would" voice. I felt so bad for the guy. We ended up walking back to the car in very awkward silence which ended when i took off my shoes as they were bothering me. I told him I loved his shirt which was a hipster star covered dress shirt, the also said i looked beautiful which made me smile big time. When we got into the car and once I had again broken the silence we had a hushed conversation which I didn't hear the half of but hey it was fun.
Well on to this week.. this week actually hasn't been that exciting really outside of the usual. I got Alayna hooked on Percy Jackson even though she was sceptical at the start. They are such amazing books....
seriously this week has mostly been me counting down for this trip. there was some fun stuff like ending up in bow-tie guys social class some how or teaching one class the waltz we've been learning as they had a test on ti and they willing came and asked us for help on how to do the moves, it made me happy they were brave enough to come talk to us.
Actually, tonight I just got to have a good hour chat with Devin who is in Taiwan, it was a really good conversation and we talked about the similarities and differences.
Anyways I need to go to bed, I'm kinda and lacking sleep...
sorry for the kinda crappy blog, I wish I had done this before tonight.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Wanted to See if You Were Squishy or Hard

uuuuhhhhh last week.. rewind to last tuesday.
that composed of english, the craft class where we made a plate out of leaves. it's useful if we were stuck on a desert island and decided to make home decorum. We also had dance where I finally picked up the steps to the waltz I've been learning. Alayna is now taken in front of the class every time to show how it's done. she's a really good dancer. I then have to sit to the side for 20 minutes as they show other classes how to do the moves. it gets a little boring, but amusing to watch how red Alayna can turn due to her lack of nerves.
I've started talking to these three guys in thai dance class and unlike the rest of the boys in the class, they are really nice and don't tease us. the others do things like tell us to sit down and when we do they laugh so hard because we weren't supposed to...the maturity level difference is really noticeable at times like these...
In english club we had to preform skits that we created before the break. Steve made our group go first as he said we were "so ready". right....it was pretty awful and full of laughing but it was all in good fun.
Had my Rotary meeting, this week was well...boring beyond belief, I literally escaped to the bathroom for 5 minutes of relief. These meeting makes me miss the ones at home so much...
Wednesday was some art class, some sword fighting class in which we had a test, I passed with flying colours... (I think)
Thursday was another craft making class with the memorable 'Bow-Tie Guy' and my new found smexy man 'Watch-Man' because of his sexy pink watch. I hate the craft we are working on...stupid owl made out of knots, even bow-tie guy agrees that the class is kinda stupid.
Friday was cut short after lunch due to a band called Pancake came and played at our school for us. One of the guitarists was super cute and the faster songs actually sounded decent. Some people were up on shoulders and ripping off shirts, quite rebellious from the kids you usually see at school.
then came the weekend, oh the weekend
let me give you a bit of info before I charge on
This past weekend in Rayong, there was an intercity meeting where people from various clubs come together and have, well a meeting. Exchange students were invited to come. I knew 2 other Canadians and an assortment of other YE kids would be attending which made me totally stoked I haven't seen them since the orientation almost 3 months ago. When my Grandpa explained the weekend to me he said Alayna and I would not be attending the meeting, or the Dinner afterwards... This made me angry, so I asked why. My Grandpa thought it would be better is we saw around Rayong instead as of course then seeing the other exchange students, he said since the mountain trip is only a few weeks away it doesn't matter...that peed me right off, the dinner afterwards was the really kicker. the dinner was being held out on an island which you had to take a boat to get to. my grandpa wouldn't take us because since it's the stormy season and he and grandma didn't want to go as they didn't like swimming or having large dinner, completely disregarding wether me or Alayna wanted to go...and I know maybe I'm being unreasonable but he could have told us a few weeks before, then we could have expressed our opinion and then he could he planned it out with someone to take us to the island at the very least... arg makes me want to throw flip fops at peoples heads, it helps, believe me, I know from past experience.
Anyways woke up early on Saturday and got in the jeep, picked up Alayna and started our trip to Rayong. Alayna slept the whole way and I just listened to music and watched the scenery.
When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted surprisingly by two exchange students who were also not going to the meeting and island. Merriam from Mexico who's 18 and loves anime as much as I do, her first choice for a country was Japan just like mine. There was also Kumiko from Japan, she's super adorable and didn't even get a choice of where to go.
While we waited for the sight seeing to get under way we headed for the beach. My grandpa wouldn't allow me to go swimming as he didn't think I could handle the currents...again with the angry feelings. So we went and played in the sand and had a riot. Merriam is super funny and really fun.
when we finally started our day headed out in the SUV, funny enough Kumiko's host brother put on a cd, and not just any cd, Justin Bieber CD. which all four of us started singing to the song 'baby', it was so funny and we couldn't stop giggling at our stupid dance moves.
Our first stop on the trip, a fruit farm...wow real exciting huh?
we got thew full tour...
at one point we got to try all these different fruits and I fell in love with dragon fruit. om nom nom.
we also had Papaya salad for lunch, do not ask what the heck that is, but it's...different, not good or bad.
the most exciting part of the tour was 3 little fluffy puppies we had the chance to play with, completely adorable.
After the fruit farm was off to this museum thing. not really a museum, it just had a whole bunch of stories on the walls of this small building with a really echoy roof...
In the car we put on an episode of Bleach and i was surprised I remembered all the details from so far back in the story line, like a good two years since I had read that stuff, let alone watch it.
Where we wee taken next was the most surprising.
