Sunday, September 26, 2010

B-Boys Know How to Move It

This past week has been a bit of a bi-polar week for me. The extreme up moments and the extreme down moments, Definitely interesting to say the least.

Also sorry about my last blog, I was so out of it.

Way back to Tuesday,
I got he chance to get out of the house/compound. I was allowed to go over to Alayna's for two night after going to Pattaya with my Grandparents and Alayna first.
So we picked up Alayna at her house first and headed out. We were going to see both a large temple and mini-Siam. The drive there was just me and Alayna swapping new kpop we had found and also gushing about Glee. I got her hooked on Glee and even started watching from the beginning myself. I am so in love with it. Watched the first episode of season to and I'm already in love with one of the new characters. and my favourite character finally has some lines!!!! woohoo
enough about Glee.
The reason we we're heading to Pattaya was so my Grandpa could check on one of his various plots of land, he's having it developed so he was checking up on the clearing process. He didn't want us bored sitting in the car so he dropped us off at an orchid nursery. The smell there was intoxicating there and so many beautiful flowers. Too bad I forgot my Pantex at home. There were so many different colours and styles. I can across one that had the most beautiful colour. It's a rustic looking red thats hinting at orange. I fell in love with that colour years ago looking at roses in Costco and I found it in an orchid, my favourite flower, HECK YES!! I got excited to say the least. Seriously I love that colour.
We sat around the nursery a good 20 minutes. Alayna told me about tis trip that I was invited on. A week going out to the island Got-See-Chan and staying at a spa with one of Alayna's mom's friends where we would learn thai massage, thai cooking, have daily thai lessons and such. I got excited.
After we were picked up we headed to the temple, yet we never got out of the car when we got there. It looked, well closed for the day, which doesn't happen at a temple, either way we didn't really see it.
We then headed to mini-Siam, I had no clue what the heck it was.
My Grandparents didn't go in, just let us explore by ourselves which is a super bonus. We headed past the gates to see... model versions of famous buildings and such from around the world. It was awesome. It's a little known fact about me, but I love miniatures. I love looking on DA at the miniature food sculptures for al the detail put into something. These models were mainly as tall as me and Alayna and the detail was pretty dang good on some of them. First there was Europe. I'm not good with remembering castles.
The roman colosseum was really well done and made me really want to play Godzilla with all these miniatures... I am such a little kid
The second part was all the temples or famous building in Thailand which are a lot. It was kinda interesting at first but I have to say, I like mini Europe more then mini Siam. We had fun though looking at all the temples.
At the end there was all of 2 things from America, Mount Rushmore and The Statue of Liberty. Alayna was a meanie and made fun that there was nothing from Canada, I could only save our country by saying all our amazing things were natural and you can't make a natural Niagara Falls could you? or at least that was my excuse.
When we made it back to Sri Racha, my Grandpa dropped us off at the mall, where we would walk to the park. I had done it before at the night market so I was confident I could do it again.
Well heck it's true what they say, everything does look different in the daylight. I was able to lead us to the park just fine, proving that I can do something on my own.
We decided to do a lap of jogging/walking. It's a really nice park and a good place for people watching. We met up with Alayna's mom who would be joining us for an aerobic dance class. While we were waiting for the class to start we talked about the trip to the Island. I found out my Grandpa had already decided before talking to me that I was not allowed as it was "too dangerous". This hit a little bit.
Anyways the class started, I had no clue what was going on and the music was unbelievably fast, so I dropped out and continued to jog instead. I kinda got sidetracked by a beautiful sunset that was happening underneath a lighting storm. t was wicked to watch. Beautiful contrasting colours and the ocean just calmed me down. Sitting there and watching the waves just does it for me. give me and ipod, and the dean. I could sit there for a good few hours. I finally went back to Alayna and her mom who were waiting for me. We ran into a few Rotary people which was nice. Wile the parents talked we went and did cartwheels in the grass. I both rolled my ankle and did something to m knee which now has given it a painfully numb feeling, fun right?
 We headed for Alayna's house, man her house smells of something funky. I have no clue what it is, but funky is a world I would use to describe it. We settled in on her computer while looking at videos on youtube and such. mostly just sitting around until 1 in the morning.
Next morning was us heading off to Robinsons for the day where we would meet Alayna's mom  at 5 and then go shopping.
We first started with lunch at at the food court...interesting. They make you get these coupons to give to each store. I think the coupons are pretty damn useless, but hey I have no clue why they are there in the first place so I can't say anything. The food there wasn't that great, I've had better food. Anyways So I've decided the mall is actually kind of tiny. We had already plucked through everything in the department store so we checked out everything else we could think of. The highlight for me was finding a movie store set up on one of the floors with super cheap movies. I got Prince of Persia for a mere 179 baht. Thats just under 6 dollars for a newly released movie. I got four movies there for 2 baht under 500. That was all the money I had brought and I has spent it wisely. Since I'm a complete movie guru I have decided I'm going to spending a lot more time scouring the movie racks.
We spent the rest of our time puttering around. At one point when we were in a donut shop, Our school's awesome ladyboy walked boy (not dressed up) and we couldn't help but wave franticly, looking like lunatics of course. We think he is the cutest thing ever.
Instead of waiting at the mall for another hour we walked to the park again, this time just sitting on the rocks looking at the ocean. When Alayna's mom finally arrived we were rearing to go. We headed to this  elite country club sort of place that Alayna's parents were members of.
On the drive there we passed a chinese cemetery. It was beautiful in a really creepy sense. It's hard to explain what the graves look like, I'd have to say go google it. I'd love to go back there for photos though.
Once at the country club we changed and hit the pool. Finally I got to go swimming here, thank you god. we had the pool all to ourselves which was nice. we were in there a few hours just playing around. Alayna's favourite thing was to yell "man and wife", part of a game we played at camp. She would then promptly throw herself at me and I'd have to hold her up as well as not drowning myself.
After we went t dinner at the club where we talked with a family who was there. The daughter of that family who was 6 years old was able to say perfectly the first part of a shortened version of
peter Pan. it was ADORABLE. she was so shy and so cute.
When we got back to Alayna's house we snuggled in for a movie marathon. We got through My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Prince of Persia, A movie about a mountain, and we started a movie on youtube called Philadelphia before hitting the sack at 3am. I woke up at 10 ready to go, Alayna though is not a morning in person in anyway and stayed in bed for another hour or so. Once she was up we finished the one movie then watched Whip It. when we were finally ready we hit the park again. I jogged about one circuit before my knee started screaming. I then did a lot of walking. While Alayna took part in the Aerobics class again, I instead sat and watched a dozen boys break dance. some of them were actually pretty good. It was really cool to watch and I'm definitely brining my camera one time to get photos of them.

