Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Wanted to See if You Were Squishy or Hard

uuuuhhhhh last week.. rewind to last tuesday.
that composed of english, the craft class where we made a plate out of leaves. it's useful if we were stuck on a desert island and decided to make home decorum. We also had dance where I finally picked up the steps to the waltz I've been learning. Alayna is now taken in front of the class every time to show how it's done. she's a really good dancer. I then have to sit to the side for 20 minutes as they show other classes how to do the moves. it gets a little boring, but amusing to watch how red Alayna can turn due to her lack of nerves.
I've started talking to these three guys in thai dance class and unlike the rest of the boys in the class, they are really nice and don't tease us. the others do things like tell us to sit down and when we do they laugh so hard because we weren't supposed to...the maturity level difference is really noticeable at times like these...
In english club we had to preform skits that we created before the break. Steve made our group go first as he said we were "so ready". right....it was pretty awful and full of laughing but it was all in good fun.
Had my Rotary meeting, this week was well...boring beyond belief, I literally escaped to the bathroom for 5 minutes of relief. These meeting makes me miss the ones at home so much...
Wednesday was some art class, some sword fighting class in which we had a test, I passed with flying colours... (I think)
Thursday was another craft making class with the memorable 'Bow-Tie Guy' and my new found smexy man 'Watch-Man' because of his sexy pink watch. I hate the craft we are working on...stupid owl made out of knots, even bow-tie guy agrees that the class is kinda stupid.
Friday was cut short after lunch due to a band called Pancake came and played at our school for us. One of the guitarists was super cute and the faster songs actually sounded decent. Some people were up on shoulders and ripping off shirts, quite rebellious from the kids you usually see at school.
then came the weekend, oh the weekend
let me give you a bit of info before I charge on
This past weekend in Rayong, there was an intercity meeting where people from various clubs come together and have, well a meeting. Exchange students were invited to come. I knew 2 other Canadians and an assortment of other YE kids would be attending which made me totally stoked I haven't seen them since the orientation almost 3 months ago. When my Grandpa explained the weekend to me he said Alayna and I would not be attending the meeting, or the Dinner afterwards... This made me angry, so I asked why. My Grandpa thought it would be better is we saw around Rayong instead as of course then seeing the other exchange students, he said since the mountain trip is only a few weeks away it doesn't matter...that peed me right off, the dinner afterwards was the really kicker. the dinner was being held out on an island which you had to take a boat to get to. my grandpa wouldn't take us because since it's the stormy season and he and grandma didn't want to go as they didn't like swimming or having large dinner, completely disregarding wether me or Alayna wanted to go...and I know maybe I'm being unreasonable but he could have told us a few weeks before, then we could have expressed our opinion and then he could he planned it out with someone to take us to the island at the very least... arg makes me want to throw flip fops at peoples heads, it helps, believe me, I know from past experience.
Anyways woke up early on Saturday and got in the jeep, picked up Alayna and started our trip to Rayong. Alayna slept the whole way and I just listened to music and watched the scenery.
When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted surprisingly by two exchange students who were also not going to the meeting and island. Merriam from Mexico who's 18 and loves anime as much as I do, her first choice for a country was Japan just like mine. There was also Kumiko from Japan, she's super adorable and didn't even get a choice of where to go.
While we waited for the sight seeing to get under way we headed for the beach. My grandpa wouldn't allow me to go swimming as he didn't think I could handle the currents...again with the angry feelings. So we went and played in the sand and had a riot. Merriam is super funny and really fun.
when we finally started our day headed out in the SUV, funny enough Kumiko's host brother put on a cd, and not just any cd, Justin Bieber CD. which all four of us started singing to the song 'baby', it was so funny and we couldn't stop giggling at our stupid dance moves.
Our first stop on the trip, a fruit farm...wow real exciting huh?
we got thew full tour...
at one point we got to try all these different fruits and I fell in love with dragon fruit. om nom nom.
we also had Papaya salad for lunch, do not ask what the heck that is, but it's...different, not good or bad.
the most exciting part of the tour was 3 little fluffy puppies we had the chance to play with, completely adorable.
After the fruit farm was off to this museum thing. not really a museum, it just had a whole bunch of stories on the walls of this small building with a really echoy roof...
In the car we put on an episode of Bleach and i was surprised I remembered all the details from so far back in the story line, like a good two years since I had read that stuff, let alone watch it.
Where we wee taken next was the most surprising.
