Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Feelin the Aster

week...right... I'm trying to write this with a headache which is going to equal an interesting blog to say the least.
Monday... well monday was pretty slow. Slowly we've been going to less and less classes for various reasons and on Monday we have only two classes. Both of them being english, because Howard just makes our days that much brighter. I also got a watch from Mint. it's handmade band and it's really cute. ...or did I write my last blog on Monday...??? I don't know well anyways that was pretty much my monday so it doesn't really matter. Tuesday was an english class or two. I'm starting to really count down the days until school is over. It's bad isn't it? oh well. Alayna says I was in a bad mood but I wasn't just frustrated with some stuff. The rotary meeting was as always. Though this meet was really sparse with the members. Thankfully my sexy waiter was there as always to fill my glass. He gets me through the really long meetings. I also got a little worried as my club forgot to bring money to pay me, while I had spent all my money in Rayong thinking I would get paid. I wouldn't have had any money for lunches but thankfully they were able to get the money together for me on time at the end of the meeting.
Wednesday was Chinese New Year and so I was able to skip school for the day. I didn't personally get to do anything exciting except clean my room though I did hear fire crackers going off all day and people celebrating since more then half the people are chinese descendants.
Thursday was back to school. When we went o go bug Howard in the teachers lounge he started the joke of him being a huge sexist pig. It was great fun and it went on for possibly an hour of him teasing me and me writing lines of "I will not lie to Howard because he has a gorgeous ass". That's our day right there for you folks. After school instead of going home I had to go to Alayna's for the night as my entire family went to Bangkok and they don't trust me at home alone. We took a tuk tuk to her house and we then proceeded t watch tv shows and movies. Including a cute unexpected romantic comedy with the luggage named "louise" a cute movie with a lot of good lines...if only I could remember the name.
sleeping on the floor gave me cricks in my back like always but I made it to school that morning safe and sound... and even though i had remembered to pack all my clothes for the different days I forgot the second set of shoes so I looked like a dope walking around in my black shoes...
Ajan came up to us after lunch and asked us to perform something for the school on Valentines day. This kinda shook me up. I'm usually all for that stuff. But this time not so much from the get go. I really don't know why... in the end we were going to do 1 minute each of two dances. Soulja boy and jai ho. I'm okay with that. I think I could do it... then alayna wanted to add a korean song or a thai song to appeal to the gitoys. For some reason ti just bothered me and we got into a bit of an argument over it but I just really don't want to do the third part... it's kinda hard to explain..
Saturday... hmm saturday i woke up from one really awesome dream... sorry but I always remember my dreams and this one was really awesome and very movie like. I watched some of the free style skiing world championships on Euro Sport which was fun. I also watched it today and watched the Canadians take hone gold and silver, both mens and women's, in the duel moguls. Canada was certainly on top this year wining 8 gold medals out of the 12 categories. Made me so proud to be Canadian
The title of my blog just comes from this weeks episode of Young Justice. Man I love the show.
Anyways I think thats been my week..
also mom I'll answer you comments on this blog as I'm lazy like that. I know it was such a happy blog. The earring fiasco turned out fine though and though the piercing station we went to did have the piercing guns they sharpened the earring, the other places I seen here do the same thing.. yes cringe and shudder.
for your leg maybe you got one of those Bot larva in you like that guy on tv we saw on Koh Tao. maybe you wanna have that checked out =)

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  1. When does the school year in Thailand end? I'm counting down for school to be over too...10 weeks! haha