We pulled up to a building that seemed to have banners and signs everywhere which had symbols resembling rotary wheels. Kumiko's mom had taken us to the meeting. low and behold the two german girls were standing out front. We rushed out of the car to say hello to the blond haired girls. Alayna and I were ecstatic to see other exchange students. There was much hugging and reminder of names. We quickly found out one of the German girls is actually flying back to Germany in December, she lives right now in a smaller town and has no one around her, she seems more like an urban kind of girl and lso she said she has exams in germany she has to write. This makes me sad that we are losing her, she is going to be on the mountain trip at the very least..but its still depressing.. to think that someone could be so unhappy on the exchange to actually go home a full  months ahead of plan...
anyways we all sat down and started talking about life and such. we found out that other exchange students were at the meeting but had gone out to get food, speak of the devils and one of them phone the german girls just as we were talking about them.
We talked for awhile until we suspected the other kids would be arriving back to we filed out the front doors of the meeting hall just to see people walking towards us...wait let me rephrase that, 3 people walking. one girl running. this girl being Jessica.
Jessica is from BC and super awesome. we've talked on facebook a few times and such, it really nice to talk to another CANADIAN girl.
I saw her running and I couldn't help but smile. she kinda ran past Alayna shouting "sorry flight buddy but I need a canadian girl hug" then promptly flying tackle hugged me. it was awesome. Jessica is one of the sweetest people ever.  Along with Jessica came Bryce, the massively tall 16 year old and a great sense of humour, Giulia from Brasil who's a complete babe, nice if not a little quiet, and as well Raye from taiwan who's just adorable and crazy in one package.
More hugging and laughing ensued... it was great.
we all piled onto a staircase and talked. I found out Jessica also hates Maple syrup like me, rack one up for the haters. it was great to just sit and talk to them. I've missed all these guys so much, like you wouldn't believe. theres just a connection to these people. they just know what your going through and want to be there for you in anyway.
When the meeting let out I worked up the courage to ask my Grandpa, to beg my grandpa to please let us go to the island. I couldn't bare to have less then an hour with the amazing people. Alayna was actually the one to ask him, and he shot us down flat.. It made me so angry...luckil I had said goodbye to everyone already..
We we started to pull away in the car I almost broke down and sobbed, luckily i held it together.. Alyana said she went through the same thing... It was a horrible feeling, though supposedly I didn't miss much out on the island except a coupe more hours with some amazing people... thankfully I'll get to see them in two weeks on the mountain trip, which is 5 days of good times. I'm super stoked beyond reason for this trip and i'm counting down the days...
We headed back to the hotel for some dinner, then my Grandpa completely out of character said "if you want to walk along the be, fine, go ahead" walk along the beach, as it's getting darker, in a city we've never been in before... what the heck?
anyways our walk didn't get far we sat on the nearest bench and just talked, we must have talked for hours, by the end Alayna said I had basically heard her life story. We sat and talked and watch the world go by which for some reason included fireworks, drunk guys offering Alayna water, buying wilted roses from a little boy and refusing to feed massive male elephants.
When we finally got back to the hotel we turned on the tv and started watching Law & Order SVU which can be quite addicting at times...
woke up the next morning bight and early to meet my grandparents for breakfast which was a sleepy affair, at one point we were talking abut Alayna finally getting to contact home after 3 months, my Grandpa talked about how is grandson e-mails everyday then went on to say I was e-mailing home everyday and asked me how often a day I e-mailed or talked to my parents... uhh excuse me.. I had to correct him to say I'm trying the limit the skype to every two weeks and the e-mails only when something is needed or what not. I can live without talking to my parents for a week or two.
after breakfast while my grandparents went to go pack i wandered out to the beach for the last time, this beach doesn't have a ton of garbage like the beaches in sri racha or pattaya that I've visited. The water was even almost bluey coloured...
I went and sat on one of the rocks and just watched the sea.. I love watching the waves. it's so calming and just such a beautiful sight to me.
When we finally headed out we didn't head strait home, we first went to garden...though it's not exactly just a garden... The place is huge. it's got things like a french garden a stone heng and a forest with ever palm tree in the world. it's also got walk through bird cages, monkeys, emus. all sorts of random things.
There was a tiger that was chained that you could sit beside for a photo... the tiger looked so sad and it kept letting out such a pitiful sound and if it tried to growl it was tapped with a bamboo stick.. it made my heart ache...
There was quite a bit to see and my Grandpa suggested that I might take my parents there when they come to visit me and it's definitely a possibility. I'll post the pictures and my parents can decide if it's somewhere they'd like to go.
when we got back in the car and on our way I fell promptly asleep, head lollying about until alayna offered her jacket as a pillow.
Once we dropped Alayna off and I got home I just crashed and has a super lazy moment. I broke and actually watched a Barbie movie..which turned out to be super cute... it's now under my youtube favourites.... I'm surely going to hell for that...
Monday rolled around far too early in the morning for my taste.
Had english class for the first time with a grade 11 class. they were...interesting, Howard actually likes that class the least out of all his classes, they certainly keep things exciting..
After english class we ran into Steve who for I think the first time actually started the conversation. he said that one of the friends might need his help with some art work and he said he would ask if I could join, YUSHYUSHYUSH sounds awesome.. Steve was actually genuinely talkative in that conversation which is so completely unlike him
We had a good dance class, but after the class the teacher asked us to stay for the next class mainly because of Alayna so she could help him show how to do the waltz we've been working on for the past week, then after that class we were roped into a private dance class where we worked on the tango and the cha cha, personally I like the cha cha best so far, lots of hips and a good rhythm, though the music he puts in don't have the most definite beat which makes it difficult at times. Triple dance class really makes you work up a thirst...
