Saturday, October 23, 2010

"He's My Future Husband" "Hope He's Not Loyal"

alright since I've got a free-bee lazy day today i thought I'd write this up as I might be doing something tomorrow you never know. So here I am writing about my week. exciting isn't it?
hmmmm Monday, what was monday. well Steve and Matt are finally back at school teaching after their trip. though well, how do I explain. Before they left that wall of "not exactly teacher, but certainly not comfortable to" started to disappear between us and them and well over the break that wall went back up stronger then ever. It's hard to talk to them more then Howard since we don't have them as teachers ever so you don't get to know them in that way. hopefully that wall can be smooshed back down sooner rather then later.
Anyways, getting back into the routine of school with our second week back. Monday we were invited to go to a speech competition with our school and a different school in Chon Buri. We thought, why not? getting out of school and such, meeting new people.
Well we got to rede the ghetto bus with all the other kids from my school PuPay was there with us so the ride was kept amusing.
We arrived at the school, which is much larger then our school. Huge campus. We piled off our bus and got people signed in for the different competitions. there was a skit competition, speeches in both thai and english. sounds exciting in theory, in real life horribly boring. spent the first three hours on a staircase that no one else used. I actually slept 2 of those hours...on the staircase..officially weirdest place I've slept. PuPay and Alayna kept ganging up on me, picking on me with tickle wars and such. it was a lot of fun. then after lunch me and Alayna got separated and I got dragged to the skit boring, though at one point a boy broke into the bonamana dance which kinda rocked.
Literally the whole day was sitting and being bored.
On the bus back me and Alayna discussed the differences between our school and the one we visited. The first thing that came up. Our school is poor as hell compared to that school. Like they got the really nice double decker buses to transport their kids, we get a bus that looks like it pulled out of the hood. thier cafeteria was very clean and kept. our looks well...different. Then Alayna told me that actually Sri Racha school is a bit of a reject school, since kids was to take proficiency tests to get into school and if kids can't get into the fancy school like Assumption college they come to our school. oh well, our school rocks.
Tuesday wel tuesday is always fun as we have thai dance with the oh so creepy class of 4/5. As soon as we sat down creeper boy and his friend came to sit with us. Alayna just took out her book and ignored them. I just laughed.
Then at the end of the class the boys tried to talk to her her but she looked like deer in the headlights pressed against the wall and such. I felt bad for her in some walls, the evil part of me just laughed... I know evil. She just doesn't handle stares and such well. in dance class she stops dancing anytime other people watch. the old me wouldn't have handled it well either but being a cosplayer completely fixed that right up. staring doesn't bother me anymore.
uuhhh Wednesday...wednesday.....thats a funny word...
anyways Wednesday we were again invited to join some students to go visit the grand opening of a japanese cultural centre thingy. it's run my a japanese college that has campuses all over the world.
At the grand opening there were lot of free samples of cups of instant noodles, weird health drinks, juice. a stall where you could make your sushi, write with those fancy brushes, put on yukatas and such. Lots of very important looking people. There was also a cafe thingy with amazing tasting blended drink. yummy bananas. mmmmmmmmmmmmm bananas.
At one point me and Alayna both spotted this really cue guy and she literally ran away because she didn't want to look embarrassed, yet she made more of a scene by running away. Well the guy was really nice and invited me to try writing my name with the fancy brushes. I was horrible at it and kept laughing and all the people watching including mr. sexy laughed to.
at one point Alayna claimed Mr. Sexy was going to be her future husband, I said I was going to hope he's not loyal.
When we piled on the bus to head back around 1 we had to stop at a place for lunch since lunch was already ended at our school. We sat with 3 of the boys from my class 4/7, they are all really nice and lunch was really fun. At one point Alayna tried to pass her fish balls off to me and i returned them ever so quickly so she tried to hand them off to someone else and thats when karma stuck. the fish ball landed pretty hard in the guy's soup and slashed all over his shirt, causing Alayna to go bright red. hahahahahahahhahaha...good times
Thursday turned out pretty interesting. Walking from first to second class we waved hi to one of the guys we met at english who we have dubbed bow-tie guy. he's really nice and always says hi, he actually on monday as I was talking to the teachers lounge listening to music and being generally oblivious to the world I heard someone yelling hey and clapping, it was him. he actually asked if I lived near the Bang Pra temple which I do, he remembered seeing me there one..slightly creepy...but the boy is kind of cute so I let it slide, anyways yeah bow-tie guy then ended up being in our craft class that we had for the first time this week as the teacher wasn't there last week.
