Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Hate Bugs..Could You Tell?

sometimes writing these right after I get back from a trip is so hard, but I need to get this out today as I'm leaving tomorrow for another 3 day trip.
man Tuesday feels like a month ago.
alright rewind in my mind...heehee that sounds cool

Tuesday...Actually did I even do anything on tuesday? I think that was another sitting around being bored day (they seem to happen a lot with me) about the only thing is Alayna came home early from her trip to the island as she said it was boring without me (woohoo I'm the cool factor there)

So Wednesday I got woken up kind of early by my cell phone ringing. that thing is a tank, big red brick. anyways it was my Grandpa's daughter-in-law asking to to come and stay at one of her hotel/apartments for 2 nights in bangkok and hang out with her for a few days. This was a huge woohoo for me. Getting out of the compound for a few days and possibly get to go shopping at Siam Square/ Centre again.
I had only an hour or so to pack and get ready but it was fine. just threw on some clothes and headed out the door. One of Wannii's drivers (yes the family has their own personal drivers) came and picked me up and took me to this apartment building, now it wasn't the most stunning thing ever but hey, it works.
my room smelled horrible for the first few minutes as the air conditioner makes it smell so completely rank. the room was really bare and kinda just gloomy feeling though i did get a tv which was good.
I got to meet Wendy, Wannii's sister. She's so funky and dressed more like a teenager then anything, maybe a nerdy teenager but still a teenager. She was going to be looking after me for most of the time as Wannii had to work. She speaks amazing english as she studied for 3 years in England. I decided I wanted to do a little shopping so Wendy took me to the nearest shopping centre and I looked around. It wasn't the biggest mall but it had a ton of really high priced stores and thats canadian pricy, not thai pricy.
We did snag some amazing sushi for dinner, it made me so happy! I <3 sushi so much. I did buy the second book in the vampire series I'm reading, It's definitely a good read and I can't wait until the third book is released here. after that we headed back to the hotel and i stayed up pretty late reading the book. I am so bad at putting sleep before a good book, I should work on that.
wednesday right.
I got up and kinda jumbled around watching tv for awhile before finally getting downstairs where we headed off to Siam Centre. I wanted to go again to see what i missed last time. I id get shirt from the market with a disco darth vader, it's great. your all jealous I know.
Wendy let me go off on my own for a few hours to explore. I found the book store again but resisted buying anymore books. I also found a great nerd shop full of figurines, anime, helmets. everything. I spent quite a bit of time in there. I was heading to the other building when i was side-tracked by something that was tv related and holy crud there must have been at least 20 maybe 25 gorgeous people on this stage. Beautiful women and smoking hot guys. I must have spent at least 40 minutes just watching this whole press conference kind of thing go on.  tons of people were crowding around watching so I wasn't the only creep thank you very much.
I didn't get to see all the mall like I had hoped but hey I still have a whole nothing 9 months so I'm sure I'll accomplish that goal.
hmm for dinner, Wendy took and some other ladies from the hotel to MK's, a hot pot restaurant. The table has a pot built on top and that you heat up. they pour broth in and you order a bunch of different foods such a vegetables and meats, noodles, tofu. You put it all in and it creates almost a soup yet not. you spoon out the things you want and enjoy. I even ate pigs liver (nasty as always). I was really delicious though and I want to go to that place more often. We had a good time laughing about things and Wendy was so nice, treating me to all these things.
When I got dropped off at the hotel I checked my e-mail in the internet room thingy kinda like Liquid-Matrix where Miles used to work (for people who actually get the reference to my cousin). It was kind awkward as everyone watched the white kid as I checked my e-mails...a little unnerving. anyways i headed up to my room, when I opened my door I got a surprise.
Alright it's time for a backstory kids
