Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Win Scrabble with Names of Magical Creatures

Alright this is going to be short since my week has mostly been uneventful..I think...
Anyways way back to..wow...last Tuesday.
Well I had to go to school...for the two days that school was actually open in the week...what the hell...
There was a bonus I got taken to school on a motorcycle which made me happy, there goes my host Grandpas rules down the drain.. (I feel very free saying that)
Anyways during the morning assembly one of the teachers came up to me and told me she was taking me with some students to the university of Bang Pra... for what well I had yet to figure it out. Of course alayna wasn't at school as she talked her way out of going to school for two days
Anyways we piled into the cage trucks and took off..
when we got there I was finally filled in on what was going on... It was an engineering and agricultural engineering expo...son of a gun... Two of the things I will never in my life be interested in... so I got to spend the first half of the day looking at stuff that I've seen hundreds of times before in 4-H I thought I would die of boredom.
After lunch it got slightly better with running around with some of the girls and looking at all these different stalls selling plants and puppies. There were some really adorable puppies, you just wanna pick them up and squeeze them. That was about the only exciting thing at school.
When I went to check my e-mails after school I had quite the experience. This was the first time I went to the school while they were actually teaching classes. I got lots of stares from the little kids. P'Boat's wife made some of the kittle kids come ask me questions about where I was from and what my name was.
Later on the older kids started coming for classes and two of the boys actually came up and started talking to me. One of the boys had thick glasses and has a name I cant pronounce.  The other is a pretty cute boy named Mint. Mint can speak amazing english as he studied in India for two years. We got talking about all sorts of things as he was really nice.

Anyways Wednesday was a normal school day.. pretty boring if you ask me. mostly sitting around and just bla bla bla. The only exciting part was talking with the english teachers during my last free. At one point the very sexy secretary who usually works downstairs came up and of course all the boys were making comments about her, and who wouldn't. Then one of the thai teachers caught them talking about her and so the thai teachers went on to make fun of them. Howard got so flustered, it was great.

Thursday...what was thursday even about..oh right. Well it was my first day off school so I sat around watching SVU and just laying around, though when I went to go check my e-mails Mint was there and this time we traded phone numbers and he asked me to go to a movie with him, chronicles of Narnia, we had a good talk but I had to leave early because I had to attend a thai wedding...on a thursday? what? lol well I got all dressed up though no dress this time and we headed out with another family from rotary to the wedding. The reception was taking place at this huge hotel and there was maybe 1000 guests, what the hell? the actual wedding had taken place a few days before in the traditional thai style so the bride was only in her dress for maybe 5 hours? in my opinion not worth all the money they spent on this thing. The bride looked lovely though..
There was no dancing, almost no drinking, it didn't even feel like a wedding... It was so boring.. never again.
Friday...what was friday... I think avery boring day of  nothingness... Saturday was the same I think. Sunday well I finally got a hold of Alayna and we planned for a 2 night sleep over which we do so often. Anyways she showed up and we went about watching criminal minds and yes man.
The next day after I finally woke her up we went to check my e-mails and she was able to meet Mint..She couldn't stop teasing me that time... It was kinda funny.
anyways after we decided to go swimming in my pool. It's actually pretty clean for an outdoor pool. We had fun splashing and listening to music as we swam around. at one point the back of Alayna's earring fell off and we had the adventure of retrieving it from the bottom of the pool
we then sat around and just talked, I also introduced her to PM which she also fell for with his irresistible
tuesday well this day was fun. I woke up around 10, like usual while Alayna was still Asleep I watched a couple of movies then decided to go check my e-mails. Mint was there waiting for his class to start so we started talking and while I checked my e-mails he pulled out..math scrabble...I thought things couldn't get any nerdier lol. I poked fun at him for it When his friend with the glasses showed up they put away the math scrabble and pulled out normal scrabble. thats when I made the bet with Mint that if he lost the game I would never talk to him again. He was trying pretty hard... until I started helping his friend. We won the game with me just being able to spell ENT, like the tree guys from LOTR. He lost gracefully and I decided to still talk to him. Anyways I went back to the house around 1 thinking Alayna would still be awake. nope. I woke her up at 2 and we sat around until4 when she finally got out of bed and got ready. then we headed over and met up with Mint.
We took a tuktuk to the mall. We first bought our tickets, and holy crap it was so cool they had a touch screen where you chose your seats and it was so cool!!!!! my and Alayna were both amazed. After we hit Swensons because we had some time before the movie. There was much stealing of bananas and kicking Alayna under the table.
The movie theatre was looked pretty normal. Though right before the movie started we had to stand and show respect to the king...in a movie theatre huh? It was a little different. Anyways the movie was great, though different from the book, still great and I want to go back and read the book again for the first time in a long time.
We then headed to the cheap movie store and bought some stuff. I bought Juno for Alayna as her christmas present and she got me an Optimus Prime phone charm. I also got a little bunny with my birthday on its sweater, you know one of those things that they have for every day. Though Alayna couldn't remember my birthday and almost bought me the wrong date.
Alayna's parents picked us up at the mall and we headed home. I bid alayna a merry christmas  and sent her off past the scary dog.
Anyways now I'm just fiddling around. as I need to do laundry and start packing before my parents get here on friday though my grandpa wants to pick me up at 8:45 when the drive is only an hour and my parents plane doesn't land until after 11...wtf... I'm sorry but I'm so glad I moved host families like you would not believe...
alright I'll let you go

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