We are making something that a grannie would make a towel holder thing that looks like an owl. it made out of string woven into knots. I can say now with confidence my strength in the arts does not extend to the craft making genre. I could not make the correct knot for the life of me.
Bow tie guy was nice and tried to say mine was good, one of his friends was saying "oh it's beaut-" then they actually saw it and started laughing.. I went bright red...
I also have no confidence in speaking thai, everytime I say thank you i laugh because of how stupid I sound in my head, well I tried to ask bow-tie guy his name in thai, he didn't understand what i said and i just went red and started laughing i fail at life pretty much.
During our free we found out one of our teachers will test us on very basic thai reading skills....ffffffuuuudddddgggggeeeee. I'm so done for. we spent an hour of Alayna prying my Percy Jackson and her trying to teach me some thai letters and words... that was a ton of laughs.. "this one looks like boobs" fff good times.
Friday was interesting. Had computer class, WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD'S GIGANTIC PANTIES AM I LEARNING COMPUTER LANGUAGE?!?!?!?!?! that class makes me angry
we got pulled out after lunch to go extend our visas for another 3 months. we had fun sitting in the office guessing where this one European guy was from by his voice.
After Alyana's mom was nice enough to take us to the mall. we got thai foot massages which was nice, this one actually hurt a little which turned out better. after the massages we went for pizza, my first pizza since being here. nice chewy cheesy Hawaiian pizza. so delicious. how I missed you. then we also went for ice cream at swensons. yum yum yum. I tried one of their waffle cone bowl things and tried hacking at the cone bowl with my spoon to break chunks off. that is until my spoon flew out of my hand on to the floor. I was spoonless. so me and Alyana decided to share a spoon.
School was let out by that time and some kids form school also got ice cream. they kept staring like wow they see us outside of school.
Alayna's mom was so nice about everything
now I'm here at home on a saturday, Alayna is in a different province with her host family so I'm at home having a lazy weekend and thinking of what movies i can search hoping they will be online...
anyways I think thats all I can spew out for the moment... I think...
Toodles until next week

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Got my Butt Handed to Me By a 5 Year Old in Wii Tennis

wow update a little past a week. quite a bit has happened in almost two weeks, finished up my break, started a new semester and everything in between.
Also been here Two months today! man time has flown by for me, can still remember that long long long plane ride here and everything since.

uhhh wayy back to well the last few days of my break. well Friday I went to Alayna's for a double sleepover. Firs was swimming though. this time it wasn't only Alayna and me, Three girls including Alayna's host sister came along. we had lots of fun and even tried racing though Alayna whooped butt due to her being on a swim team before, not fair I think. Anyways got back to her house kind of late Took some of my movies with me that she hadn't seen yet or that wouldn't play on my computer like princess diaries. We watched Chicago, Princess Diaries, Mulan 2 (which is pretty bad), Pocahontas 2 (which is just as bad) and when we tried to watch Koizora we found that there are no english subtitles, false advertising there. the box clearly says english subtitles but no such luck. We actually stayed u till 4 in the morning, Alayna tends to do that on her free time and I was fine with that thinking I'd be up by 11 anyways knowing my body. I never sleep past 11, usually even 10. I took one of Alayna's sleeping pills due to her stressing that I should. slept awful most of the night, when I finally woke up I looked at the window and it was going dark. whhhaaa? look at my ipod, it was 6 pm. not am, pm, that was a shocker, the pill definitely messed with my system. I nearly shit a brick. I know it seems dumb to get angry over it but it just got to me. Coming from a household where no one sleeps in past 7, you feel lazy waking up at 10 and just I feel I need to do anything during the day at least something, why sleep into 2 and stay up till 4 or what not, why do whatever your doing at night, you can accomplish the same stuff during daylight. so sleeping literally and entire day away did not sit well with me, Alayna said she didn't wake me because she thought I could use the sleep, i know she was well intentioned but I got angry either way. I was literally awake for less then ten hours. we sat around and watched more movies. Princess Diaries 2, Take the Lead, oh and I started watching Buffy again, bad me bad, I thought I could make a year without it, but yeah that went down hill.