After school when i go to wait in the teachers lounge for me ride home, well today we had two guests.
first was Howard's pregnant girlfriend who is super super adorable, seriously I wonder how Howard was able to pick up someone as cute as her lol joking. She quite..alive and vibrant which I'm going to guess has something to do with the baby. she was really nice and gave me a snack while we waited and is just genuinely happy.
the second visitor was Michelle, Matt's girlfriend, pretty and really nice. asked lots of questions about what I thought about Thailand and such, she also said I could use her as an alibi anytime to get out of the house.. she is officially awesome. she just moved here during the break and is now working as a nurse at the catholic school right down the road.
When Matt and Michelle were heading out the door matt made the passing comment of " your kinda a weird one", this morning Howard as said that Matt when he had arrived this morning had made a similar comment about me being weird to Howard. which I took partly as a compliment and largely as a complete burn, but lets not get into my massive lack of self confidence now shall we?
Tuesday waking up was bad, had a horrible sleep even though i never woke up once during the night... it was weird.
In workshop the teacher showed us how to make flowers out of a leaf but I got so frustrated. she wasn't showing me how to make it and just... i felt so frustrated. the way she taught wasn't the way I earned and then Alayna tried to show me but it didn't help. then i attempted to make a flower the teacher kept yanking it out of my hands if I wasn't doing it right, not letting me figure it out.. I'm a trial-and-error person and just. the class really bothered me and has left me feeling ruffled all day...
In English Howard gave me a book to read that I had seen him reading last week called "Welcome to Hell" it's about a man who gets coned, framed for murder, and then sent to a thai prison, one of the worst in the world. it's pretty much a real life horror story. It made me realize. I've slipped into the thought that things are pretty safe here, but really theres such a dark underbelly to thailand that I know nothing about, and a wild side that I hope to never see... I kinda scared me a little. I shall never break the law here... It's a good read and I'd really suggest it to anyone who's not faint-of-heart.
Thai dance today was so extremely annoying, the crazy boys, literally at moments I think they have some drug up their sleeves or something. they were just hounding us today was crazy things... not good
at one point one of the boys said he loved Alayna in a joking way and before i could stop myself i let slip the joke "and she loves you too" i screwed up there... he knew i was joking but his face still lit up and it didn't die by the end of class...crap.
In english class, once again Steve was social and started a conversation and such which was kinda crazy as it's so unusual. he's the least vocal to us out of any of the english teachers so it caught me off guard, two conversations, started by him, in two days? what is this blasphemy?!?!?!
hmmm I think thats all I can think to talk about,
other then the fact I've just watched the first 4 seasons of Red vs Blue in a week...so awesome!!!!
anyways back to reality
Kyouheikutie out
p.s my butt is still in a lot of pain... I think I'm going to have some serious bruising tomorrow...crap

Monday, November 1, 2010


alright...uhhhh... how far back do I have to go...uuuuhhhhh Monday...last monday.....soooo far back into my memory..
ummm so my whole weekend including monday as it was a three day weekend for students...last weekend was a bit slow...mostly me just sitting watching buffy seasons. When I actually went outside to sketch some flowers Koon Took kinda made me go next door to go see Toy which was nice if I wasn't trying to draw. but I went anyway and it was nice. Got to meet Toy's brother and his wife and oh their kid. At one point we sneaky sneaky took Toy's motorcycle down to the pier near our houses which was kinda awesome. first getting to ride a motorcycle without my Grandpa knowing, second getting to just watch he ocean for a good half hour as the sun sunk slowly to towards the ocean... awesome sauce moment there.
ummm I also watched a chinese movie with her that thankfully had english subs... it was one of those movies with blood flying 10 feet with every stroke. It was kinda funny and I kept laughing at all the not-so-funny parts...Toy laughed right along with me.
Ummmm Tuesday I was back at school and well extremely boring. it school what do expect.. though on one of frees Bow-tie guy came into the office where we always spend our frees and we got talking with him. he's graduating early in three months and then going off to linguistics at the Bang Pra university. I'mm sad he's graduating early as he's becoming a good friend, but dang he is smart.
Our flower arranging class was interesting. We made the ugliest lookinf sets of flowers I have ever seen... the teacher tried to say they were beautiful, but she isn't a good liar
nothing else was too exciting at school, it's school what can I say.
The rotary meeting that night was pretty fun.
There were 4 girls there from the catholic school, giving speeches about something that of course I didn't understand, all of them were really nice and funny and I've made good friends out of them.  and of course the really smexy server was there which brightened up my night as always.
uhhhh wednesday...fff well first Alayna was sick and stayed home from school which translated into my head as "GGGGAAAAHHHHHHHFFFFUUUDDDDGGGGEEEEWWWHHHYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!!?" this was the first time I would be going to all my classes ALONE, this making me the only white kid in the entire school for a day was a little unnerving. Art class everyone stared at me with the look "where's your other half?". Boxing was better though as you don't really talk though at one point I had to go in front of the class and try punching my teachers hands..I forgot I was wearing the ring caton gave me and well...I felt so bad and had to try again, but over all it went really well. I love boxing I definitely need to take it up when I get back to Canada.
a bonus was Howard finally arrived back from England and was back at school teaching thank god. the first words he said t me though when I walked in the classroom was "I waited all month for an e-mail from you and you never sent me one!" it made me laugh so hard, I had sent him one but when he didn't reply I thought he didn't really care. We had a good talk as kids did some homework and such. He found out his baby girl is due February 4th which he seems extremely proud about. He also was awesome enough to bring me a Terrie's Chocolate Orange, as in real chocolate, not the gross fake stuff they sell here. When I took the chocolate out of the box and instinctively "whacked it" against the desk..well I forgot the chocolate had been sitting in the warm air all day.. it compressed instead of well 'whacked'. I stilled wolfed the whole thing down because it was bloody amazing. (oh god Spike has got me using the word bloody).  Got talking to Dino as I finished a drawing i was working on. Talked about why he became a teacher and such. It was actually really nice. , Dino is a pretty cool guy.
hmmmm I'm having so much trouble recalling last week and fuzzy in my brain lol.
