Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flying On a Broomstick is Not as Easy as it Looks

man I'm bad at keeping these to one per week but I swear this will be semi-short
but I feel I'll forget half of whats happened in the last few days by the time monday rolls around with it being the first day back a school and all.
so here I go
I got one lousy night to sleep in my own bed in my own room.
I had a really early 5:30 wake up so I could get ready in time to be picked up by my teacher who was taking me on a trip with her.
We drove out to the park where we met up with everyone else and the van were we all taking. the driver was kinda cute and me and Alayna spent a good portion of the time trying to decipher his age. He had the face of a 20 year old yet was starting to get laugh lines and grey hair, a mystery of the ages I tell you.
anyways a tidbit about Alayna, she is not a morning person in any sense of the word. She's always so grumpy when she has to get up early, it's kind of hilarious. I never thought of myself as a sort-of morning person until I met her, but I realized I sort of am, yes I may like to sleep in a little but once I'm up, I'm up and awake.
All seats were taken in the van when we finally took off. 8 teachers, 2 white kids, and one ageless driver
We drove for a good 4 hours but I slept most of the way, listening to my ipod. I'm going though a huge Glee/Kpop/Orchestrated music phase. I'm trying to relearn the differences between all my different orchestrated albums, my god I sound like such a nerd typing that. but let me tell you it's so much harder then you would think because some star wars sounds a lot like Avatar and some Chronicles of Narnia songs sound really similar to Buffy.
I think it took us a lot longer to get where we were going because we pulled over every 10 minutes to but vegetables from road-side stands or going to the washroom.
Anyways when we finally arrived at our first destination, a place by a river that once again reminds me of willy wonka. We had lunch and complained about the massive ants walking by us..fffff....I hate bugs. anyways after lunch the teachers said we were taking a boat down the river, I got excited as I thought white water rifting but Alayna said old people like the teachers wouldn't do that. Guess they weren't as old as she thought as she pointed to a picture of white water rafting and said thats what we were doing.
I got super excited. I haven't gone white water rafting since Costa Rica and I've really wanted to go again so this was my chance. The teachers said we were doing this because they knew we liked adventure.
We had to make a 2 km trek to get to the place where we would launch the boat from so were started walking through the jungle. man I wish I could have taken my camera. so many beautiful things along the path.
At one point I kinda challenged a teacher to running up some stairs, I bate dirt near the top and scrapped up my shins but pfft who cares. Alayna couldn't stop laughing at me for it.

When we arrived at our destination we were a little surprised, there was only one boat for 12 people I thought usually there was less people to a boat. Then when we set off they didn't give us any instructions on what to do when going through rapids.
well theres reason for that, there was no rapids. we just floated down a river in a boat. not one rapid, not even a bump. I was disappointed to say the least.  I was hoping for stuff you could actually fall out of the boat in.
Anyways we piled back onto the van and headed off. We reached the place we were staying, the teachers called it a resort, but really just cabin spread around a large pond. Our cabin looked like a shack and all I could think was "oh god it's belize all over again this must be karma for making fun of mom all those times for booking such a crappy hotel(literally those were my thoughts)"
Got inside and dang. nice wood floors, high ceilings, everything was new and even a nice sized tv in the living room. I was completely wrong on this one.
We found out we would have been doing more things but it was raining so pans were cut short so we had to stick in the house. I had given Alayna the first of the vampire books I've bought. she was hooked and read it strait through in 5 hours. I mostly sat around and listened to music
it was really hard the first day, the teachers didn't really speak to us because most of them couldn't speak english and let's face it my thai is almost non-existant. The teacher that sat beside us in the van was actually kind of rude always called us fer-aung which is a rather well bland to not nice term for white person or foreigner. She never used our names, it's like saying "hey you" all the time.
Anyways Alayna and I stayed up pretty late talking about stuff, when we talked about stuff we missed 99% of it was about food. yes that right the thing I miss most is the food.
people are starting to write in their blogs about getting homesick. me I haven't hit that stage yet but then again my honeymoon period of the exchange was cut wayy short by the disagreements with my Grandpa. I miss things but I don't really miss things, I think partly because me and Alayna are able to talk about it to one another and I'm able to talk to people on facebook and skype all the time. I don't feel like I need to miss anything that much, except the food like waffles. I found out it's thanksgiving this weekend...ffffuuudddddggggeee I WANT MY TURKEY PEOPLE!!!!!!ARG!!!BARGLE!!!!
anyways lol
woke up the next morning pretty early to some omelettes for breakfast, I found out Alayna had spent half the night wrapped around the toilet from eating something. not uncommon here. to tell you the truth I've almost yakked a couple of times and definitely had more then a few upset stomachs here but you get used to them, and you learn to get past them leaving their eggs outside in 30 degree weather (my brother would not survive here).
Day two..what did we do day two?...see this is why I'm writing this now I can't remember what the heck we did...give me a minute.
uhhh ffff I'm actually blanking a little...short term memory loss FTW
I think I remember what came first..yeah i got it, no worries now

