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February 13th blog
alright, here we go!
Monday. I got to school only to find out Alayna wasn’t there. a course of ‘awe hellz’ went through my head. Spending the day alone is pretty bad, especially since I’ve lost my schedule and don’t know any of my classes except for english classes. Thankfully I had english first. Started the day of with one of my favorite classes, an M6 class. One of our friends Ham aka Glasses guy is in that class and he’s always really nice to talk to. I helped most of the kids out with english homework from another class. low and behold they were studying a robert frost poem, the same poem I had studied in grade 12. I think the poem was far too advanced for them and their english abilities but i went along with it answering the questions they didn’t understand...which was almost all of them.
I was also lucky to have two english classes. The other being with the dumb class 5/8. I also get stuck working with a group of guys working on a speaking test. We didn’t have to present yet. these boys..their english wasn’t much better then my Thai. I spent the rest of the day in the teachers lounge on a website called listverse, its a very addicting website.
   Tuesday I only had one class and again Alayna wasn’t there. I had to fill in for her int hat class and help the one group out. They were really nice and one of the girls I found out I have as a friend on facebook and she has seen some of my cosplay pictures. It was super funny watching them try to find the right words to ask about the pictures of me kissing another girl for the photo. They never got around to asking it =P so funny.
At Rotary that night one of my less favorite ladies started getting on me about not knowing Thai and it really bugged me. I know I suck at it and its one of the things I hate most about myself, but really I just don’t learn. When she started bugging me about it, it made me want to rebel and just never learn thai. she really frustrated me. Then she showed me how to write my name in thai, that made me angry, as I think she literally thinks me to be dumb.. may be the reason why she’s not one of my favorite rotarians.
   Wednesday and still no Alayna. crap. I had all frees in the morning. more listverse for me. I also watched the two new Glee episodes and on a side note may I say shat has hit the fan on that show, almost everything is so messed up. Anyways I had sword fighting class but they were testing so I had to sit out. english was another testing day. My group went today and as always he tells me to slow down... not happening anytime I think. I also got to sit and listen to Matt and Steve bicker, always good to know that sibling love doesn’t go away with age (love you Aaron =P). I also borrowed Black Swan from Matt, what a good movie though a little creepy and...riskay at times, thank god I wasn’t watching it with parents. 
Thursday, last day of the school week, because thankfully after a long talk with my host brother I was able to get friday off. I would only have one class with M6 and they were having exams so there would be no point. Also Alayna was a no show. All week, made me sad and a little worried, but she’s a tuff cookie. I twas really bad though as my only class was second last period. Literally 6 classes of list verse. In one week I’m on page 145 of 187, with ere being about 15 lists per page, someone save me. Thats also going to be my entire week next week. 
After school though I got to see Mint and it being his 19th birthday where I got to tease him about him being older then me but still being in grade 11, I have far too much fun teasing that boy, I do not know how he puts up with me.
Friday was really awesome. I got to sleep in and have some really awesome ‘flashpoint’ inspired dreams. anyways lol. Another reason I got friday of as originally Alayna and I were going to celebrate her birthday that day as I wouldn’t get to see her on her actual birthday. Since she was sick I devised an awesome plan. After confirming it with her mom, I walked to Robinsons, which by the way it was stinking hot that day and I looked disgusting by the time I got there. So I got there then I went on a mad dash. Buying candles, lighter, presents which was two movies, Scream and Underworld. I had also done a drawing of her which I think turned out pretty crappy as I didn’t have a good   photo but I’m thinking its the thought that counts. I also had to pick up some gifts for other people. Then there was rushing around trying to find things. Finally it was actually buying the cake from DQ. Then I had to rush and find a tuktuk before the cake melted. Then it was a race to get to her house, not knowing the address, just knowing its near Assumption College. It all turned out though. I got to her house and thankfully their house keeper let me in. As quite as I could be I got the cake all ready then went up to her room and surprised her with the cake. She was sleepy and sick but i think she liked it. She also said I knew her too well when it came to her gifts. We then cut some pieces and feasted on cake while talking about the past week and the next few days as her parents arrived on Saturday and I’ really excited to meet them. I got to stay for dinner which was some Pizza Company, always good. I then got driven home by Alayna’s mom, man she’s amazing and like a second host mother I’m going to miss her so much when I go. 
Saturday was a lazy day of just checking emails and watching the new young justice and can i say.. ew? I really hate Artemis so far anyways I’ll stop talking about things that people do not know. At dinner time I went down as always but none of my usual family was there. Only My oldest host brother who I rarely see, his wife, and their friend. Everyone else was gone and the trio was taking me out to dinner. We got to the restaurant and we had a good time. They fed me ginger saying it was pineapple...I no longer trust my host brother. during the evening I watched my brother consume quite a lot of alcohol. I also saw my first ever rat... on the door frame.. made me think of the ratatouille special features where they mention Alberta and how we have no rats. Anyways We were walking out to the car ad I was praying please do not let my host brother drive. During the dinner we was intoxicated enough to show me a crash he had been in two years ago. The two cars involved were completely trashed and if I didn’t know better I would have thought he didn’t survive. Anyways we got into the car and guess who was drivig and I started saying quietly “I’m going to die” well he heard me and decided to scare me by ripping out of the parking lot and around every corner on the gravel road and scarily we almost hot a post. His wife finally stepped in at that moment and made him drive semi-normally... I will never get in a car while he’s touched alcohol.
Sunday I woke up and went spent quite a while at the school trying to load videos. I need to buy some more movies. I also amused myself by watching shane Dawson... funny guy.
At 6 we went out for dinner at hot pot where I shoved myself with sushi and ice cream. I also got the initial go ahead for Jessica coming up her for a week. I’m not super excited!!!!
Today was Valentines Day... oh dear, even though exciting it made me feel lonely...I'm an idiot
In Canada at my school. Well it was a bit of a joke, most couples did something outside of school, maybe a few people sending candygrams to each other, nothing huge, maybe the school would get decorated. This morning when I got to school it was waves of roses, chocolates, and stuffed animals. It was crazy. everyone got something for their friends. Everyone was giving something to everyone else. I was in awe. I sadly got nothing from anyone, so much for Mint's idea that I'd get something from at least one boy. I spent most of my day helping the teachers for tomorrows activities. Drawing cupid wings or painting 'mr and ms valentine' on sashes. Tomorrow is certainly going to be interesting. I'll be sure to take my camera. I also got to have an awesome talk as always with Howard. Though today was all about past girlfriends and such. I really like listening to Howard. He's a great speaker and tells the funniest stories. I've also found a man who has had as many girlfriends as my brother =) Howard also found out his girlfriend was going in for a C section so it looks like he's going to have a little Valentine baby girl named Ellie
Mint, even though he's a little short on money he got me a rose and a... face cloth? I'm sure its supposed to be romantic <3
anyways this week has been interesting to say the least. I think thats all I have to say about it. 

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  1. That was nice of you to run around for Alayna and try to make her birthaday special even if she was sick. Good thinking.
    Did we meet your older brother while we were there? I don't think so but it sounds like he is a nutcase drinking and driving like he did, you are right to stay the heck away.