Thursday. well Alayna came back woohoo...
ummm really my mind is just so bank right now I can't for a second remember most of what I did.
umm well craft class was better this time around, my knot tying has definitely improved. Course Bow-Tie guy was a source of amusement and another boy we have now dubbed watchman his watch is so beautiful... I wish I could steal it and run...
hmmmm.. Friday wasn't really exciting at all...i actually can't remember a thing of what happened...short term memory loss
Saturday was really good. My grandpa took me to go pick up Alayna and then we were off the to Khao-Keow zoo. we arrived there to a building that just reminded me completely think Jurassic Park. i was waiting for dinos to hop out and start munching on my legs.
we got on one of those trolly tour things that usually stop at each exhibit as this was an open zoo. I was excited, less walking for me!!!! well when the tour started, it never stopped, not once. we didn't get to see any of the animals, just drove by staring at them from a distance...not happy. there were monkeys on the side of the roads which was awesome even though there were tons of beware signs for them.
The only collection of animals the trolly stopped at was the Cat Complex. Tigers, Jaguars, A CANADIAN Lynx, animals like that. The lynx has angry as heck, probably missing all that snow that I'm missing too.
After the tour ended my Granda let us go walk to visit some of the animals we missed.
We first hit up the Hippo enclosure where you walked on these bridges that went over pools of water where you could throw food into the hippos mouths. they just sat around flapping their jaws until someone threw food for them. There we also got to cold a baby Bear Cat on our shoulders, a little different then a parrot.
Then we walked over to the Africa plains exhibit whee you could feed giraffes and rhinos, and see all sort of other animals, it made me happy to see so many of these creatures.
After the zoo we got to boogy on over to Robinsons for our usual dinner and a quickie shop..hha quickie.. anyways at the japanese place I tried Japanese style curry with rice and it actually turned out to taste really good. I think I'll look up the recipe for it some time if I ever remember to. Then we headed to Robinsons and went digging through the movie piles. I picked up American Beauty, Charlie's Angels, Troy, and Gone in 60 Seconds. the last one isn't one I'd usually but but it makes me think of my brother educating me on the ways of the car (that's an Audi not a U-Haul). It turns out al =l four movie won't play on my computer due to it being of wrong player regions so i finally gave up and switched it so I can watch all my movies...
Sunday was a great 4 am wake up, every teenagers dream. I had to do this for my teacher who was taking me to "experience thai culture". I could have slept in another hour though..oh well. I got picked up by a crammed van for a great 3 hour drive which consisted of me catching up on my sleep. We arrived at a temple near to the Cambodia border (which i was unaware of at the time). we got out of the van to this celebration going on. maybe 100 people were milling about between stalls that were giving away free food f all different kinds, everything was delicious even though most of it was mystery food.
Well then everyone went o go pray. I tried for about 15 minutes then i had to leave due to boredom.. so I sat...and I sat...and I sat...for 2 hours while the teachers talked and prayed....then we piled back into the car for a 3 hour drive when my ipod died.... just great....
It feels like it should be friday but it's only monday...crap.. thought today was fun for a confusing day of dance class, making cut out snow flakes in english, and brooding in Japanese over cute boys having girlfriends while I lack any self esteem it was all fun..
I think I can't scrap my brain for anything else right now as I watch Rocky Horror Glee Show
Kyouheikutie out

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"He's My Future Husband" "Hope He's Not Loyal"

alright since I've got a free-bee lazy day today i thought I'd write this up as I might be doing something tomorrow you never know. So here I am writing about my week. exciting isn't it?
hmmmm Monday, what was monday. well Steve and Matt are finally back at school teaching after their trip. though well, how do I explain. Before they left that wall of "not exactly teacher, but certainly not comfortable to" started to disappear between us and them and well over the break that wall went back up stronger then ever. It's hard to talk to them more then Howard since we don't have them as teachers ever so you don't get to know them in that way. hopefully that wall can be smooshed back down sooner rather then later.
Anyways, getting back into the routine of school with our second week back. Monday we were invited to go to a speech competition with our school and a different school in Chon Buri. We thought, why not? getting out of school and such, meeting new people.
Well we got to rede the ghetto bus with all the other kids from my school PuPay was there with us so the ride was kept amusing.
We arrived at the school, which is much larger then our school. Huge campus. We piled off our bus and got people signed in for the different competitions. there was a skit competition, speeches in both thai and english. sounds exciting in theory, in real life horribly boring. spent the first three hours on a staircase that no one else used. I actually slept 2 of those hours...on the staircase..officially weirdest place I've slept. PuPay and Alayna kept ganging up on me, picking on me with tickle wars and such. it was a lot of fun. then after lunch me and Alayna got separated and I got dragged to the skit competition...so boring, though at one point a boy broke into the bonamana dance which kinda rocked.
Literally the whole day was sitting and being bored.
On the bus back me and Alayna discussed the differences between our school and the one we visited. The first thing that came up. Our school is poor as hell compared to that school. Like they got the really nice double decker buses to transport their kids, we get a bus that looks like it pulled out of the hood. thier cafeteria was very clean and kept. our looks well...different. Then Alayna told me that actually Sri Racha school is a bit of a reject school, since kids was to take proficiency tests to get into school and if kids can't get into the fancy school like Assumption college they come to our school. oh well, our school rocks.