spend Sunday watching more buffy and movies and dreading going back to school and back to wearing ugly uniforms everyday. I seriously hate my uniform. so ugly.
Anyways had to be up bright and early monday morning.
It was nice to see everyone again and my goal this semester is to hang out with my thai friends outside of school, kind of intimidating for me. Anyways found out Matt and Steve aren't back teaching until the 18th and Howard aint back till the 26th fffffff I want my awesome english teacher back T_T. I now can no longer can consider english class fun without him.
We spent most of our monday making a schedule for ourselves.
Dance everyday, either ballroom or traditional thai dance. art, english, craft making, cooking, and guess what, THAI BOXING!!!!! oh yeah!!!! get to turn people's faces into goo!! we also have a whole whack load of spares this semester which I'm not entirely excited for. Sitting around a whole ton...great. Alayna is all for it.
Monday after school Alayna and I went out for japanese food at the mall, always amazing. definitely bought some more movies, A new World, Casino Royal, The Notebook, and Departures. A New World which is a live action version of Pocahontas which I've never seen before turned out to be a bust. Casino Royal and the Notebook awesome as always and Departures which is a Japanese movie that won best foreign language film at the oscars which sounded really cool, well it said it had English subtitles, but did it? course not, my luck couldn't be that good. So I have officially sworn off foreign films while I'm here that say English subs, I shall get nowhere if I don't.
Tuesday flwe by..Wednesday was hilarious for our first Thai dance class. We are with 4/...I can't remember but when we got there we found the class to be full of the really annoying funny kind of guys. all of them sat behind Alayna and spent the class talking to us with all the english they knew which was composed of "hi" "beautiful" and " I love you" all of those comments got directed towards Alayna while I just sat and laughed. All the boys who talk to us actually only talk to her, never really me... theres a hit to the self esteem poll. Like one guy who is in our thai boxing class came up to us after class when no one else would talk to us. he came up and really nicely and politely asked us what we were studying next, all his friends laughed and cat called and such and all the girls giggled that he actually had the balls to talk to us. we both thought him pretty brave to be able to do that.
hmmm i can't think of anything else really exciting happened.. though there was this amazing hot server at my Rotary meeting but I won't go into his sexy hair just quite yet.
On friday i was taken in the mall right after school to get a photo taken t extend my visa, this was one of the most awkward things ever. I have never been stared at so much as I did that day, a white girl wearing a thai school uniform, you stick out a little... a lot
I can't think of anything else really being exciting, just really life stuff, troubles, laughs that sort of stuff, now onto the weekend.
So I was told Alayna and I would be going to Bangkok with Chancahi (my second host dad), his wife, and their kids. A son who is married and has a little girl, and a Daughter.
alayna came over Friday night and we watched some movies, no surprise. In between movies Alayna broke her no phone calls home for 3 months rule to call on her Dad's birthday. She actually called 3 people. at one point she told her dad she was with me and he said "oh the girl from that country up above us?".. T_T we no longer have a name Canada, be sad. Woke up pretty early and waiting for the driver to come get us. the driver actually picked us up then picked up Sumalai (my second host mom) their house is huge!! again outside of town but huge!!! and their dog that I saw is massive! I'm so excited!!. then we were on our way to bangkok. driving through Sri Racha i was looking out the window when I recognized a bald head, I started smacking the glass and rolled the window down as fast as i could and scream "Hay Matt!!!" as loud as I could, he obviously heard and waved to the truck as he walked with who we believe to be his girlfriend who just moved here to be with him. Alayna couldn't stop laughing that I had actually done that. It was quite a bit of fun.
got to Chanchai's bangkok house where they spend every weekend. I then got to meet The son, who's anme I can't remember who is super cool, funny and kind of like an uncle. The daughter who's name is foon feun, something that means rain, she's super cute and pretty. She took us shopping with her friends. It was a different mall this time. huge mall though 7 stories and just huge!!! Bought the new Percy Jackson book, to tell you the truth, I was super worried about this book I've fallen completely in love with the series and this book is in the same universe but Percy isn't the hero which made me super worried as I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out amazing! and I have to wait a year for the next book to come out >=(.