Anyways I got taken home to my house pretty late so I didn't get to ask for the chance to go on the island trip with Alayna, I also found out Meena and Jo would both be going so I wasn't going to let it slide.
The next morning when I asked, well lets just say I'm not on the trip while Alayna is.

Nothing else much happened for a fews days, until yesterday.
Toy, my next door neighbour offered to bring me along to Bangkok for a ay of shopping. I was pumped
I went to their house relatively early and heard the entire plan. We were going to first drop off dozens of orchids at this one place, then head to Toy's cousins house to see her knew niece who is less then a week old.
The house alone was nice, the first truly modern looking house I've been in. The baby though was the most precious thing ever. completely melted my heart. Though you look at pictures of the day the baby was born and you see there was a scar surrounding her eye that looked like Zuko's from avatar, it's the only thing I could think of. I snickered so hard
When Toy and I finally headed out (we were going my ourselves) It was pretty hot. We made it to the train unscathed and boarded.
Alright so shopping centre=HUGE 5stories spanning over at least 2 huge buildings. When we entered we walked in on a audition for male models and man I nearly keeled over. I don't know how many of them there were but hot dang. Those boys were gorgeous, and when I say it I mean truly from the bottom of my heart I could have sat there all day. Asian boys kind of do it for me in every pretty looking.
Of course I didn't buy anything. those stores were super expensive by thai standards, so I was willing to wait for the night market. I did see lots of cute things though. I would like to spend a whole day just venturing around though, since we only had a few hours I saw very little of the mega-mall.
We did hit up this ice cream parlour at one point called Swensons. it's an american company and man I love ice cream. So I had a hard time choosing something.
hmmm We finally hit the night market and guess what the first stall was, a dvd stall. I bought no movie over  dollars. Was able to get Princess Diaries but it won't play on my computer as it's in a different DVD region then my Got Chicago for just ver 2 dollars, I like the songs even though the movie is a little slow. I also had the happiest moment ever when I found a Koizora dvd that had english subtitles. Koizora is a manga I dearly love and was made into a live action movie. I haven't tried playing yet so we shall see how it goes later.
I also bought a book, I'm glad I did. It pretty awesome. vampires, swords, what could be better, I also stayed up till 4 in the morning reading bad.
Anyways I saw some pretty interesting shirts sold at the night market
the sayings were things like "screw me and you get a free breakfast" or "(insert another word for cat), the breakfast of champions" man they have weird shirts. I saw I tie I really wanted but I didn't want to spend all my money so I resisted.
After that things were uneventful. just a long drive back home
Thats all I can think of right now so I guess I'm done

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