Saturday, November 27, 2010


holy crud, what a week, one of the best out there and yet the worst lol
wayyyyyyyyyy back to Saturday which seems like a lifetime ago.
woke up early on Saturday and got all my stuff together and headed out the door, my Grandpa said the back of the jeep was full so we had to tie my suitcase to the roof of the jeep... it got slightly covered in smooshy bugs...not fun.. anyways we went and picked up Alayna and had a good old boring 2 hour car ride. We arrived at this restaurant, us being the first of the exchange students there and met with On, a wonderful lady who is co-head of the inbound trips she's really nice and very motherly. anyways we sat down and started eating lunch waiting for everyone to arrive. I perked up every time it looked like a car was going to pull in, I must have looked like an idiot.
When the first car did arrive it held three of the exchange students and I'm just going to describe them in like 10 words or less, just so I never forget them...
first was Jessica, Canadian, blonde, kinda crazy, and super awesome!!!!.
Then Came Giulia, Brazilian, beautiful in a natural way, super cute, and so fun to talk to.
Last was Ray, Taiwanese, the most adorable girl ever, super open, and just so cool.
those three piled out of the car and it was much hugging, and saying hellos. These girls are the closest to Alayna and I yet they are still about 3 hours away from where we live. We are the furthest south in our district so it sucks when trying to see other people in our district
Anywho, we sat down and gushed about our excitement for the trip though we were all sort of tired and it was a little bit mumbled. The last to arrive of the southern group was Kumiko, Japanese super cute and has that adorable Japanese accent. Again with the hugging and laughing and hellos.  After Kumi gobbled down some food we said goodbye to our host parents and piled into the van. This was a 4 hour ride with much laughing, playing "screw, marry, kill", and sleeping. Me and Jess got to have an awesome talk about Canada and all these things we loved about Canada. It was really great and I got to know her a lot better, she also said that I'm almost the exact same as one of her best friends, it made me laugh that there may be two of me in the world.
Well, we finally arrived at our first day destination, Korat.
This was the same place we had our orientation at 3 months ago, same hotel and everything. Well standing there waiting to great us was ... crap I can't remember his name, well lets just call him Mullet Man. He originally had a mullet at orientation but had since then cut it off, he's the other co-head of the trips.
We got to take our stuff up to our rooms and then we decided hell, lets go swimming. The pool was pretty plain but we had a blast, pushing each other in, trying to teach Ray and Giulia to dive and just swimming around, though at some point Jessica lost her ring and even though we could generally see it on the bottom of the pool we just couldn't grab it so it forever will be at the bottom of the Korat swimming pool. while we were swimming A ca arrived carrying 2 exchange students who live in/near Korat. Catarina, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous brazilian which seems to have everything right with her body and super nice to everyone. Second was Susie, a super cute and short Mexican was curly hair and great personality. well they arrived to the usual greeting. While they went to go change into their bathing suits which by the way took them forever to do. well while they did that another car pulled up. This bringing one of the people I was more excited to see again, Pancho. Mexican, a little on the short side, pretty good looking and complete gentleman.  this was our group for the nights shananagins.
Well after some more swimming and us getting kicked out of the pool as it was getting dark we changed and decided we wanted Mexican food. Not taco bell but real stuff. So we got the great idea lets pile 9 people into a tuk tuk, something that usually carries 3 people at most. It was one of the best trips of my life. It was just so funny and spontaneous. 8 girls were shoved int he back and Pancho got to sit up front riding on the battery. That ride was a lot of yelling hello to people and waving to all the others who stared at the tuk tuk full of white and hispanic kids. Well we found our way to the restaurant and got all settled in.
 THE FOOD WAS DROOL WORTHY!!!!!! yeah I've had awesome mexican food before, but when the variety here is wither you want noodles or rice for a meal, well you learn to appreciate the awesome foreign food that much more. There was a ton of laughing that went on as we talked and shared exchange stories. Being there made me so happy that we got to spend that extra first night together.
After the dinner we ventured over to the night market to check things out. There were some good booths with some awesome looking clothes. At one point we found a piercing studio. Giulia decided to get another piercing but the guy messed up and se had to take it out again right away, then Alayna decided to get a piercing but the guy messed but and didn't put in the right place but it still looked good, oh did i mention he dropped the earring on the floor TWICE before he actually got it in Alayna's ear, or and did I also mention this place was super sketchy and I would not get a piercing there but whatever worked for the other guys.