Also bought Mamma Mia which of course won't work on my computer..fffff. angry.
I too Alayna to Swensons and she now loves it too, so many cute boys worked at this one as well =)
while waiting for foon to finished shopping we sat by the escalators and watched all the cute boys. man so many to look at.
Also a press conference was going on on the ground floor and on every level were the classic security guards with the wires int he ears and suits, sunglasses. one wouldn't stop staring at us, it was creepy... maybe he thought we were spies *gasp*

went back to their house and had some awesome tasting pork for dinner, got to meet the son's kid, a girl, really adorable, really shy. played wii sports against her usually her on the winning side, played some mario (she not the best at it).  we also went to the grocery store with them, had fun running up and down the aisles looking at stuff. their ground well whatever it was, was super fatty, not going to eat that any time soon I hope.
we were told that if it didn't rain tomorrow that we would go to this amusement park, if it did we'd find a alternate thing to do.
well it rained. though i don't mind the rain here, it's weird to have it it happen almost everyday right now but I don't hate it.
We insted hit up this little road side place right beside a river where you could see hundreds of cat fish in the river, you could also throw bread to them and it was so cool to see how many of them there were. we then hit up a market though there wasn't anything too exciting.
then really nothing happened except for coming back home. and vola here I am.
i think that's all I've got
sorry about not uploading some pictures I've gotten lazy and need to upload pinky, will do soon enough!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flying On a Broomstick is Not as Easy as it Looks

man I'm bad at keeping these to one per week but I swear this will be semi-short
but I feel I'll forget half of whats happened in the last few days by the time monday rolls around with it being the first day back a school and all.
so here I go
I got one lousy night to sleep in my own bed in my own room.
I had a really early 5:30 wake up so I could get ready in time to be picked up by my teacher who was taking me on a trip with her.
We drove out to the park where we met up with everyone else and the van were we all taking. the driver was kinda cute and me and Alayna spent a good portion of the time trying to decipher his age. He had the face of a 20 year old yet was starting to get laugh lines and grey hair, a mystery of the ages I tell you.
anyways a tidbit about Alayna, she is not a morning person in any sense of the word. She's always so grumpy when she has to get up early, it's kind of hilarious. I never thought of myself as a sort-of morning person until I met her, but I realized I sort of am, yes I may like to sleep in a little but once I'm up, I'm up and awake.
All seats were taken in the van when we finally took off. 8 teachers, 2 white kids, and one ageless driver
We drove for a good 4 hours but I slept most of the way, listening to my ipod. I'm going though a huge Glee/Kpop/Orchestrated music phase. I'm trying to relearn the differences between all my different orchestrated albums, my god I sound like such a nerd typing that. but let me tell you it's so much harder then you would think because some star wars sounds a lot like Avatar and some Chronicles of Narnia songs sound really similar to Buffy.
I think it took us a lot longer to get where we were going because we pulled over every 10 minutes to but vegetables from road-side stands or going to the washroom.
Anyways when we finally arrived at our first destination, a place by a river that once again reminds me of willy wonka. We had lunch and complained about the massive ants walking by us..fffff....I hate bugs. anyways after lunch the teachers said we were taking a boat down the river, I got excited as I thought white water rifting but Alayna said old people like the teachers wouldn't do that. Guess they weren't as old as she thought as she pointed to a picture of white water rafting and said thats what we were doing.
I got super excited. I haven't gone white water rafting since Costa Rica and I've really wanted to go again so this was my chance. The teachers said we were doing this because they knew we liked adventure.