Tuesday wel tuesday is always fun as we have thai dance with the oh so creepy class of 4/5. As soon as we sat down creeper boy and his friend came to sit with us. Alayna just took out her book and ignored them. I just laughed.
Then at the end of the class the boys tried to talk to her her but she looked like deer in the headlights pressed against the wall and such. I felt bad for her in some walls, the evil part of me just laughed... I know evil. She just doesn't handle stares and such well. in dance class she stops dancing anytime other people watch. the old me wouldn't have handled it well either but being a cosplayer completely fixed that right up. staring doesn't bother me anymore.
uuhhh Wednesday...wednesday.....thats a funny word...
anyways Wednesday we were again invited to join some students to go visit the grand opening of a japanese cultural centre thingy. it's run my a japanese college that has campuses all over the world.
At the grand opening there were lot of free samples of cups of instant noodles, weird health drinks, juice. a stall where you could make your sushi, write with those fancy brushes, put on yukatas and such. Lots of very important looking people. There was also a cafe thingy with amazing tasting blended drink. yummy bananas. mmmmmmmmmmmmm bananas.
At one point me and Alayna both spotted this really cue guy and she literally ran away because she didn't want to look embarrassed, yet she made more of a scene by running away. Well the guy was really nice and invited me to try writing my name with the fancy brushes. I was horrible at it and kept laughing and all the people watching including mr. sexy laughed to.
at one point Alayna claimed Mr. Sexy was going to be her future husband, I said I was going to hope he's not loyal.
When we piled on the bus to head back around 1 we had to stop at a place for lunch since lunch was already ended at our school. We sat with 3 of the boys from my class 4/7, they are all really nice and lunch was really fun. At one point Alayna tried to pass her fish balls off to me and i returned them ever so quickly so she tried to hand them off to someone else and thats when karma stuck. the fish ball landed pretty hard in the guy's soup and slashed all over his shirt, causing Alayna to go bright red. hahahahahahahhahaha...good times
Thursday turned out pretty interesting. Walking from first to second class we waved hi to one of the guys we met at english who we have dubbed bow-tie guy. he's really nice and always says hi, he actually on monday as I was talking to the teachers lounge listening to music and being generally oblivious to the world I heard someone yelling hey and clapping, it was him. he actually asked if I lived near the Bang Pra temple which I do, he remembered seeing me there one..slightly creepy...but the boy is kind of cute so I let it slide, anyways yeah bow-tie guy then ended up being in our craft class that we had for the first time this week as the teacher wasn't there last week.
We are making something that a grannie would make a towel holder thing that looks like an owl. it made out of string woven into knots. I can say now with confidence my strength in the arts does not extend to the craft making genre. I could not make the correct knot for the life of me.
Bow tie guy was nice and tried to say mine was good, one of his friends was saying "oh it's beaut-" then they actually saw it and started laughing.. I went bright red...
I also have no confidence in speaking thai, everytime I say thank you i laugh because of how stupid I sound in my head, well I tried to ask bow-tie guy his name in thai, he didn't understand what i said and i just went red and started laughing i fail at life pretty much.
During our free we found out one of our teachers will test us on very basic thai reading skills....ffffffuuuudddddgggggeeeee. I'm so done for. we spent an hour of Alayna prying my Percy Jackson and her trying to teach me some thai letters and words... that was a ton of laughs.. "this one looks like boobs" fff good times.
Friday was interesting. Had computer class, WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD'S GIGANTIC PANTIES AM I LEARNING COMPUTER LANGUAGE?!?!?!?!?! that class makes me angry
we got pulled out after lunch to go extend our visas for another 3 months. we had fun sitting in the office guessing where this one European guy was from by his voice.
After Alyana's mom was nice enough to take us to the mall. we got thai foot massages which was nice, this one actually hurt a little which turned out better. after the massages we went for pizza, my first pizza since being here. nice chewy cheesy Hawaiian pizza. so delicious. how I missed you. then we also went for ice cream at swensons. yum yum yum. I tried one of their waffle cone bowl things and tried hacking at the cone bowl with my spoon to break chunks off. that is until my spoon flew out of my hand on to the floor. I was spoonless. so me and Alyana decided to share a spoon.
School was let out by that time and some kids form school also got ice cream. they kept staring like wow they see us outside of school.
Alayna's mom was so nice about everything
now I'm here at home on a saturday, Alayna is in a different province with her host family so I'm at home having a lazy weekend and thinking of what movies i can search hoping they will be online...
anyways I think thats all I can spew out for the moment... I think...
Toodles until next week

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Got my Butt Handed to Me By a 5 Year Old in Wii Tennis

wow update a little past a week. quite a bit has happened in almost two weeks, finished up my break, started a new semester and everything in between.
Also been here Two months today! man time has flown by for me, can still remember that long long long plane ride here and everything since.