So we climbed into the van and headed off.
first stop. waterfalls.
There was first a small cute waterfall that was so pretty and just, well if it wasn't willy wonkified really beautiful. got some great pictures that I have been too lazy to upload yet. Then we had a hike to the second falls. there was some mud, trees and big steps in our way but we finally made it. The waterfall was beautiful, not absolutely never been seen before but beautiful surrounded by all the green and the waterfall was giving off some good spray. I tried covering poor Evangeline but she got soaked the poor thing. I think I got some good photos and some funny myspace photos of me and Alayna.
Our next stop was a vegetable farm...lame to say the least. there was only two interesting things about that place.
first- we found a snail that had gotten stuck in a puddle and it's shell had gone soft, we had fun poking it
exciting part #2- that same company that funded that press conference thingy in the mall with all those really gorgeous guys from my trip in bangkok, well they were at the vegetable farm with some sexy guys and drop dead gorgeous girls.
Our next stop was a mushroom farm, even better.
Third stop was a view where we were going to watch the sunset but there was too much cloud. It was a beautiful view of this valley and just wow sort of. All along the crest of the hill we were on was giant slingshots, what did you shoot with these? well tree seeds of course, we got to plant a forest while killing ourselves laughing at the horrible shots we made. one guy tried golfing a few seeds, didn't go so hot, but sure funny to watch.
hmmm after that we headed back to the house where we played some thrilling rounds of bingo but I got more into this thai tv drama called wanida. no clue what was going on but it looked cool.
Again me and Alayna stayed up taking about stuff, this time about Canada and America. man Americans learn absolutely nothing about Canada when we always learn about america, truthfully it ticks me off inside. They get to be ignorant of their closest trading partner, their other half. ugh
Anyways off the angry topic. since the teachers stayed up really late and I couldn't fall asleep with them talking I tried listening to my ipod to fall asleep. bad idea. I woke up half way through the night due to one of my headphones literally choking me. fffffff not safe....
next morning way again early get up and a pack up. We all climbed into the van and headed out. our first  spot of the day was an 'extreme sport camp' zip lining rock climbing, all that stuff. I got excited. I'm always up for this stuff. Alayna and I got to choose 2 things we wanted to do. first was well something I can't remember the name of igh flyer or something like that. I had to go first. into the uncomfortable harness and then up a platform. they attach some stuff to you and a winch starts pulling you up. you know its coming when the guy tells you to look at the horizon. then you hear these clicking sounds and suddenly your falling, course the cable catches you and your on a gigantic swing. still it was scary, I may have sreamed and yelled 'jesus' very loud but hey I'm better then some people *cough mom cough*
Alayna didn't even yelp...
anyways it was a ton of fun and everyone cheered us on and such.
once we both were gone and a little jelly in the legs we got to choose our second adventure. this was the one that was actually called the high flyer. Your in a harness with cables attached at about your hips and your lifted up and carried about 100 meters then back again. the catch
they had wands, scarves, owl stuffies it was great and all the robes from the different houses, personally I'm a Gryffindor usually but I wanted to be different and went for Ravenclaw oh yeah. on went robes and I was handed a broomstick and a little controller that could spin me around. to tell you the truth the harness was extremely painful, put i didn't notice when i was being lifted up while i franticly kicked off my flip flops. Then I was off. It's kind of frightening at first and i didn't want to lean forward and fly on my broom, but I got to it eventually. then i did the stupid thing of spinning while doing it. that was scary. coming back was the funniest part though. I had accidentally kicked one of my flip flops into a tree and had to kick it out with the broom.
Alayna went as the usual Gryffindor and was far more confident then me on that thing, spinning around and going pretty close to horizontal.
Doing that was of those things I won't forget. too funny to forget really. what a blast.
after that we left and I realized something. we had come to this park just for Alayna and I, the teachers didn't do anything at the park. I was so completely and utterly grateful that they were so caring and amazing to do something like that just for two exchange kids. I fee so lucky to be here, made me think of something Howard told me "this exchange isn't just and experience, it's a privilege, so enjoy every little thing you can" .
The rest of the car ride was lots of stops at restrooms and listening to music with me and Alayna dosing on each others shoulders.
When I got home I went on a hunt for two things. 1) more Super Junior (kpop band made up of 17 sex-god guys)
2) search for Wanida
now I'm sitting here waiting for the next part of Wanida to upload, seriously it's adorable, yes lame, horrible acting, bad filming and really obvious about everything but still so adorable and I'm slightly addicted at the moment.
AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHE JUST WALKED AWAY FROM HIM AFTER HE KISSED HER WHAT IS THIS?????!!!!!! sorry put I'm watching while I type and your getting aught up in my ranting. SHE LOVES HIM HER LOVES HER, YEAH HE'S A JERK HALF THE TIME BUT STILL, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO PUSH HIM AWAY, SMACK HIM, AND RUN?!?!?!?!!?! FFFFF THIS IS MY ANRGY VOICE!!!!! (wow protonjon reference right there folks)
also tonight I tried some soup that literally tasted like well wet cat. it was gross... never again will I eat that stuff
Also another tidbit about Alayna now that I remember it. she hates marshmallows, thinks they are the grossest thing ever and funny thing is she's never eaten a single one.
anyways I should let you go until whenever I update next
at least I'm updating often some people only update once a month, think how long my entries would be then...fffff

Kyouhei out

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  1. So did this drive end up at a particular town with a name so we can follow on a map? Does it take a long time to get from place to place like in Central America and for the same reasons...different vehicles, rotten roads and non exsistant bridges? Or did you just travel a long way?
    The adventure park sounds neat but I just can't imagine what the set up was like that enabled you to fly like Harry Potter. Hope someone got photos.