We had to make a 2 km trek to get to the place where we would launch the boat from so were started walking through the jungle. man I wish I could have taken my camera. so many beautiful things along the path.
At one point I kinda challenged a teacher to running up some stairs, I bate dirt near the top and scrapped up my shins but pfft who cares. Alayna couldn't stop laughing at me for it.

When we arrived at our destination we were a little surprised, there was only one boat for 12 people I thought usually there was less people to a boat. Then when we set off they didn't give us any instructions on what to do when going through rapids.
well theres reason for that, there was no rapids. we just floated down a river in a boat. not one rapid, not even a bump. I was disappointed to say the least.  I was hoping for stuff you could actually fall out of the boat in.
Anyways we piled back onto the van and headed off. We reached the place we were staying, the teachers called it a resort, but really just cabin spread around a large pond. Our cabin looked like a shack and all I could think was "oh god it's belize all over again this must be karma for making fun of mom all those times for booking such a crappy hotel(literally those were my thoughts)"
Got inside and dang. nice wood floors, high ceilings, everything was new and even a nice sized tv in the living room. I was completely wrong on this one.
We found out we would have been doing more things but it was raining so pans were cut short so we had to stick in the house. I had given Alayna the first of the vampire books I've bought. she was hooked and read it strait through in 5 hours. I mostly sat around and listened to music
it was really hard the first day, the teachers didn't really speak to us because most of them couldn't speak english and let's face it my thai is almost non-existant. The teacher that sat beside us in the van was actually kind of rude always called us fer-aung which is a rather well bland to not nice term for white person or foreigner. She never used our names, it's like saying "hey you" all the time.
Anyways Alayna and I stayed up pretty late talking about stuff, when we talked about stuff we missed 99% of it was about food. yes that right the thing I miss most is the food.
people are starting to write in their blogs about getting homesick. me I haven't hit that stage yet but then again my honeymoon period of the exchange was cut wayy short by the disagreements with my Grandpa. I miss things but I don't really miss things, I think partly because me and Alayna are able to talk about it to one another and I'm able to talk to people on facebook and skype all the time. I don't feel like I need to miss anything that much, except the food like waffles. I found out it's thanksgiving this weekend...ffffuuudddddggggeee I WANT MY TURKEY PEOPLE!!!!!!ARG!!!BARGLE!!!!
anyways lol
woke up the next morning pretty early to some omelettes for breakfast, I found out Alayna had spent half the night wrapped around the toilet from eating something. not uncommon here. to tell you the truth I've almost yakked a couple of times and definitely had more then a few upset stomachs here but you get used to them, and you learn to get past them leaving their eggs outside in 30 degree weather (my brother would not survive here).
Day two..what did we do day two?...see this is why I'm writing this now I can't remember what the heck we did...give me a minute.
uhhh ffff I'm actually blanking a little...short term memory loss FTW
I think I remember what came first..yeah i got it, no worries now

So we climbed into the van and headed off.
first stop. waterfalls.
There was first a small cute waterfall that was so pretty and just, well if it wasn't willy wonkified really beautiful. got some great pictures that I have been too lazy to upload yet. Then we had a hike to the second falls. there was some mud, trees and big steps in our way but we finally made it. The waterfall was beautiful, not absolutely never been seen before but beautiful surrounded by all the green and the waterfall was giving off some good spray. I tried covering poor Evangeline but she got soaked the poor thing. I think I got some good photos and some funny myspace photos of me and Alayna.
Our next stop was a vegetable farm...lame to say the least. there was only two interesting things about that place.
first- we found a snail that had gotten stuck in a puddle and it's shell had gone soft, we had fun poking it
exciting part #2- that same company that funded that press conference thingy in the mall with all those really gorgeous guys from my trip in bangkok, well they were at the vegetable farm with some sexy guys and drop dead gorgeous girls.
Our next stop was a mushroom farm, even better.