uhhh wayy back to well the last few days of my break. well Friday I went to Alayna's for a double sleepover. Firs was swimming though. this time it wasn't only Alayna and me, Three girls including Alayna's host sister came along. we had lots of fun and even tried racing though Alayna whooped butt due to her being on a swim team before, not fair I think. Anyways got back to her house kind of late Took some of my movies with me that she hadn't seen yet or that wouldn't play on my computer like princess diaries. We watched Chicago, Princess Diaries, Mulan 2 (which is pretty bad), Pocahontas 2 (which is just as bad) and when we tried to watch Koizora we found that there are no english subtitles, false advertising there. the box clearly says english subtitles but no such luck. We actually stayed u till 4 in the morning, Alayna tends to do that on her free time and I was fine with that thinking I'd be up by 11 anyways knowing my body. I never sleep past 11, usually even 10. I took one of Alayna's sleeping pills due to her stressing that I should. slept awful most of the night, when I finally woke up I looked at the window and it was going dark. whhhaaa? look at my ipod, it was 6 pm. not am, pm, that was a shocker, the pill definitely messed with my system. I nearly shit a brick. I know it seems dumb to get angry over it but it just got to me. Coming from a household where no one sleeps in past 7, you feel lazy waking up at 10 and just I feel I need to do anything during the day at least something, why sleep into 2 and stay up till 4 or what not, why do whatever your doing at night, you can accomplish the same stuff during daylight. so sleeping literally and entire day away did not sit well with me, Alayna said she didn't wake me because she thought I could use the sleep, i know she was well intentioned but I got angry either way. I was literally awake for less then ten hours. we sat around and watched more movies. Princess Diaries 2, Take the Lead, oh and I started watching Buffy again, bad me bad, I thought I could make a year without it, but yeah that went down hill.
spend Sunday watching more buffy and movies and dreading going back to school and back to wearing ugly uniforms everyday. I seriously hate my uniform. so ugly.
Anyways had to be up bright and early monday morning.
It was nice to see everyone again and my goal this semester is to hang out with my thai friends outside of school, kind of intimidating for me. Anyways found out Matt and Steve aren't back teaching until the 18th and Howard aint back till the 26th fffffff I want my awesome english teacher back T_T. I now can no longer can consider english class fun without him.
We spent most of our monday making a schedule for ourselves.
Dance everyday, either ballroom or traditional thai dance. art, english, craft making, cooking, and guess what, THAI BOXING!!!!! oh yeah!!!! get to turn people's faces into goo!! we also have a whole whack load of spares this semester which I'm not entirely excited for. Sitting around a whole ton...great. Alayna is all for it.
Monday after school Alayna and I went out for japanese food at the mall, always amazing. definitely bought some more movies, A new World, Casino Royal, The Notebook, and Departures. A New World which is a live action version of Pocahontas which I've never seen before turned out to be a bust. Casino Royal and the Notebook awesome as always and Departures which is a Japanese movie that won best foreign language film at the oscars which sounded really cool, well it said it had English subtitles, but did it? course not, my luck couldn't be that good. So I have officially sworn off foreign films while I'm here that say English subs, I shall get nowhere if I don't.
Tuesday flwe by..Wednesday was hilarious for our first Thai dance class. We are with 4/...I can't remember but when we got there we found the class to be full of the really annoying funny kind of guys. all of them sat behind Alayna and spent the class talking to us with all the english they knew which was composed of "hi" "beautiful" and " I love you" all of those comments got directed towards Alayna while I just sat and laughed. All the boys who talk to us actually only talk to her, never really me... theres a hit to the self esteem poll. Like one guy who is in our thai boxing class came up to us after class when no one else would talk to us. he came up and really nicely and politely asked us what we were studying next, all his friends laughed and cat called and such and all the girls giggled that he actually had the balls to talk to us. we both thought him pretty brave to be able to do that.
hmmm i can't think of anything else really exciting happened.. though there was this amazing hot server at my Rotary meeting but I won't go into his sexy hair just quite yet.
On friday i was taken in the mall right after school to get a photo taken t extend my visa, this was one of the most awkward things ever. I have never been stared at so much as I did that day, a white girl wearing a thai school uniform, you stick out a little... a lot
I can't think of anything else really being exciting, just really life stuff, troubles, laughs that sort of stuff, now onto the weekend.
So I was told Alayna and I would be going to Bangkok with Chancahi (my second host dad), his wife, and their kids. A son who is married and has a little girl, and a Daughter.
alayna came over Friday night and we watched some movies, no surprise. In between movies Alayna broke her no phone calls home for 3 months rule to call on her Dad's birthday. She actually called 3 people. at one point she told her dad she was with me and he said "oh the girl from that country up above us?".. T_T we no longer have a name Canada, be sad. Woke up pretty early and waiting for the driver to come get us. the driver actually picked us up then picked up Sumalai (my second host mom) their house is huge!! again outside of town but huge!!! and their dog that I saw is massive! I'm so excited!!. then we were on our way to bangkok. driving through Sri Racha i was looking out the window when I recognized a bald head, I started smacking the glass and rolled the window down as fast as i could and scream "Hay Matt!!!" as loud as I could, he obviously heard and waved to the truck as he walked with who we believe to be his girlfriend who just moved here to be with him. Alayna couldn't stop laughing that I had actually done that. It was quite a bit of fun.
got to Chanchai's bangkok house where they spend every weekend. I then got to meet The son, who's anme I can't remember who is super cool, funny and kind of like an uncle. The daughter who's name is foon feun, something that means rain, she's super cute and pretty. She took us shopping with her friends. It was a different mall this time. huge mall though 7 stories and just huge!!! Bought the new Percy Jackson book, to tell you the truth, I was super worried about this book I've fallen completely in love with the series and this book is in the same universe but Percy isn't the hero which made me super worried as I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out amazing! and I have to wait a year for the next book to come out >=(.
Also bought Mamma Mia which of course won't work on my computer..fffff. angry.
I too Alayna to Swensons and she now loves it too, so many cute boys worked at this one as well =)
while waiting for foon to finished shopping we sat by the escalators and watched all the cute boys. man so many to look at.
