Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Got my Butt Handed to Me By a 5 Year Old in Wii Tennis

wow update a little past a week. quite a bit has happened in almost two weeks, finished up my break, started a new semester and everything in between.
Also been here Two months today! man time has flown by for me, can still remember that long long long plane ride here and everything since.

uhhh wayy back to well the last few days of my break. well Friday I went to Alayna's for a double sleepover. Firs was swimming though. this time it wasn't only Alayna and me, Three girls including Alayna's host sister came along. we had lots of fun and even tried racing though Alayna whooped butt due to her being on a swim team before, not fair I think. Anyways got back to her house kind of late Took some of my movies with me that she hadn't seen yet or that wouldn't play on my computer like princess diaries. We watched Chicago, Princess Diaries, Mulan 2 (which is pretty bad), Pocahontas 2 (which is just as bad) and when we tried to watch Koizora we found that there are no english subtitles, false advertising there. the box clearly says english subtitles but no such luck. We actually stayed u till 4 in the morning, Alayna tends to do that on her free time and I was fine with that thinking I'd be up by 11 anyways knowing my body. I never sleep past 11, usually even 10. I took one of Alayna's sleeping pills due to her stressing that I should. slept awful most of the night, when I finally woke up I looked at the window and it was going dark. whhhaaa? look at my ipod, it was 6 pm. not am, pm, that was a shocker, the pill definitely messed with my system. I nearly shit a brick. I know it seems dumb to get angry over it but it just got to me. Coming from a household where no one sleeps in past 7, you feel lazy waking up at 10 and just I feel I need to do anything during the day at least something, why sleep into 2 and stay up till 4 or what not, why do whatever your doing at night, you can accomplish the same stuff during daylight. so sleeping literally and entire day away did not sit well with me, Alayna said she didn't wake me because she thought I could use the sleep, i know she was well intentioned but I got angry either way. I was literally awake for less then ten hours. we sat around and watched more movies. Princess Diaries 2, Take the Lead, oh and I started watching Buffy again, bad me bad, I thought I could make a year without it, but yeah that went down hill.
spend Sunday watching more buffy and movies and dreading going back to school and back to wearing ugly uniforms everyday. I seriously hate my uniform. so ugly.
Anyways had to be up bright and early monday morning.
It was nice to see everyone again and my goal this semester is to hang out with my thai friends outside of school, kind of intimidating for me. Anyways found out Matt and Steve aren't back teaching until the 18th and Howard aint back till the 26th fffffff I want my awesome english teacher back T_T. I now can no longer can consider english class fun without him.
We spent most of our monday making a schedule for ourselves.
Dance everyday, either ballroom or traditional thai dance. art, english, craft making, cooking, and guess what, THAI BOXING!!!!! oh yeah!!!! get to turn people's faces into goo!! we also have a whole whack load of spares this semester which I'm not entirely excited for. Sitting around a whole ton...great. Alayna is all for it.
Monday after school Alayna and I went out for japanese food at the mall, always amazing. definitely bought some more movies, A new World, Casino Royal, The Notebook, and Departures. A New World which is a live action version of Pocahontas which I've never seen before turned out to be a bust. Casino Royal and the Notebook awesome as always and Departures which is a Japanese movie that won best foreign language film at the oscars which sounded really cool, well it said it had English subtitles, but did it? course not, my luck couldn't be that good. So I have officially sworn off foreign films while I'm here that say English subs, I shall get nowhere if I don't.
Tuesday flwe by..Wednesday was hilarious for our first Thai dance class. We are with 4/...I can't remember but when we got there we found the class to be full of the really annoying funny kind of guys. all of them sat behind Alayna and spent the class talking to us with all the english they knew which was composed of "hi" "beautiful" and " I love you" all of those comments got directed towards Alayna while I just sat and laughed. All the boys who talk to us actually only talk to her, never really me... theres a hit to the self esteem poll. Like one guy who is in our thai boxing class came up to us after class when no one else would talk to us. he came up and really nicely and politely asked us what we were studying next, all his friends laughed and cat called and such and all the girls giggled that he actually had the balls to talk to us. we both thought him pretty brave to be able to do that.
hmmm i can't think of anything else really exciting happened.. though there was this amazing hot server at my Rotary meeting but I won't go into his sexy hair just quite yet.
On friday i was taken in the mall right after school to get a photo taken t extend my visa, this was one of the most awkward things ever. I have never been stared at so much as I did that day, a white girl wearing a thai school uniform, you stick out a little... a lot
I can't think of anything else really being exciting, just really life stuff, troubles, laughs that sort of stuff, now onto the weekend.
So I was told Alayna and I would be going to Bangkok with Chancahi (my second host dad), his wife, and their kids. A son who is married and has a little girl, and a Daughter.
alayna came over Friday night and we watched some movies, no surprise. In between movies Alayna broke her no phone calls home for 3 months rule to call on her Dad's birthday. She actually called 3 people. at one point she told her dad she was with me and he said "oh the girl from that country up above us?".. T_T we no longer have a name Canada, be sad. Woke up pretty early and waiting for the driver to come get us. the driver actually picked us up then picked up Sumalai (my second host mom) their house is huge!! again outside of town but huge!!! and their dog that I saw is massive! I'm so excited!!. then we were on our way to bangkok. driving through Sri Racha i was looking out the window when I recognized a bald head, I started smacking the glass and rolled the window down as fast as i could and scream "Hay Matt!!!" as loud as I could, he obviously heard and waved to the truck as he walked with who we believe to be his girlfriend who just moved here to be with him. Alayna couldn't stop laughing that I had actually done that. It was quite a bit of fun.
got to Chanchai's bangkok house where they spend every weekend. I then got to meet The son, who's anme I can't remember who is super cool, funny and kind of like an uncle. The daughter who's name is foon feun, something that means rain, she's super cute and pretty. She took us shopping with her friends. It was a different mall this time. huge mall though 7 stories and just huge!!! Bought the new Percy Jackson book, to tell you the truth, I was super worried about this book I've fallen completely in love with the series and this book is in the same universe but Percy isn't the hero which made me super worried as I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out amazing! and I have to wait a year for the next book to come out >=(.
Also bought Mamma Mia which of course won't work on my computer..fffff. angry.
I too Alayna to Swensons and she now loves it too, so many cute boys worked at this one as well =)
while waiting for foon to finished shopping we sat by the escalators and watched all the cute boys. man so many to look at.
Also a press conference was going on on the ground floor and on every level were the classic security guards with the wires int he ears and suits, sunglasses. one wouldn't stop staring at us, it was creepy... maybe he thought we were spies *gasp*

went back to their house and had some awesome tasting pork for dinner, got to meet the son's kid, a girl, really adorable, really shy. played wii sports against her usually her on the winning side, played some mario (she not the best at it).  we also went to the grocery store with them, had fun running up and down the aisles looking at stuff. their ground well whatever it was, was super fatty, not going to eat that any time soon I hope.
we were told that if it didn't rain tomorrow that we would go to this amusement park, if it did we'd find a alternate thing to do.
well it rained. though i don't mind the rain here, it's weird to have it it happen almost everyday right now but I don't hate it.
We insted hit up this little road side place right beside a river where you could see hundreds of cat fish in the river, you could also throw bread to them and it was so cool to see how many of them there were. we then hit up a market though there wasn't anything too exciting.
then really nothing happened except for coming back home. and vola here I am.
i think that's all I've got
sorry about not uploading some pictures I've gotten lazy and need to upload pinky, will do soon enough!!

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