Third stop was a view where we were going to watch the sunset but there was too much cloud. It was a beautiful view of this valley and just wow sort of. All along the crest of the hill we were on was giant slingshots, what did you shoot with these? well tree seeds of course, we got to plant a forest while killing ourselves laughing at the horrible shots we made. one guy tried golfing a few seeds, didn't go so hot, but sure funny to watch.
hmmm after that we headed back to the house where we played some thrilling rounds of bingo but I got more into this thai tv drama called wanida. no clue what was going on but it looked cool.
Again me and Alayna stayed up taking about stuff, this time about Canada and America. man Americans learn absolutely nothing about Canada when we always learn about america, truthfully it ticks me off inside. They get to be ignorant of their closest trading partner, their other half. ugh
Anyways off the angry topic. since the teachers stayed up really late and I couldn't fall asleep with them talking I tried listening to my ipod to fall asleep. bad idea. I woke up half way through the night due to one of my headphones literally choking me. fffffff not safe....
next morning way again early get up and a pack up. We all climbed into the van and headed out. our first  spot of the day was an 'extreme sport camp' zip lining rock climbing, all that stuff. I got excited. I'm always up for this stuff. Alayna and I got to choose 2 things we wanted to do. first was well something I can't remember the name of igh flyer or something like that. I had to go first. into the uncomfortable harness and then up a platform. they attach some stuff to you and a winch starts pulling you up. you know its coming when the guy tells you to look at the horizon. then you hear these clicking sounds and suddenly your falling, course the cable catches you and your on a gigantic swing. still it was scary, I may have sreamed and yelled 'jesus' very loud but hey I'm better then some people *cough mom cough*
Alayna didn't even yelp...
anyways it was a ton of fun and everyone cheered us on and such.
once we both were gone and a little jelly in the legs we got to choose our second adventure. this was the one that was actually called the high flyer. Your in a harness with cables attached at about your hips and your lifted up and carried about 100 meters then back again. the catch
they had wands, scarves, owl stuffies it was great and all the robes from the different houses, personally I'm a Gryffindor usually but I wanted to be different and went for Ravenclaw oh yeah. on went robes and I was handed a broomstick and a little controller that could spin me around. to tell you the truth the harness was extremely painful, put i didn't notice when i was being lifted up while i franticly kicked off my flip flops. Then I was off. It's kind of frightening at first and i didn't want to lean forward and fly on my broom, but I got to it eventually. then i did the stupid thing of spinning while doing it. that was scary. coming back was the funniest part though. I had accidentally kicked one of my flip flops into a tree and had to kick it out with the broom.
Alayna went as the usual Gryffindor and was far more confident then me on that thing, spinning around and going pretty close to horizontal.
Doing that was of those things I won't forget. too funny to forget really. what a blast.
after that we left and I realized something. we had come to this park just for Alayna and I, the teachers didn't do anything at the park. I was so completely and utterly grateful that they were so caring and amazing to do something like that just for two exchange kids. I fee so lucky to be here, made me think of something Howard told me "this exchange isn't just and experience, it's a privilege, so enjoy every little thing you can" .
The rest of the car ride was lots of stops at restrooms and listening to music with me and Alayna dosing on each others shoulders.
When I got home I went on a hunt for two things. 1) more Super Junior (kpop band made up of 17 sex-god guys)
2) search for Wanida
now I'm sitting here waiting for the next part of Wanida to upload, seriously it's adorable, yes lame, horrible acting, bad filming and really obvious about everything but still so adorable and I'm slightly addicted at the moment.
AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHE JUST WALKED AWAY FROM HIM AFTER HE KISSED HER WHAT IS THIS?????!!!!!! sorry put I'm watching while I type and your getting aught up in my ranting. SHE LOVES HIM HER LOVES HER, YEAH HE'S A JERK HALF THE TIME BUT STILL, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO PUSH HIM AWAY, SMACK HIM, AND RUN?!?!?!?!!?! FFFFF THIS IS MY ANRGY VOICE!!!!! (wow protonjon reference right there folks)
also tonight I tried some soup that literally tasted like well wet cat. it was gross... never again will I eat that stuff
Also another tidbit about Alayna now that I remember it. she hates marshmallows, thinks they are the grossest thing ever and funny thing is she's never eaten a single one.
anyways I should let you go until whenever I update next
at least I'm updating often some people only update once a month, think how long my entries would be then...fffff

Kyouhei out

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Hate Bugs..Could You Tell?