When I was in Grade 8, me and my family traveled down to Costa Rica for my sister's wedding. when we arrived we were really early at the hotel so our room wasn't ready. since our hotel was on the beach we just grabbed our bathing suits and headed for the beach. we spent all day out there. My parents had to leave about half way through the day to go to the rehearsal dinner but me and Aaron kept on playing. When we got back to the hotel, we found they had moved our luggage from the closet to our room. when we were unpacking. suddenly a cockroach crawled out of my suitcase. I'd never seen one before and had hoped to keep it that way. it must have been karma when it crawled into my bed. I screamed bloody murder until my brother finally crushed it with my shoe.
so fast forward to the present. I open the door and there is a cockroach on the wall, that scurried onto my bed then disappeared behind it....ffff, to say the least there was a gasp, a scream and a very unhappy camper.  I peeled my sheet and my pillows to the middle where i could see the cockroach coming. I then sat on the bed wide-eyed with horrible wiggins waiting for it to crawl across my skin. suddenly there was movement near my dresser. another COCKROACH, what the hell?!?!?!?! what did I do to deserve this???? I sat on my bed till maybe one in the morning waiting for them to come and eat me. I finally decided they must have skittered off and I was about to lay my head down when I saw one not 2 feet from my head. my good. so I made up a master plan which ended happily in me crushing that bastard with my flip flop. I flicked it into a corner and tried not to think about cockroach as I fell asleep. lets just say i had a very horrible sleep that night.
I woke up to ants eating the cockroach carcass. nasty. major wiggins
Instead of Wendy taking me out one of the ladies from Wannii's travel agency who spoke little english took me out. I got to go to the crocodile farm/ zoo.
The crocodiles were awesome. some the size of a cat to some hmm maybe 7-8 feet long maybe even 9. those guys were huge. most of them just sat and sunbathed, dang those cold blooded animals. I could even see an albino one under water but it was so murky and it didn't come up for air.
One thing that was really cool is you could by a dead chicken on a string attached to a stick, kind of like fishing, but for something much larger then a bass. It's frightening the first time they jump for the meat, you want o pull away and run. Now I'm not afraid of these guys, but I have the up-most respect for crocodiles and alligators. they are forces to be reckoned with when you get them angry.
There was a show were guys "wrestled" the crocodiles but really it's no different then any other animal show. the animals know what to do. some sticking of hands and heads in the mouths, even the tips people would throw in would go into the mouths of the crocodiles which the trainers would then retrieve.
Now that was the cool part about the zoo.
The not so cool parts weren't as fun. They had dozens of animals, like tigers. yet these tigers were kept in very small cages and it made my hurt ache so much. 4 adolescent tigers stuck in a page smaller then my room in Canada. Then there were under fed horses. i've seen skinny horses in central america but those guys were different, this horse just looked underfed and that hurt. then there was the elephant show and just everything added up to the show and I just could not enjoy it. Elephants are so beautiful and intelligent and seeing them like that hurt so bad...
anyways I left the farm to go to a spa, and a really really nice spa at that for a two hour thai massage. to tell you the truth it was relaxing yet extremely painful while it was happening but I didn't feel that relaxed after. I prefer those deep tissue massages that make you feel so sore but relieved afterwards.
hmmm went back to the hotel
Saw Mr. Cockroach between my dresser and the wall...ffff major wiggins but I didn't have the strength to scare him out in crush him in case he dived into my bed.
uhhh saturday, right?
well anyways Wendy took me to the floating market in Ah-U-tea-uh, can't remember how they spell it romanized normally so you get it spelled out crazy like.
A-u-tea-uh is the old capital of siam. lots of old stuff there that i didn't get to see.
anyways the floating market was different from what i expected. I though it was with all the boats together with goods and suff the really photographic stuff, instead this one which is made for tourists is just building build around man made canals where boats sit on the sides just selling random stuff. It was neat to see all the things and I wanted to buy a few thing but not now, maybe later. Got some weird yet good ice cream, watched some really really really pretty boys, took some cool photos, etc.
when I go back to the apartment I watched some movies, stargate universe, law and order, House, all of it good.
I got picked up nice and early by the driver to bring me home. so here I am typing this munching on donuts Wannii gave me. yumm though a little off in the taste. anyways I think I got everything out

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