Well we finally had to head back to the hotel as we needed to wake up really early the next day so we said our goodbyes to the three living in Korat and headed up to our rooms. We actually decided to drag our mattresses all into one room and had a slumber party in the one room for the night, though most of us fell asleep pretty dang fast, me included.
Well we got up and got ready then had some breakfast in the hotel restaurant. while we were, Jessica took 10 pieces of bread and a whole ton of jam and made one giant sandwich  to give to one of the other exchange students as an inside joke, it was pretty funny to watch her make it and try and shove it into a bag. At one point we were talking with O and she said she had a little toy she was bringing on the trip, guess what she pulled out. A Breathalyzer, this made my eyes go a little wide,  all the kids looked at each other as there may or may not have been one or two drinks for some the night before, it was eerie that she pulled it out and showed us. well after hurrying to make it out the door with all the exchange students including those from Korat and all of their stuff we got to the bus station where we met up with two more YE kids.
Bryce, a Canadian with a mind-in-the-gutter sense of humour and he's super tall compared to the rest of Thailand. Also Jana, a German who is well stereotypical german, blonde and blue eyed, though she's going home early in December as Thailand just isn't working out for her. Anyways we got to climb on the bus and started the 6 hour bus ride. At least there was a movie playing though it was a nascar horror movie. guy dies on track, spirit possess car, kills everyone in sight, though it was such a low budget movie that it was really funny, like a guy getting his face taken off with the window wipers. Cat and I had a good laugh over it. The bus ride though was lots of sleeping and waiting. At the one pit stop I was buying chips when i accidently dropped my ipod, something i do regularly, but this time i cracked my screen and I nearly cried, this thing is my baby, my life line at time and I hurt it... T_T
When we finally arrived we were greeted by a sight I hadn't seen in Thailand yet. A mountain that actually looks like a mountain, yeah I know it sounds stupid be believe me, it's a little startling to see.
Well we got to eat lunch beside the mountain at this little place on the side of the road and while waiting for our ride to arrive we crossed the road to go look at these dozens of funky toques. We all ended up buying one as a little thing to remember the start of the trip, my hat looks like a watermelon and is a little small but super cute.
Well we got our ride, a giant truck, with kinda a cage on the back that we got placed in and taken to this small... I dunno what you want to call, maybe a 2 star resort which greeted us with ceramic statues of disney characters and pokemon. We got settled into our rooms, deciding who would sleep where for the night and had us moved in, we waited for the rest of the exchange students. while we waited we were told the rules, like there was never to be just a guy and girl alone, there always had to be three or more, stuff like that. finally the other kids started arriving and lets sort out whos who.
Heather- a Canadian which a really loud voice and a kick butt sense of humour
Ryan-A canadian who's funny and knows tons of random facts
Tim-An american who is so white that it's funny and makes great facial expressions
Emily-An American from Florida who likes to have a good time and doesn't know what tobogganing is
Oscar-A Mexican with a bit of a lisp but super cutie
George-Another Mexican who loves to make fun of everyone's name and really fun to talk to
Isaias-The only Brazilian boy and a ladies man in the best way possible, also a cosplayer!!
Ludmila-A Brazilian who is well in a nut shell kinda crazy and a bit promiscuous
Inkan-A German who's a little quiet but really nice when you talk to her
and that our group for the trip, we were only missing one student and that was the other mexican girl who I hung with in Rayong.
well there was much hugging, screaming, laughing to be had by the end of it, and truthfully in those first few hours I realized, i seriously hit the jackpot when it comes to the people in my district, almost all of them are simple amazing people and I'm so happy to get the chance to share this experience with them.
Anyways as we were all sitting and talking in different groups On came up to Cat and told her, we have chose you to represent Rotary in the Loi Krathong beauty pageant. well she got dragged off to have her hair and make-up done.
When it started to go dark we were loaded up into the cage truck and driven to the Loi Krathong festival.  This is a festival that thai people celebrate to ask forgiveness from the water goddess for all the bad things they have done to her in the past year. Its mainly characterized by people setting little bats made out of bread and banana leaves and covered in flowers and candles into the water.

(ffff this is going to be such a huge blog entry, I'm so sorry to everyone You can seriously stop reading here if you don't want to die of boredom)
The first hour was a good time of laughing setting off our little boat thingys and taking photos. I got to talking with all the different people in our district and it was so interesting.
Well when we were told Cat was going to be paraded on stage soon we rushed over. course we had to sit through from lady boys singing and such. It was as at one moment we were all talking among ourselves then I heard the words "where are the Feraoung??" I turned around and hollered, people looked including some of the YE kids, then they joined in, the lady boys gave us a little hello and made a few jokes in thai that I'm sure were at our expenses.
