Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fish Balls Make Me Want To Yak...

seriously. those things are rubbery and gross, they are also as common in food here as it is to use salt and pepper as seasoning in Canada....crap...

So I'm on borrowed internet from my Grandpa so I'll make this entry a wee bit smaller

This week is sport week, the school is divided into 5 different teams (by classes) and they compete against one another in 3 different sports. Basketball, Football (soccer), and volleyball. now the weird part is it's onyl certain hand-picked people that compete, most people just sit on the side and watch, It's not really exciting for most though I'm getting into it, also everyday the teachers get teamm up against the best of the school in one of the sports they got whooped so far in both Football and basketball, but it's all in good fun the two Pittsburg brothers are really good about losing.
My friends are all really nice and are always trying to help me learn new words, they also are trying to learn new english words, oh asian accents how I love thee. The food at the cafetiria is all dirt cheep and really not too shabby so I've hit a jackpot there though today I had something with sauce that turned it pink and made it extremely spicy, but I managed (hurray for me).
I got my classes switched around so starting next week me and Aleyna has some classes together including ballroom dancing (woohoo!). I'm no longer in Math or science but I'm also in only a few classes with my original class/ friends.
The gay boy I talked about before also revieled we wants to be a ...awe man I forgot the word but basicly a cross dresser, there is no differnce between gay and cross dresser here, He's such a sweet heart though and deffinitly wiggles his butt when he walks, It is priceless to watch him walk by, or wave at me, it makes my day.

On Saturday I took a 4 hour drive with Alyena and her host family up north to a hotel to meet the rest of the kids in my district. There are only 24 of us inbounds in our district but I literally could not have abetter group of people.
There are 4 other Canadians with me, 2 boys, one from BC the other from Ontario, and 2 girls both from BC. They are all well, very Canadian and we've already decided that we're going to spend Canada day together being as Candain as we can (I'm supper excited) we also have 5 Americans including Alyena. % Brasilians, the boys are super cute (can't wait to get to know them better ;) and the girls look like super model material, there is also 4 mexicans, 2 Germans, and a Taiwaniese in a pear tree. I've only known them one day but i already feel so connected to them... Like I'm part of something...i know they are going to be a different sort of family while I'm here.
i also met my host Club... All of them very nice, i met my second host mom... she basicly force fed me food which didn't give me the greatest first impression...

If humidity was a person I would kill them. It's not truely the heat, it's the humidity, there's always a layer of sweat on my skin...
Also yesterday it rained, and I meaned rain, right before I went o my Rotary meeting, but I couldn't help it. I had the urge and and I stepped out and played in the rain. i giggled like a little girl maniac as I held my face to the sky as It poured on me, soaking my clothes and my hair. It was so beautiful, I'm never going to forget it...

Everything Else
I met a neibour from acorss the street, She has amazing english as she studied in Australia for a year and she wants to move to America. She's startelingly pretty and super nice, me grandparents acually considered not letting me go to her house which is across the street because they were worried. They are seriously over protective which I'm certainly not used to. My parents et me have the right amount of freedom and always treated me like and adult. here I'm deffinitly thought of as a child which is their culture. 18 still seems very young to them...still it's really hard when your grabbed by the wrist every time you cross the street because they believe they need to lead me...

I'm without wireless so still not able to post photoshoots or wedding photos which I really want to... I loved these last two shoots both with Nakama and the wedding I'm so proud of the work, and no one sees it but my computer screen...
I've found an asian music channel and have already picked up a lot of new jpop and kpop songs that i'm excited to get...and wow i forgot how absolutely amazing asian boys beautiful...can i marry an Asian please...
also the teahcer that drives me to school every day, shes really nice and has a great sense of humour, well the past two days she's lent me books (in english) Percy Jackson, the first three anyways and ,my god those books are good and have made me fall in love with greek mythology all over again.. I'm athiest and such but if I could believe in any god/ gods it would be the greek gods...

anyways I'm off to watch from jpop boy bands prance around on my tv before I fall alseep