Also a press conference was going on on the ground floor and on every level were the classic security guards with the wires int he ears and suits, sunglasses. one wouldn't stop staring at us, it was creepy... maybe he thought we were spies *gasp*

went back to their house and had some awesome tasting pork for dinner, got to meet the son's kid, a girl, really adorable, really shy. played wii sports against her usually her on the winning side, played some mario (she not the best at it).  we also went to the grocery store with them, had fun running up and down the aisles looking at stuff. their ground well whatever it was, was super fatty, not going to eat that any time soon I hope.
we were told that if it didn't rain tomorrow that we would go to this amusement park, if it did we'd find a alternate thing to do.
well it rained. though i don't mind the rain here, it's weird to have it it happen almost everyday right now but I don't hate it.
We insted hit up this little road side place right beside a river where you could see hundreds of cat fish in the river, you could also throw bread to them and it was so cool to see how many of them there were. we then hit up a market though there wasn't anything too exciting.
then really nothing happened except for coming back home. and vola here I am.
i think that's all I've got
sorry about not uploading some pictures I've gotten lazy and need to upload pinky, will do soon enough!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flying On a Broomstick is Not as Easy as it Looks

man I'm bad at keeping these to one per week but I swear this will be semi-short
but I feel I'll forget half of whats happened in the last few days by the time monday rolls around with it being the first day back a school and all.
so here I go
I got one lousy night to sleep in my own bed in my own room.
I had a really early 5:30 wake up so I could get ready in time to be picked up by my teacher who was taking me on a trip with her.
We drove out to the park where we met up with everyone else and the van were we all taking. the driver was kinda cute and me and Alayna spent a good portion of the time trying to decipher his age. He had the face of a 20 year old yet was starting to get laugh lines and grey hair, a mystery of the ages I tell you.
anyways a tidbit about Alayna, she is not a morning person in any sense of the word. She's always so grumpy when she has to get up early, it's kind of hilarious. I never thought of myself as a sort-of morning person until I met her, but I realized I sort of am, yes I may like to sleep in a little but once I'm up, I'm up and awake.
All seats were taken in the van when we finally took off. 8 teachers, 2 white kids, and one ageless driver
We drove for a good 4 hours but I slept most of the way, listening to my ipod. I'm going though a huge Glee/Kpop/Orchestrated music phase. I'm trying to relearn the differences between all my different orchestrated albums, my god I sound like such a nerd typing that. but let me tell you it's so much harder then you would think because some star wars sounds a lot like Avatar and some Chronicles of Narnia songs sound really similar to Buffy.
I think it took us a lot longer to get where we were going because we pulled over every 10 minutes to but vegetables from road-side stands or going to the washroom.
Anyways when we finally arrived at our first destination, a place by a river that once again reminds me of willy wonka. We had lunch and complained about the massive ants walking by us..fffff....I hate bugs. anyways after lunch the teachers said we were taking a boat down the river, I got excited as I thought white water rifting but Alayna said old people like the teachers wouldn't do that. Guess they weren't as old as she thought as she pointed to a picture of white water rafting and said thats what we were doing.
I got super excited. I haven't gone white water rafting since Costa Rica and I've really wanted to go again so this was my chance. The teachers said we were doing this because they knew we liked adventure.
We had to make a 2 km trek to get to the place where we would launch the boat from so were started walking through the jungle. man I wish I could have taken my camera. so many beautiful things along the path.
At one point I kinda challenged a teacher to running up some stairs, I bate dirt near the top and scrapped up my shins but pfft who cares. Alayna couldn't stop laughing at me for it.

When we arrived at our destination we were a little surprised, there was only one boat for 12 people I thought usually there was less people to a boat. Then when we set off they didn't give us any instructions on what to do when going through rapids.
well theres reason for that, there was no rapids. we just floated down a river in a boat. not one rapid, not even a bump. I was disappointed to say the least.  I was hoping for stuff you could actually fall out of the boat in.
Anyways we piled back onto the van and headed off. We reached the place we were staying, the teachers called it a resort, but really just cabin spread around a large pond. Our cabin looked like a shack and all I could think was "oh god it's belize all over again this must be karma for making fun of mom all those times for booking such a crappy hotel(literally those were my thoughts)"
Got inside and dang. nice wood floors, high ceilings, everything was new and even a nice sized tv in the living room. I was completely wrong on this one.
We found out we would have been doing more things but it was raining so pans were cut short so we had to stick in the house. I had given Alayna the first of the vampire books I've bought. she was hooked and read it strait through in 5 hours. I mostly sat around and listened to music
it was really hard the first day, the teachers didn't really speak to us because most of them couldn't speak english and let's face it my thai is almost non-existant. The teacher that sat beside us in the van was actually kind of rude always called us fer-aung which is a rather well bland to not nice term for white person or foreigner. She never used our names, it's like saying "hey you" all the time.
Anyways Alayna and I stayed up pretty late talking about stuff, when we talked about stuff we missed 99% of it was about food. yes that right the thing I miss most is the food.
people are starting to write in their blogs about getting homesick. me I haven't hit that stage yet but then again my honeymoon period of the exchange was cut wayy short by the disagreements with my Grandpa. I miss things but I don't really miss things, I think partly because me and Alayna are able to talk about it to one another and I'm able to talk to people on facebook and skype all the time. I don't feel like I need to miss anything that much, except the food like waffles. I found out it's thanksgiving this weekend...ffffuuudddddggggeee I WANT MY TURKEY PEOPLE!!!!!!ARG!!!BARGLE!!!!
anyways lol
woke up the next morning pretty early to some omelettes for breakfast, I found out Alayna had spent half the night wrapped around the toilet from eating something. not uncommon here. to tell you the truth I've almost yakked a couple of times and definitely had more then a few upset stomachs here but you get used to them, and you learn to get past them leaving their eggs outside in 30 degree weather (my brother would not survive here).
