Friday, November 19, 2010

AAAHHHH Quick Update!!!

crud I complete forgot to do this any sooner, I now need to madly do this as I leave tomorrow for 6 days and I need to get things out because I'll certainly forget by next thursday.
Sooo I'll talk about the main things I remember and such.
Alright last week. well we didn't have regular school on Thursday and Friday as it was Sriracha school's birthday and it was a giant festival filled dozens of stalls that each class presented, some held food, tohers held games. it was a ton of fun.
Thursday was setting up and looking at all the stalls. It was super funny as people I knew from different classes would come up to me and ask me to buy whatever they were selling. drinks, food, random stuff. so I ended up promising a ton of people I would buy their stuff though I never did.
We mostly sat around our classes stall watching the people walk by. Kids form other schools were allowed to come and check out the fun happenings. you could only tell the girls apart because of the different skirts, almost all the boys looked the same so you never knew if you knew them or not =)
Our class stall was serving pop but we got to mix the carbonated soda with the flavours which was the cool part. I must have drank my weight in soda over the course of the two days.
hmmm what else...
oh well on the first day there was dance competition the first day. most songs I actually knew due to me being obsessed with kpop since I got here. some Super Junior, Big Bang, and Girls Generation. The best dance was guy some Toms and Gitoys, so a group of girls dressed like guys and guys dressed liek girls had the best dance, who'd a thunk it? My personal favourite was a 2PM dance. Actually only because me friends and real smexy man Bow-Tie guy was dancing in it. when he walked out the crowd of girls went nuts. He has a lot of fans in this school. The funny part was he had no clue what was going on in the dance. He didn't know the moves and kept messing up, but he was super adorable while doing it, so it made up for it. There was also a few singing entries though it was all vegas style thai songs which isn't my cup of tea on any day of the week.
Friday, well friday was much of the same lots of hanging around, snoozing and such. the girls redid my hair in a high 50's style ponytail which is the style here, one girl said that I usually looked like a guy but the hair made me look like a girl nice compliment...not. well we got dragged along with some of our friends up to one of the classrooms while they got their makeup and hair done for the song and dance competition. Alayna had fun trying to learn the steps to the dance and I got sucked into getting my make-up done by our new gay friend Tarr, he's super awesome and though the make-up was a little thick and for some reason silvery, he did an awesome job. i found out Tarr is also in one of our english classes, woot woot. anyways when we walked out into the festival people would not stop staring at the make up i had on, I kept going red as they were super obvious about the staring.
Alright the next big thing was Saturday. Well for once in my life I got dressed up like a lady in the one dress I own, I even straitened my hair. All because for part of the birthday celebrations the school had a nighttime party for all the grown ups. Well I arrived with my Grandparents and well yeah. There was tons of people there, mostly old people I didn't know. Waiting to seat people from the 300+ tables which held over all almost 300 people on our soccer field, well anyways the people seating everyone were guys from the top 3 grades. I knew almost everyone and well, they stared. I don't think they realized there was a girl under the ugly uniform and "manly hairstyle" I felt pretty dang proud of myself. I found Alayna and well she was..not in a dress. her parents had told he to wear jeans while mine had told me to dress up. she looked like a tom and I looked like a girl a comment was made that "it's surprising, I would have though gina come dressed like a guy and Alayna as a girl", we like the throw people for a loop I guess.
I found our tables. It was the white person table. Alayna, Matt, Michelle, Dino, Dino's wife, and Me. Steve came late and sat at a different table and Howard was unable to make it due to a fight with the lady. Well some good times were had at the white person table. destroying fish with chopsticks and spoons, snatching pepsi from other tables while trying to look natural, making fun of the Canadian.
After the dinner the dancing, and mind you old people dancing started and low and behold the dance teacher made a beeline for Alayna in the first song. She went beet red as she followed him on to the floor. Matt and michelle went up and danced for a little and they looked super adorable together.  After Matt actually took me up for a dance and he tried some impromptu tango...did not work... there was much laughing and stepping on of toes. Supposedly Dino's wife was a little worried as I was "too young" to go out dancing with a teacher even though me and matt are much closer in age then Alayna and the dance teacher.
Since my Grandparents went home early I got to catch a ride home with my usual Ride of Ajan Benja, When we got o her car she said we would drive another student home and we would pick them up by the front gate. Well we got there and waited. after 5 minutes I asked what grade the person was in and she said he was in M6 which equals grade 12, then she was like, he's a very talkative boy 6/8 a boy named Palm aka Bow-Tie guy...fffffffffffffff did i do something really good and get good karma or something????? Well we waited a few more minutes, then the teacher phones Bow-Tie guy's mom and there was a long discussion where he would maybe get a ride from his mom instead but the teacher wasn't too happy after sitting there for 15 minutes so she went to go find him to "kill him" as she put it. Well we found him, and she used the "not yelling but if I could I would" voice. I felt so bad for the guy. We ended up walking back to the car in very awkward silence which ended when i took off my shoes as they were bothering me. I told him I loved his shirt which was a hipster star covered dress shirt, the also said i looked beautiful which made me smile big time. When we got into the car and once I had again broken the silence we had a hushed conversation which I didn't hear the half of but hey it was fun.
Well on to this week.. this week actually hasn't been that exciting really outside of the usual. I got Alayna hooked on Percy Jackson even though she was sceptical at the start. They are such amazing books....
seriously this week has mostly been me counting down for this trip. there was some fun stuff like ending up in bow-tie guys social class some how or teaching one class the waltz we've been learning as they had a test on ti and they willing came and asked us for help on how to do the moves, it made me happy they were brave enough to come talk to us.
Actually, tonight I just got to have a good hour chat with Devin who is in Taiwan, it was a really good conversation and we talked about the similarities and differences.
Anyways I need to go to bed, I'm kinda and lacking sleep...
sorry for the kinda crappy blog, I wish I had done this before tonight.

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