We pulled up to a building that seemed to have banners and signs everywhere which had symbols resembling rotary wheels. Kumiko's mom had taken us to the meeting. low and behold the two german girls were standing out front. We rushed out of the car to say hello to the blond haired girls. Alayna and I were ecstatic to see other exchange students. There was much hugging and reminder of names. We quickly found out one of the German girls is actually flying back to Germany in December, she lives right now in a smaller town and has no one around her, she seems more like an urban kind of girl and lso she said she has exams in germany she has to write. This makes me sad that we are losing her, she is going to be on the mountain trip at the very least..but its still depressing.. to think that someone could be so unhappy on the exchange to actually go home a full  months ahead of plan...
anyways we all sat down and started talking about life and such. we found out that other exchange students were at the meeting but had gone out to get food, speak of the devils and one of them phone the german girls just as we were talking about them.
We talked for awhile until we suspected the other kids would be arriving back to we filed out the front doors of the meeting hall just to see people walking towards us...wait let me rephrase that, 3 people walking. one girl running. this girl being Jessica.
Jessica is from BC and super awesome. we've talked on facebook a few times and such, it really nice to talk to another CANADIAN girl.
I saw her running and I couldn't help but smile. she kinda ran past Alayna shouting "sorry flight buddy but I need a canadian girl hug" then promptly flying tackle hugged me. it was awesome. Jessica is one of the sweetest people ever.  Along with Jessica came Bryce, the massively tall 16 year old and a great sense of humour, Giulia from Brasil who's a complete babe, nice if not a little quiet, and as well Raye from taiwan who's just adorable and crazy in one package.
More hugging and laughing ensued... it was great.
we all piled onto a staircase and talked. I found out Jessica also hates Maple syrup like me, rack one up for the haters. it was great to just sit and talk to them. I've missed all these guys so much, like you wouldn't believe. theres just a connection to these people. they just know what your going through and want to be there for you in anyway.
When the meeting let out I worked up the courage to ask my Grandpa, to beg my grandpa to please let us go to the island. I couldn't bare to have less then an hour with the amazing people. Alayna was actually the one to ask him, and he shot us down flat.. It made me so angry...luckil I had said goodbye to everyone already..
We we started to pull away in the car I almost broke down and sobbed, luckily i held it together.. Alyana said she went through the same thing... It was a horrible feeling, though supposedly I didn't miss much out on the island except a coupe more hours with some amazing people... thankfully I'll get to see them in two weeks on the mountain trip, which is 5 days of good times. I'm super stoked beyond reason for this trip and i'm counting down the days...
We headed back to the hotel for some dinner, then my Grandpa completely out of character said "if you want to walk along the be, fine, go ahead" walk along the beach, as it's getting darker, in a city we've never been in before... what the heck?
anyways our walk didn't get far we sat on the nearest bench and just talked, we must have talked for hours, by the end Alayna said I had basically heard her life story. We sat and talked and watch the world go by which for some reason included fireworks, drunk guys offering Alayna water, buying wilted roses from a little boy and refusing to feed massive male elephants.
When we finally got back to the hotel we turned on the tv and started watching Law & Order SVU which can be quite addicting at times...
woke up the next morning bight and early to meet my grandparents for breakfast which was a sleepy affair, at one point we were talking abut Alayna finally getting to contact home after 3 months, my Grandpa talked about how is grandson e-mails everyday then went on to say I was e-mailing home everyday and asked me how often a day I e-mailed or talked to my parents... uhh excuse me.. I had to correct him to say I'm trying the limit the skype to every two weeks and the e-mails only when something is needed or what not. I can live without talking to my parents for a week or two.
after breakfast while my grandparents went to go pack i wandered out to the beach for the last time, this beach doesn't have a ton of garbage like the beaches in sri racha or pattaya that I've visited. The water was even almost bluey coloured...
I went and sat on one of the rocks and just watched the sea.. I love watching the waves. it's so calming and just such a beautiful sight to me.
When we finally headed out we didn't head strait home, we first went to garden...though it's not exactly just a garden... The place is huge. it's got things like a french garden a stone heng and a forest with ever palm tree in the world. it's also got walk through bird cages, monkeys, emus. all sorts of random things.
There was a tiger that was chained that you could sit beside for a photo... the tiger looked so sad and it kept letting out such a pitiful sound and if it tried to growl it was tapped with a bamboo stick.. it made my heart ache...
There was quite a bit to see and my Grandpa suggested that I might take my parents there when they come to visit me and it's definitely a possibility. I'll post the pictures and my parents can decide if it's somewhere they'd like to go.
when we got back in the car and on our way I fell promptly asleep, head lollying about until alayna offered her jacket as a pillow.