Well finally when the girls started strutting out we watched anxiously, When Cat finally came out we whooped and hollered, getting so many looks but we didn't care, This was for us and we were cheering on one of us.
Well things got pretty boring after we let off our lanterns into the night sky, just wondering around and talking to one another, keep in mind most of us had traveled up to 10 hours that day and needed some sleep.
we went back to the resort and headed to sleep. in the Canadian girls cabin, he gossiped and discussed what we thought things would be like over the course of the trip and then we fell asleep on a bed that reminded me of bricks wrapped in a cloth.
We woke up to mist and an early morning. after being blessed with some tim hotrons tea from Jessica and some bread and butter we head off. We don't have to carry our bags up the mountain, Rotary paid for porters to carry them up. It made everyone of us feel horrible seeing people carrying 6-10 bags of various sizes strung to bamboo and slung over their shoulders. They sweated and strained but they never looked at us with angry eyes like I thought they would. anyways we started our hike up and at the start I was at the front with most of the boys plugging away but I slowly fell behind them as my feet started to hurt, my sweat started to drench my shirt and my head went light. At one of the stations me, Ludmila, Cat, and Giulia got into a bit of a water fight and all came out soaked.
After that I ended up hiking with Emily and Bryce. It was a good hike and Emily always waited for me, The sad part was the only two people who were behind us were Ludmila and Jana, both of them having asthma. crap. When I finally made the part, I didn't care about the view, I just cared about laying down and wishing for death to take me lol. After that we had a bit of a hike to the actual place we would be staying at. It was well, an odd assortment of thing, a field of tents, a visitors center, various stores selling the same things and some junky looking cabins. well those junky looking cabins is where we would be staying. I was in a cabin was Cat, Giulia, Jana, Ray, and Ludmila. Well we got set in and then headed over to CHAMP for lunch. the store owned by a rotary member, on the way there there was a deer wandering around, some though it was robotic, pffffft. We had a quick lunch and then sat out on the grass. At one point Alayna called out. "I just pulled at leach off my leg" though I didn't think anything of it, leaches live in water, not on the top of mountains.
Me and Isaias had fun fighting for his Sasuke Uchiha phone charm, I swear I almost had it.
Anyways went back to the cabins to change and there it was, that little bastard, there was a leach on my leg. after screaming, stomping and Mila almost setting the cabin on fire we were able to kill it. Well these little buggers were renamed by the boys as whoopie whoopies and that name stuck through out the whole week. I think everyone at least once, screamed, yelled, hollered having one of those things sucking on their legs, or arms. I think Pancho had the best reaction through out the week squealing like a bit of a girl.
When dinner rolled around it consisted of Sishcabobs (however you spell that) and tons of singing songs like 'country roads' and 'when the night feels my song'. We even pulled out the kareoke and sung Lady Gaga and Spice Girls, it was an awesome night and a lot of joking around. Finally hit the sack with sore feet and sleepy eyes. Had a horrible sleep  full of waking up and fear of whoopie whoopies.
Third day started out bad with bad feet pains due to walking up an 8 km mountain. well that and a 4:30 wake up to go watch the sunrise. A hike of listening to Jana complain about every little thing as she is not a morning person, much like Alayna. Well we sat on the top of a cliff shivering in the dark until the sun started to rise, nothing overly amazing, but still beautiful and quite a bit of fun to watch.
After a hike back and breakfast came the 20 km hike. it started out good, me talking with people here and there. We een played in this little pond, the most exciting part being Bryce falling in the mud. Then it started to go downhill, my feet started to cause me serious pain. I don't remember much of the trip, just talking to people as they passed me, also the top of the mountain looked so much like Pentiction so it was super unexciting. Near the half way mark and lunch i had to take off my shoes and socks. my heels were bleeding from blisters and I could barely walked. I hobbled into the lunch place cringing with Alayna laughing at me. We gobbled down some iced cocoa and soup. Finally mullet man came up to me and said that if I couldn't walk I could ride one of the bikes that some of the chaperones had taken to that point. I jumped on that chance. Well Bryce volunteered to go with me as a supervisor, mainly because he had blisters covering his feet too. well see i hadn't ridden a bike in a long time, I got on took a few wobbly turn and promptly biffed it in the sand in a spectacular crash right in front of everyone. I lay sprawled out on the ground, with people super worried thinking I was crying, I got back up and Bryce and I headed out. It was so much easier, didn't hurt my feet, killed my thighs though but it was fun, almost fell dozens of times going through the sand, at one point we even broke into the full version of Bohemian Rhapsody, that was the best moment of the trip back. It also took about less then half the time it took to get there. Spent the time waiting for everyone else to get back with Jana and Mila who didn't go on the hike due to their health. We just sat and talked. At one point Jana showed me her crab dance, without  knowing there was 5 people walking behind us, she went so red when I pointed them out.