sometimes writing these right after I get back from a trip is so hard, but I need to get this out today as I'm leaving tomorrow for another 3 day trip.
man Tuesday feels like a month ago.
alright rewind in my mind...heehee that sounds cool

Tuesday...Actually did I even do anything on tuesday? I think that was another sitting around being bored day (they seem to happen a lot with me) about the only thing is Alayna came home early from her trip to the island as she said it was boring without me (woohoo I'm the cool factor there)

So Wednesday I got woken up kind of early by my cell phone ringing. that thing is a tank, big red brick. anyways it was my Grandpa's daughter-in-law asking to to come and stay at one of her hotel/apartments for 2 nights in bangkok and hang out with her for a few days. This was a huge woohoo for me. Getting out of the compound for a few days and possibly get to go shopping at Siam Square/ Centre again.
I had only an hour or so to pack and get ready but it was fine. just threw on some clothes and headed out the door. One of Wannii's drivers (yes the family has their own personal drivers) came and picked me up and took me to this apartment building, now it wasn't the most stunning thing ever but hey, it works.
my room smelled horrible for the first few minutes as the air conditioner makes it smell so completely rank. the room was really bare and kinda just gloomy feeling though i did get a tv which was good.
I got to meet Wendy, Wannii's sister. She's so funky and dressed more like a teenager then anything, maybe a nerdy teenager but still a teenager. She was going to be looking after me for most of the time as Wannii had to work. She speaks amazing english as she studied for 3 years in England. I decided I wanted to do a little shopping so Wendy took me to the nearest shopping centre and I looked around. It wasn't the biggest mall but it had a ton of really high priced stores and thats canadian pricy, not thai pricy.
We did snag some amazing sushi for dinner, it made me so happy! I <3 sushi so much. I did buy the second book in the vampire series I'm reading, It's definitely a good read and I can't wait until the third book is released here. after that we headed back to the hotel and i stayed up pretty late reading the book. I am so bad at putting sleep before a good book, I should work on that.
wednesday right.
I got up and kinda jumbled around watching tv for awhile before finally getting downstairs where we headed off to Siam Centre. I wanted to go again to see what i missed last time. I id get shirt from the market with a disco darth vader, it's great. your all jealous I know.
Wendy let me go off on my own for a few hours to explore. I found the book store again but resisted buying anymore books. I also found a great nerd shop full of figurines, anime, helmets. everything. I spent quite a bit of time in there. I was heading to the other building when i was side-tracked by something that was tv related and holy crud there must have been at least 20 maybe 25 gorgeous people on this stage. Beautiful women and smoking hot guys. I must have spent at least 40 minutes just watching this whole press conference kind of thing go on.  tons of people were crowding around watching so I wasn't the only creep thank you very much.
I didn't get to see all the mall like I had hoped but hey I still have a whole nothing 9 months so I'm sure I'll accomplish that goal.
hmm for dinner, Wendy took and some other ladies from the hotel to MK's, a hot pot restaurant. The table has a pot built on top and that you heat up. they pour broth in and you order a bunch of different foods such a vegetables and meats, noodles, tofu. You put it all in and it creates almost a soup yet not. you spoon out the things you want and enjoy. I even ate pigs liver (nasty as always). I was really delicious though and I want to go to that place more often. We had a good time laughing about things and Wendy was so nice, treating me to all these things.
When I got dropped off at the hotel I checked my e-mail in the internet room thingy kinda like Liquid-Matrix where Miles used to work (for people who actually get the reference to my cousin). It was kind awkward as everyone watched the white kid as I checked my e-mails...a little unnerving. anyways i headed up to my room, when I opened my door I got a surprise.