Once we dropped Alayna off and I got home I just crashed and has a super lazy moment. I broke and actually watched a Barbie movie..which turned out to be super cute... it's now under my youtube favourites.... I'm surely going to hell for that...
Monday rolled around far too early in the morning for my taste.
Had english class for the first time with a grade 11 class. they were...interesting, Howard actually likes that class the least out of all his classes, they certainly keep things exciting..
After english class we ran into Steve who for I think the first time actually started the conversation. he said that one of the friends might need his help with some art work and he said he would ask if I could join, YUSHYUSHYUSH sounds awesome.. Steve was actually genuinely talkative in that conversation which is so completely unlike him
We had a good dance class, but after the class the teacher asked us to stay for the next class mainly because of Alayna so she could help him show how to do the waltz we've been working on for the past week, then after that class we were roped into a private dance class where we worked on the tango and the cha cha, personally I like the cha cha best so far, lots of hips and a good rhythm, though the music he puts in don't have the most definite beat which makes it difficult at times. Triple dance class really makes you work up a thirst...
After school when i go to wait in the teachers lounge for me ride home, well today we had two guests.
first was Howard's pregnant girlfriend who is super super adorable, seriously I wonder how Howard was able to pick up someone as cute as her lol joking. She quite..alive and vibrant which I'm going to guess has something to do with the baby. she was really nice and gave me a snack while we waited and is just genuinely happy.
the second visitor was Michelle, Matt's girlfriend, pretty and really nice. asked lots of questions about what I thought about Thailand and such, she also said I could use her as an alibi anytime to get out of the house.. she is officially awesome. she just moved here during the break and is now working as a nurse at the catholic school right down the road.
When Matt and Michelle were heading out the door matt made the passing comment of " your kinda a weird one", this morning Howard as said that Matt when he had arrived this morning had made a similar comment about me being weird to Howard. which I took partly as a compliment and largely as a complete burn, but lets not get into my massive lack of self confidence now shall we?
Tuesday waking up was bad, had a horrible sleep even though i never woke up once during the night... it was weird.
In workshop the teacher showed us how to make flowers out of a leaf but I got so frustrated. she wasn't showing me how to make it and just... i felt so frustrated. the way she taught wasn't the way I earned and then Alayna tried to show me but it didn't help. then i attempted to make a flower the teacher kept yanking it out of my hands if I wasn't doing it right, not letting me figure it out.. I'm a trial-and-error person and just. the class really bothered me and has left me feeling ruffled all day...
In English Howard gave me a book to read that I had seen him reading last week called "Welcome to Hell" it's about a man who gets coned, framed for murder, and then sent to a thai prison, one of the worst in the world. it's pretty much a real life horror story. It made me realize. I've slipped into the thought that things are pretty safe here, but really theres such a dark underbelly to thailand that I know nothing about, and a wild side that I hope to never see... I kinda scared me a little. I shall never break the law here... It's a good read and I'd really suggest it to anyone who's not faint-of-heart.
Thai dance today was so extremely annoying, the crazy boys, literally at moments I think they have some drug up their sleeves or something. they were just hounding us today was crazy things... not good
at one point one of the boys said he loved Alayna in a joking way and before i could stop myself i let slip the joke "and she loves you too" i screwed up there... he knew i was joking but his face still lit up and it didn't die by the end of class...crap.
In english class, once again Steve was social and started a conversation and such which was kinda crazy as it's so unusual. he's the least vocal to us out of any of the english teachers so it caught me off guard, two conversations, started by him, in two days? what is this blasphemy?!?!?!
hmmm I think thats all I can think to talk about,
other then the fact I've just watched the first 4 seasons of Red vs Blue in a week...so awesome!!!!
anyways back to reality
Kyouheikutie out
p.s my butt is still in a lot of pain... I think I'm going to have some serious bruising tomorrow...crap


  1. It sounds like you really get along with the other exchange students, which means you should have a blast on the trip into the mountains. Do you have any names of places other than the mountains? I would like to be able to look it up on the map. Went tanning last night and there was a guy in talking to Debbie who had been to Thailand. He was so excited talking about his trip and telling us what to do etc. He did say to do Chaing Mai last as they have such great deals on clothes etc., he was there first and then had to lug an extra suitcase of stuff around Thailand.
    Hang in there with the crafty stuff, does this mean Im getting some funny looking owl thing for Christmas?

  2. Your Host Grandpa is a poopoohead. B| When do you get to trade in for a new one?