Day two..what did we do day two?...see this is why I'm writing this now I can't remember what the heck we did...give me a minute.
uhhh ffff I'm actually blanking a little...short term memory loss FTW
I think I remember what came first..yeah i got it, no worries now

So we climbed into the van and headed off.
first stop. waterfalls.
There was first a small cute waterfall that was so pretty and just, well if it wasn't willy wonkified really beautiful. got some great pictures that I have been too lazy to upload yet. Then we had a hike to the second falls. there was some mud, trees and big steps in our way but we finally made it. The waterfall was beautiful, not absolutely never been seen before but beautiful surrounded by all the green and the waterfall was giving off some good spray. I tried covering poor Evangeline but she got soaked the poor thing. I think I got some good photos and some funny myspace photos of me and Alayna.
Our next stop was a vegetable farm...lame to say the least. there was only two interesting things about that place.
first- we found a snail that had gotten stuck in a puddle and it's shell had gone soft, we had fun poking it
exciting part #2- that same company that funded that press conference thingy in the mall with all those really gorgeous guys from my trip in bangkok, well they were at the vegetable farm with some sexy guys and drop dead gorgeous girls.
Our next stop was a mushroom farm, even better.
Third stop was a view where we were going to watch the sunset but there was too much cloud. It was a beautiful view of this valley and just wow sort of. All along the crest of the hill we were on was giant slingshots, what did you shoot with these? well tree seeds of course, we got to plant a forest while killing ourselves laughing at the horrible shots we made. one guy tried golfing a few seeds, didn't go so hot, but sure funny to watch.
hmmm after that we headed back to the house where we played some thrilling rounds of bingo but I got more into this thai tv drama called wanida. no clue what was going on but it looked cool.
Again me and Alayna stayed up taking about stuff, this time about Canada and America. man Americans learn absolutely nothing about Canada when we always learn about america, truthfully it ticks me off inside. They get to be ignorant of their closest trading partner, their other half. ugh
Anyways off the angry topic. since the teachers stayed up really late and I couldn't fall asleep with them talking I tried listening to my ipod to fall asleep. bad idea. I woke up half way through the night due to one of my headphones literally choking me. fffffff not safe....
next morning way again early get up and a pack up. We all climbed into the van and headed out. our first  spot of the day was an 'extreme sport camp' zip lining rock climbing, all that stuff. I got excited. I'm always up for this stuff. Alayna and I got to choose 2 things we wanted to do. first was well something I can't remember the name of igh flyer or something like that. I had to go first. into the uncomfortable harness and then up a platform. they attach some stuff to you and a winch starts pulling you up. you know its coming when the guy tells you to look at the horizon. then you hear these clicking sounds and suddenly your falling, course the cable catches you and your on a gigantic swing. still it was scary, I may have sreamed and yelled 'jesus' very loud but hey I'm better then some people *cough mom cough*
Alayna didn't even yelp...
anyways it was a ton of fun and everyone cheered us on and such.
once we both were gone and a little jelly in the legs we got to choose our second adventure. this was the one that was actually called the high flyer. Your in a harness with cables attached at about your hips and your lifted up and carried about 100 meters then back again. the catch
they had wands, scarves, owl stuffies it was great and all the robes from the different houses, personally I'm a Gryffindor usually but I wanted to be different and went for Ravenclaw oh yeah. on went robes and I was handed a broomstick and a little controller that could spin me around. to tell you the truth the harness was extremely painful, put i didn't notice when i was being lifted up while i franticly kicked off my flip flops. Then I was off. It's kind of frightening at first and i didn't want to lean forward and fly on my broom, but I got to it eventually. then i did the stupid thing of spinning while doing it. that was scary. coming back was the funniest part though. I had accidentally kicked one of my flip flops into a tree and had to kick it out with the broom.
Alayna went as the usual Gryffindor and was far more confident then me on that thing, spinning around and going pretty close to horizontal.
Doing that was just..one of those things I won't forget. too funny to forget really. what a blast.
after that we left and I realized something. we had come to this park just for Alayna and I, the teachers didn't do anything at the park. I was so completely and utterly grateful that they were so caring and amazing to do something like that just for two exchange kids. I fee so lucky to be here, made me think of something Howard told me "this exchange isn't just and experience, it's a privilege, so enjoy every little thing you can" .
The rest of the car ride was lots of stops at restrooms and listening to music with me and Alayna dosing on each others shoulders.
When I got home I went on a hunt for two things. 1) more Super Junior (kpop band made up of 17 sex-god guys)
2) search for Wanida
now I'm sitting here waiting for the next part of Wanida to upload, seriously it's adorable, yes lame, horrible acting, bad filming and really obvious about everything but still so adorable and I'm slightly addicted at the moment.
AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHE JUST WALKED AWAY FROM HIM AFTER HE KISSED HER WHAT IS THIS?????!!!!!! sorry put I'm watching while I type and your getting aught up in my ranting. SHE LOVES HIM HER LOVES HER, YEAH HE'S A JERK HALF THE TIME BUT STILL, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO PUSH HIM AWAY, SMACK HIM, AND RUN?!?!?!?!!?! FFFFF THIS IS MY ANRGY VOICE!!!!! (wow protonjon reference right there folks)
also tonight I tried some soup that literally tasted like well wet cat. it was gross... never again will I eat that stuff
Also another tidbit about Alayna now that I remember it. she hates marshmallows, thinks they are the grossest thing ever and funny thing is she's never eaten a single one.
anyways I should let you go until whenever I update next
at least I'm updating often some people only update once a month, think how long my entries would be then...fffff

Kyouhei out