Saturday, October 23, 2010

"He's My Future Husband" "Hope He's Not Loyal"

alright since I've got a free-bee lazy day today i thought I'd write this up as I might be doing something tomorrow you never know. So here I am writing about my week. exciting isn't it?
hmmmm Monday, what was monday. well Steve and Matt are finally back at school teaching after their trip. though well, how do I explain. Before they left that wall of "not exactly teacher, but certainly not comfortable to" started to disappear between us and them and well over the break that wall went back up stronger then ever. It's hard to talk to them more then Howard since we don't have them as teachers ever so you don't get to know them in that way. hopefully that wall can be smooshed back down sooner rather then later.
Anyways, getting back into the routine of school with our second week back. Monday we were invited to go to a speech competition with our school and a different school in Chon Buri. We thought, why not? getting out of school and such, meeting new people.
Well we got to rede the ghetto bus with all the other kids from my school PuPay was there with us so the ride was kept amusing.
We arrived at the school, which is much larger then our school. Huge campus. We piled off our bus and got people signed in for the different competitions. there was a skit competition, speeches in both thai and english. sounds exciting in theory, in real life horribly boring. spent the first three hours on a staircase that no one else used. I actually slept 2 of those hours...on the staircase..officially weirdest place I've slept. PuPay and Alayna kept ganging up on me, picking on me with tickle wars and such. it was a lot of fun. then after lunch me and Alayna got separated and I got dragged to the skit boring, though at one point a boy broke into the bonamana dance which kinda rocked.
Literally the whole day was sitting and being bored.
On the bus back me and Alayna discussed the differences between our school and the one we visited. The first thing that came up. Our school is poor as hell compared to that school. Like they got the really nice double decker buses to transport their kids, we get a bus that looks like it pulled out of the hood. thier cafeteria was very clean and kept. our looks well...different. Then Alayna told me that actually Sri Racha school is a bit of a reject school, since kids was to take proficiency tests to get into school and if kids can't get into the fancy school like Assumption college they come to our school. oh well, our school rocks.
Tuesday wel tuesday is always fun as we have thai dance with the oh so creepy class of 4/5. As soon as we sat down creeper boy and his friend came to sit with us. Alayna just took out her book and ignored them. I just laughed.
Then at the end of the class the boys tried to talk to her her but she looked like deer in the headlights pressed against the wall and such. I felt bad for her in some walls, the evil part of me just laughed... I know evil. She just doesn't handle stares and such well. in dance class she stops dancing anytime other people watch. the old me wouldn't have handled it well either but being a cosplayer completely fixed that right up. staring doesn't bother me anymore.
uuhhh Wednesday...wednesday.....thats a funny word...
anyways Wednesday we were again invited to join some students to go visit the grand opening of a japanese cultural centre thingy. it's run my a japanese college that has campuses all over the world.
At the grand opening there were lot of free samples of cups of instant noodles, weird health drinks, juice. a stall where you could make your sushi, write with those fancy brushes, put on yukatas and such. Lots of very important looking people. There was also a cafe thingy with amazing tasting blended drink. yummy bananas. mmmmmmmmmmmmm bananas.
At one point me and Alayna both spotted this really cue guy and she literally ran away because she didn't want to look embarrassed, yet she made more of a scene by running away. Well the guy was really nice and invited me to try writing my name with the fancy brushes. I was horrible at it and kept laughing and all the people watching including mr. sexy laughed to.
at one point Alayna claimed Mr. Sexy was going to be her future husband, I said I was going to hope he's not loyal.
When we piled on the bus to head back around 1 we had to stop at a place for lunch since lunch was already ended at our school. We sat with 3 of the boys from my class 4/7, they are all really nice and lunch was really fun. At one point Alayna tried to pass her fish balls off to me and i returned them ever so quickly so she tried to hand them off to someone else and thats when karma stuck. the fish ball landed pretty hard in the guy's soup and slashed all over his shirt, causing Alayna to go bright red. hahahahahahahhahaha...good times
Thursday turned out pretty interesting. Walking from first to second class we waved hi to one of the guys we met at english who we have dubbed bow-tie guy. he's really nice and always says hi, he actually on monday as I was talking to the teachers lounge listening to music and being generally oblivious to the world I heard someone yelling hey and clapping, it was him. he actually asked if I lived near the Bang Pra temple which I do, he remembered seeing me there one..slightly creepy...but the boy is kind of cute so I let it slide, anyways yeah bow-tie guy then ended up being in our craft class that we had for the first time this week as the teacher wasn't there last week.
We are making something that a grannie would make a towel holder thing that looks like an owl. it made out of string woven into knots. I can say now with confidence my strength in the arts does not extend to the craft making genre. I could not make the correct knot for the life of me.
Bow tie guy was nice and tried to say mine was good, one of his friends was saying "oh it's beaut-" then they actually saw it and started laughing.. I went bright red...
I also have no confidence in speaking thai, everytime I say thank you i laugh because of how stupid I sound in my head, well I tried to ask bow-tie guy his name in thai, he didn't understand what i said and i just went red and started laughing i fail at life pretty much.
During our free we found out one of our teachers will test us on very basic thai reading skills....ffffffuuuudddddgggggeeeee. I'm so done for. we spent an hour of Alayna prying my Percy Jackson and her trying to teach me some thai letters and words... that was a ton of laughs.. "this one looks like boobs" fff good times.
Friday was interesting. Had computer class, WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD'S GIGANTIC PANTIES AM I LEARNING COMPUTER LANGUAGE?!?!?!?!?! that class makes me angry
we got pulled out after lunch to go extend our visas for another 3 months. we had fun sitting in the office guessing where this one European guy was from by his voice.
After Alyana's mom was nice enough to take us to the mall. we got thai foot massages which was nice, this one actually hurt a little which turned out better. after the massages we went for pizza, my first pizza since being here. nice chewy cheesy Hawaiian pizza. so delicious. how I missed you. then we also went for ice cream at swensons. yum yum yum. I tried one of their waffle cone bowl things and tried hacking at the cone bowl with my spoon to break chunks off. that is until my spoon flew out of my hand on to the floor. I was spoonless. so me and Alyana decided to share a spoon.
School was let out by that time and some kids form school also got ice cream. they kept staring like wow they see us outside of school.
Alayna's mom was so nice about everything
now I'm here at home on a saturday, Alayna is in a different province with her host family so I'm at home having a lazy weekend and thinking of what movies i can search hoping they will be online...
anyways I think thats all I can spew out for the moment... I think...
Toodles until next week

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  1. LMAO They had you making macrame Owls? Bahahaha! I wonder what your next merit badge will be? :P

    And you should go get some of those Sumi-e Brushes and india ink-- They've gotta be cheap and you can do portfolio things with them easy. And remember-- Abstract art is still entirely art lmao. A sexy man to teach you how to work with ink and brush wouldn't be a bad touch either!

    AAAAAAAAAUGH I MISS YOU KID :| Skype tonight? OR, in the morning as it would be for you? I HAVE NO IDEA-- I'VE JUST GOT SOME JUICY GOSSIP FOR YOU.