People slowly started filltering in around 4 pm just in time for dinner... I can't even remember what dinner was, but I'm sure it was good, all the food there was really good. Then we all drifted back the cains, We ended up sitting outside one of the cabins all intermingling yet talking in separate groups. This was the first time when all the couples that have started to appear become so extremely obvious. All the Brazilians have Boys, So does Susie and Ray. It made me a little depressed, specially because the one really good looking guy is with the girl I like the least...
Anyways Alayna, Isaias, and I ended up talking on the stairs about movies and cosplay and anime, It was really good swapping our favourite movies. When Mullet Man showed up kinda angry since we were all up past our bedtime well we all stumbled to bed to another fitful night full off horrible whoopie whoopie nightmares (seriously they scary shit).
The next morning we were allowed to sleep in a little before breakfast and heading out. They promised us that we could swim in a waterfall which sounded pretty good, since my feet were in a lot less pain i decided to make the trip with everyone. It was a bit of a hike to the first waterfall, not swimmable. But there was this heart made out of maple leaves on a rock that was just so cute. I slipped and almost whacked my head but ended up whacking my butt pretty hard instead.
When we hiked to the second waterfall, well there was water...that came up to our calfs. oh well Bryce, Emily, Oscar, Jessica and I all jumped it..though it didn't satisfy us enough, so we hiked down the stream until we found a pond, came up to our waist so we jumped in, yeah it was kinda really cold, but you got used to it super quick. We had fun dunking our heads. Then George and Tim showed up so Bryce was like "hey take some sexy pictures of me in the waterfall here" so we started having a fun Calendar shoot that was most liekly my favourite part of the entire trip.
we once we hiked back, which included me having a whoopie whoopie on my foot, well we all hiked back to the cabins. We were supposed to play football but it fell apart and we just hung around instead while some of the girls showered with the freezing cold water in our room.
We all headed to CHAMP for lunch and much hanging out, and at 4:30 about half the group headed off to go watch the sunset, I stayed behind along with Alayna and Kumiko, we sat at the table and played around with Kumi's Japanese translator, well Pancho came and sat with us, and we started setting into Spanish words, well we found Alayna can't say spanish words to save her life and we found out that Pancho can make the words Enchiladas and Nachos sounds very sexy. We had a ton of fun and couldn't seem to stop laughing, though at one point I caught Mila scowling at us with a whole lot of hate...oh well sucks to be jealous. anyways Pancho went off to go kick a soccer ball around with some of the other people and I decided to join even though I was wearing flip flops knowing who everyone tells you not to. well we kicked the ball around for a few minutes until it happened. Pancho kicked the ball higher then I realized and I went to kick it and well... My toe nail is now partly separated from my toe. At first it didn't hurt a lot then it started actually bleeding quite a bit and I started crying. Alayna let me crush her hand while they bandaged the toe up... It hurt so much. I got down to some sniffling after a half hour.  I could see though blood and puss seeping out into the cotton ball.  When people started arriving back for dinner we all sat down for a meal exactly like the place the english teachers had taken us with the grill/hotpot. As everyone filtered back well everyone was really nice about the whole tow thing and some people gave me hugs are kisses on the kiss and head which was so sweet of them. Dinner was super good and kept my mind off my toe. It was so sad to think though that is was the last night we would all be spending together. During the dinner we were all given shirts with the the thai saying we conquered the mountain which was super nice of On to buy us OUT OF HER OWN MONEY..  Anyways something was noticed during dinner. Two people were missing, one guy and one girl. Giulia and Tim. when On pointed that out there was a hushed silence then Jess says "Tim's gay I swear" which was wrong in the way of lying but we all couldn't help but laugh. when the two showed up walking together they were taken away and asked what they had been doing, actually they had been trying to break into the cabins since all doors were locked and ended up going through a window, in between that and being attacked by whoopie whoopies it took them a bit of time. truthfully it was a little bit scary to think that two people could get sent home like that and especially those two. both of them are so nice...
anyways after dinner most people drifted off to the cabins, Ryan was supposed to help me back but he forgot so I was left with Alayna to struggle back to camp. When we were about half way there we met up with Bryce who was trying to find his shirt which thankfully we had. We handed it over to him and when Alayna asked him to help me out, He said he was busy and he took off across the field, Alayna called out after him "I HOPE YOU GET EATEN BY WHOOPIE WHOOPIES!" the funniest thing ever because that could actually be taken seriously by people there.