Alright it's time for a backstory kids
When I was in Grade 8, me and my family traveled down to Costa Rica for my sister's wedding. when we arrived we were really early at the hotel so our room wasn't ready. since our hotel was on the beach we just grabbed our bathing suits and headed for the beach. we spent all day out there. My parents had to leave about half way through the day to go to the rehearsal dinner but me and Aaron kept on playing. When we got back to the hotel, we found they had moved our luggage from the closet to our room. when we were unpacking. suddenly a cockroach crawled out of my suitcase. I'd never seen one before and had hoped to keep it that way. it must have been karma when it crawled into my bed. I screamed bloody murder until my brother finally crushed it with my shoe.
so fast forward to the present. I open the door and there is a cockroach on the wall, that scurried onto my bed then disappeared behind it....ffff, to say the least there was a gasp, a scream and a very unhappy camper.  I peeled my sheet and my pillows to the middle where i could see the cockroach coming. I then sat on the bed wide-eyed with horrible wiggins waiting for it to crawl across my skin. suddenly there was movement near my dresser. another COCKROACH, what the hell?!?!?!?! what did I do to deserve this???? I sat on my bed till maybe one in the morning waiting for them to come and eat me. I finally decided they must have skittered off and I was about to lay my head down when I saw one not 2 feet from my head. my good. so I made up a master plan which ended happily in me crushing that bastard with my flip flop. I flicked it into a corner and tried not to think about cockroach as I fell asleep. lets just say i had a very horrible sleep that night.
I woke up to ants eating the cockroach carcass. nasty. major wiggins
Instead of Wendy taking me out one of the ladies from Wannii's travel agency who spoke little english took me out. I got to go to the crocodile farm/ zoo.
The crocodiles were awesome. some the size of a cat to some hmm maybe 7-8 feet long maybe even 9. those guys were huge. most of them just sat and sunbathed, dang those cold blooded animals. I could even see an albino one under water but it was so murky and it didn't come up for air.
One thing that was really cool is you could by a dead chicken on a string attached to a stick, kind of like fishing, but for something much larger then a bass. It's frightening the first time they jump for the meat, you want o pull away and run. Now I'm not afraid of these guys, but I have the up-most respect for crocodiles and alligators. they are forces to be reckoned with when you get them angry.
There was a show were guys "wrestled" the crocodiles but really it's no different then any other animal show. the animals know what to do. some sticking of hands and heads in the mouths, even the tips people would throw in would go into the mouths of the crocodiles which the trainers would then retrieve.
Now that was the cool part about the zoo.
The not so cool parts weren't as fun. They had dozens of animals, like tigers. yet these tigers were kept in very small cages and it made my hurt ache so much. 4 adolescent tigers stuck in a page smaller then my room in Canada. Then there were under fed horses. i've seen skinny horses in central america but those guys were different, this horse just looked underfed and that hurt. then there was the elephant show and just everything added up to the show and I just could not enjoy it. Elephants are so beautiful and intelligent and seeing them like that hurt so bad...
anyways I left the farm to go to a spa, and a really really nice spa at that for a two hour thai massage. to tell you the truth it was relaxing yet extremely painful while it was happening but I didn't feel that relaxed after. I prefer those deep tissue massages that make you feel so sore but relieved afterwards.
hmmm went back to the hotel
Saw Mr. Cockroach between my dresser and the wall...ffff major wiggins but I didn't have the strength to scare him out in crush him in case he dived into my bed.
uhhh saturday, right?
well anyways Wendy took me to the floating market in Ah-U-tea-uh, can't remember how they spell it romanized normally so you get it spelled out crazy like.
A-u-tea-uh is the old capital of siam. lots of old stuff there that i didn't get to see.
anyways the floating market was different from what i expected. I though it was with all the boats together with goods and suff the really photographic stuff, instead this one which is made for tourists is just building build around man made canals where boats sit on the sides just selling random stuff. It was neat to see all the things and I wanted to buy a few thing but not now, maybe later. Got some weird yet good ice cream, watched some really really really pretty boys, took some cool photos, etc.
when I go back to the apartment I watched some movies, stargate universe, law and order, House, all of it good.
I got picked up nice and early by the driver to bring me home. so here I am typing this munching on donuts Wannii gave me. yumm though a little off in the taste. anyways I think I got everything out