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wow school

alright i just finished my second day of school and can I say it's completely overwhelming. when we got there yesterday I was finally able to meet Elyna (her thai nickname is Arri) she's kind of quite but really nice and knows a lot more thai already then I do. Anyways, they took us and stuck us up in front of the entire school which is 2,700 students HOLY CRAP thats scary enough, then they asked us to speak to everyone. Elyna was able to say stuff in thai which got thunderous applause. I could not. also I have to wear a uniform... (insert grumpy face here) and mine is still having the name sewn on the pocket so I got to wear the PE uniform which isn't so bad as certain classes wear it when they have PE that day.
I've got a lot of different classes as they structure a schedule completely different then Canada. I have:
Thai Grammer
4 different english classes
Math (which I thought I would never have to touch after CHS)
Science (again with the though I was done)
and I think that's it
yesterday everyone was introducing themselves to me and it was so overwhelming and I got laughed at a lot for not knowing anything but I was laughing too so it was fine.
Today was much easier. I know my class and I've already made friends that are really nice, kind of the loud ones of the class but I'm fine with that and there is this one girl in class that is super pretty and I'd love to get photos of her (wow creeper much?)
Also I have found someone to officially bump Mitchel out of my top "totally gay spot" a boy in my class is so flaming . He's really funny but wither he talks thai or english he was that gay guy way of speaking that I can't help but smile at, I also caught him plucking his eyebrows in science class... don't get me wrong he's really nice. all the kids are nice aside from the staring, which I knew would come but every person always stares as I walk by ( I keep thinking I have something on my shirt)
there are 3 white teachers here which is cool. There is Howard from England who is so funny, and a really good teacher.
Then there is Matt and Steve from Pittsburg. Matt is freakishly tall tall and Steve looks like Clark Kent (sexy in a can)
Today I played basketball with Matt and about a dozen other students, guys vs. girls (we got Matt) and wow these girls rock at this sport. Though playing in a gym when it's 27 Celsius and there no air conditioning and theres about 80 students playing on sport or another in the gym makes you sweat, and I mean SWEAT I have rarely ever sweat like that in my life, a good work out ( I'm going back monday)

Alright next up host grandparents
Grandma is really nice and always trying to help me, she also constantly tries to stuff me with food as she thinks I'm not eating enough. She's always laughing at me for something silly and she should as try and get on "Thailand's worst driver" SERIOUSLY I fear for my life when we drive =).
Grandpa is  really kind and is always trying to teach me new words or helping remember words he's already told me, he's also pretty lax about everything which is surprising for a guy who was a judge for 30 years
together they are some of the nicest people out there, they help me with anything, get me everything i need, they also are getting me a cell phone without me having to ask about it. I know it's going to be difficult at times with them being more elderly then parents would be, but I'm so happy they are my host family
their housekeeper who's name escapes me is also really nice. She knows zero english so there is a lot of sign language going on between us. she even gets up at 6 just to wake me up as I still need to go buy an alarm clock. she also has control over the 4 dogs which is nice 2 of them (which look like retrievers or setters) are named donut and waffle, how great is that? waffle is adorable.
Alright on to the things I've noticed.
so first and foremost Thailand is surprising familiar in way which is unexpected. It looks like (buildings, phone lines, trees, ways of driving) all of it reminds me of central america to a tee. which is surprising and a little disappointing. south america was the place I was hoping to avoid and yet here I am in a way (stupid laugher). oh well I'll deal.
the thunder which seems to come every time I get home from school seems about 3 times as loud as thunder in Canada. it's rainy season so it is expected but the thunder surprised me a little.
I discovered this morning my lawn was covered in huge snails, about a dozen or 2. really strange...

anyways I'll stop blabbing
p.s my thai name is Jintana and my thai nick name is Jieb

p.p.s my shower doesn't have cold water, is that good or bad?

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Way Too Hot and I'm Not Even in Thailand yet

I'm sitting in the vancouver airport waiting for my connection to Tokyo.
When I was flying from calgary I saw my house, my brother's house and even the spot where he got married on saturday, it's pretty cool to look at it from the air... we all had those individual little TVs to watch; too bad mine was the only broken one on the whole plane.
 I had one man on the airplane recognize my Rotary blazer and introduce himself, he's also on the flight to Tokyo, which is nice to know someone knows what I'm doing in a bright red jacket.
Now all I can do is sit for a while more until the plane arrives.
I'm really proud of myself that I didn't cry when saying goodbye to my parents, not a single tear. my mom was a bit of a cough*basket case* cough. I'm really excited to make it to Thailand finally and start off on an adventure. I only cried saying goodbye to a friend when I realized I'm actually doing tis, I've always been the person to dream big but never actual do any of the big stuff so this is a huge thing for me just to be sitting in this airport alone...
I arrive technically 9:25 pm on the 17th and I start school on the 19th, ugh that shall be quite the experience. I only get one day to recover from jet lag and everything else then it's right off to the school where me and another rotary exchange girl will be introduced in front of the entire school...eep...

I had some wonton soup from a fast food place just a few minutes ago and it was horrible, and I know the airplane food will be just as bad... this is going to be one long plane ride...oh well I have both my laptop with movies to watch, my ipod with movies as well, and two new books including a Buffy novel, chalk one up for the addiction in novel form (yes I'm truly and utterly addicted to Buffy, I was just able to force myself not to bring a single disc of Buffy on this trip, I am to re-experiance it all over again when I get back)

anyways I'll update when I get there, maybe tomorrow, or after I start school,
until then,
Kyouhei out