Well we finally made it to the cabins. We again sat on the porch talking to everyone while Alayna and Tim debated how to dress my toe for the climb down tomorrow. At one point Inkan accidentally sat on my toe and I let a few tears and curse words escape. She almost didn't even notice... ouch..
anyways we sat there for a long time talking and such and when we finally all went to bed we were so tired. At one point I knocked a water bottle over with my foot and When I said oops water bottle Cat was like "water bottle?" like she didn't know what it was, it took her a few minutes for the actual words to sink in, it was sooooooo funny.  During the night at some point I accidentally kicked something in my sleep and I woke up nearly crying, cat woke up too and stayed up with me holding my hand until I was able to fall back asleep. She really is such a wonderful person to do that thank you so much Catarina.
We woke up at a dark 5 am so we could pack everything and have our bags in front of the visitors centre by 7. People were so nice and helped me with all of my things. though I felt bad that I needed that help so much. Anyways I hobbled over to breakfast. Well that day was American Thanksgiving so Tim pulled out a Can of Cranberry sauce and promptly started ripping it apart with the can opener thingy on his swiss army knife. this was an adventure to watch. the Can was mutilated by the end but the Americans got their cranberry sauce.
After people started to head out, and I had a dilemma, there was the 2 km hike just to get to the mountain top place where you start to hike down, then there was the actual 8 km down the mountain. Well the first part was solved with a man pushing me in a cart. We actually made pretty good time and assed 3 groups of people, course everyone laughed as I passed and so did I, it was pretty funny.
When we got to the top of the trail we took some photos then I found out I would have to walk down to the first rest station then someone would carry me the rest of the way down. well the hike down was of course slow for me. At one point my worst fear came true and I smashed my toe into a rock. i sat down and cried for a good few minutes.
Anyways I finally made it to the first station and eat some well deserved coconut ice-cream. Then I saw how they were carrying me. they had a strong black material tied at both ends to a bamboo pole and the ends would rest on two guys shoulders while I was carried in the fabric... I was kinda horrifying as I felt like a corpse in a body bag. I also felt so horrible for the men carrying me down.. thats a long freaking hike and they only took one break.. I literally beat everyone down the mountain which is kinda insane.
Anyways I made it own with only hurting my foot a few times in the process.
Well as people slowly made their way down the mountain we showed off our battle wounds. Emily had takena  few good spills and skinned the side of her leg, most people had some scrapes and such.
When people headed off towards the shops a truck pulled up and ushered me, Alayna, and Kumi inside as well as the guy who had been the photographer of our trip. We didn't actually know where we were going so it was a bit of a surprise when we pulled up outside a hospital.
Alayna was gun hoe for me to be pushed around in a wheel chair but I declined.
I was ushered into a room which hd about 5 people in it and was told to hop up on the bed and prop my foot up. They looked at it, cleaned it, and at one point looked like they were going to pry nail from toe which made me pull my leg away. at least some of them could speak semi-english so we got through it okay. i came out with some pain meds and antibiotics.
over all the trip was very quick and we were heading back to the mountain in less then 20 minutes. When we got back, from which no one even noticed my absence in the first place, well people were just about to leave. Goodbyes were starting as were the tears, Giulia cried quite a bit,and so did Inkan saying goodbye to Jana. It was a little heart wrenching saying goodbye to her knowing I'll probably never see her again... She is an amazing friend and even though I'm sad to say goodbye I wouldn't have given up the memories I made with her for anything.
Slowly groups started to leave until it was back to the original group from Korat. Pancho, Catarina, Susie, Jessica, Kumi, Ray, Giulia, Alayna and Me. We got into the cage truck with On and Mullet Man and drove back to the place where to bus would pick us up to take us back to Korat for the night. Since we had time to kill half the girls went out and slept in some chairs while Alayma, Kumi, Pancho, and I headed over to the coffee shop for some iced cocoa and laughing about whatever. we talked about our favourite parts of the trip, cookie islands which turned out to be the cook islands, sexy mexican words and always easing one another. I actually had a good conversation with Pancho which was a little surprising as he didn't really talk to me at the start, I'm slowly moving towards true love!!! jkjkjkjkjk 55555555 =)
well after more sitting and waiting and eating awesome cookies the bus finally showed up and we climbed on. this time another horror movie was playing called dinoshark... horrible CGI made it another really funny movie. after it finished they put on a thai movie which seemed to have very little point... oh well, after that when it got dark and most people were sleeping I resorted to my ipod which quickly died on me due to having no plug ins on the mountain top.
Well when we finally arrived at Korat we munched on some quick dinner and went to sit beside the pool and talk... It was pretty sad saying goodbye to the Korat kids as those were some of the people we traveled with most, but it had to be done.
After we went to our rooms. I was rooming with Jessica and we had one hell of a conversation, lasted well until 1:30 am when we finally called it quits so we could get some sleep.
It was very deja vu waking up in the hotel, packing and going down for breakfast except this time I was limping around with a gauss wrapped toe. We got everything together but the van wasn't due for another 2 hours so mullet man drove s to the Korat mall. well the mall didn't open till 10:30 and it was only 9:30 so we got to sit around, a really creey guy (well Alayna didn't think he was creepy) anyways he came up and started talking to us. He asked pretty early on if we had boyfriends, so Jess decided she was engaged  and all the rest of us were taken. when he asked where we were from Jess decided I was from Russia, She was from Briton and well everyone else came from their respective countries. what the hell does a russian accent sound like? all I could think was James Bond characters lol.
Well when McDonalds finally opened we scurried inside so we wouldn't have to talk to him anymore even though he still stared after us for a while after. Once the actual mall was open we headed over to Swensons for a huge Earthquake. 8 scoops of icecream with all different toppings and whip cream. We had a blast trying to pick out the different flavours we wanted. When it finally arrived we dug in. It tasted amazing and it was gone in a snap. After we headed into the mall, we found a movie store which had an amazing selection of movies, including both the movies that played on the bus ride back and a ton of movie that I had forgotten all about.
Then we decided to head up a floor where we found little cars, dinosaurs, and scooter that moved on 10 baht, it was a gong show, us just riding around very slowly yet still being able to crash into things. I thought the lady running the thing would never let us on but she actually laughed with us. at one point there was a little boy and his dad standing off to the side and the boy seemed to be crying I tried to go say hi but he got more scared, by the time we left I almost got the kid in my arms before his face screwed up and he started hollering. he was simple adorable.
anyways we went to other parts of the mall, including to a tv store where a horror movie about piranhas which was actually pretty disturbing was playing in the middle of the mall for all to see, there was also this pond with these huge and i mean huge catfish, which i was a little scared of after seeing the fish horror movie not 5 minutes before, then we noticed that Ray's bag was missing, luckily we found it back at the toy cars...
When we finally got the call that the van would be there soon we rushed over to McDonalds and grabbed our lunches then headed out. Eating McDonalds was also a treasure much like the mexican food it just felt so normal, so different from what I've grown so used to here.
Well the car ride was much sleeping in the 5 hours, where i got devoured literally I have over 30 new bug bites across my body...from inside the freaking car, not outside, what in the name of god's gigantic panties is wrong with this scenario? Well first to drop off was Giulia...Then Ray and Jessica, and Finally Kumi... Alayna who was attached to Kumi at the hip throughout the week cried a bit saying goodbye to Kumi. She said it was stupid that after this year she would likely never see anyone again and didn't see the point in certain things, I wasn't going to push the subject as she wasn't in the mood to argue.
We finally made it to the restaurant where Alayna's dad met us, originally I was supposed to go with Alayna back to her house but after going through so much I just wanted my own bed, ya know that feeling?? well I finally made it home at 11 o'clock at night.
Today I've been uploading the mass of photos and going through my DA inbox which is a nightmare. I also received the package from my mom... seeing your handwriting mommy made me so happy and made me think of your smiling face though it's a bit of a hard read in a lot of places...
anyways... this week has been...well awesome.. not the greatest rip in some ways but I simply cannot wait for the chaing mai trip in 4 months what will be one crazy trip and twice as long...that blog is going to be huge rofl...anyways see you in a week

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast on the trip. It is hard to believe that a toe can hurt so much(
    Gran can relate cause her dance partner always used to get her toes), just be thankful you didn't break it. Hopefully you will be back on your feet (sorry I couldn't resist)soon. Will you be able to dive?
    Leeches, yuck they give me the creeps. Only had one once but jumped up and down yelling "get if off me". Were they on the grass?
    See you soon.