Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey Look, Another Injury!!!!

alright I'm a bad blogger and completely forgot the week before last and I cannot remember a damned thing about it so I'm skipping that week of my life, though I don't think it really matters. Only 3 people read my blogs.
Alright this past week Alayna and I headed out to Rayong to visit Kumi. Rayong is about 2 hours away and right on the beach. Originally when I asked my host parents they were sceptic. Alayna told me later that they had phoned Som to consult on wether I should be able to go. guess what he said. An absolute no way should I be allowed to go because it was so unsafe. Thank god Alayna's mom was able to talk to them to tell them how safe it would be.
Anyways. Saturday morning Alayna's mom came and picked me up. Then we were off to Rayong. We arrived at Kumi's host mom's hotel. We'd be staying there all week. We ate lunch and when Kumi showed up there was much hugging and laughing. Its always awesome to see another exchange student. Anyways once Alayna's parents headed off we checked into our first of three rooms. this was a really large room with 4 beds and such. We were only there for 1 night which was depressing. It was super nice and we just laid around for a few minutes before Kumi's two friends from school showed up and took us to the mall. We walked around and then we found a ear piercing place and decided, heck why not? Kumi got her ears pierced for the first time. I got a second set on my lobes, and Alayna got a second set as well as a new one in her cartilage. The lady did it by sharpening the earring then shoving it through our ear. Thank god this place was cleaner then the last place we stopped in at. After a little more of walking around and such Kumi's friends took us to the beach and said 'hey your going to go on a banana boat'. not the best thing an hour after getting your ears pierced but we thought why not. Well the lifejacket I had on decided to be a pain and rip out on of my new piercings as i fell off. Now I was down to three piercings because the hole closed before we could get a new earring in. Lame I know.
After... what did we do after? no clue. I know that night when we got back to the hotel Alayna tried to get us to watch Dead Silence. a horror about ventriloquist dummies. anyone who knows me knows those things are one of my worst fear, they give me major wiggins. The movie didn't last 10 minutes I think before we turned it off and turned on how to train your dragon. much happier.
Next morning we moved rooms into a large room with separate bedroom. We again got to hang out with Kumi's friends and again we went to the mall and again I visited the ear piercing place. I got a discount this time!!! Then we went to the night market where I got a severe case of "I'm so FAT!!!!!" After I found this one store full of amazingly beautiful tops and I couldn't fit into any of them.
The next day we were picked up by a friend of Kumi's family and were driven to a ferry. on the way we had fun waving to all sorts of people and seeing who would wave back.
When we got to the ferry we bought tickets an booked one night at a hotel on koh Samet. A tiny but pretty island. We waited quite a while for the ferry but thankfully we finally made our way out to the island and to our hotel. the hotel was little separate cabins all very close to the beach. It was kinda really expensive for what we got but what ever. After we got to our room we decided to go swimming which lasted for a very long time.  After we grabbed some dinner and by 6 o'clock we were in our rooms and well we sorta drifted in and out untill 10 when we went to bed. I woke up early so I could call Rob and wish him a happy birthday. it wasn't so much a surprise because he already knew I was going to phone.
After waking the lazy heads up we grabbed some breakfast then headed to the ferry to go back to the main land. Then there was much riding in backs of trucks where we all got sunburned...not fun.
Uhh the next day we decided we wanted to bike to the mall so we asked the hotel if we could rent bikes to bike there. what we got was two motorcycle taxis. Well we got to the mall safe and sound. We did some bowling where I lost... T_T and just walked around looking at stuff. When we went to take to motorcycles home I accidentally put my leg against the exhaust pipe... OUCH... and it was after I had a conversation with Pancho that I'm always the one to hurt myself... I cried the whole ride home but maned up and got some ice on it. I slept with ice and a towel wrapped around my leg and now it's but an ugly red mark on my leg. lets hope it goes away.
Ummm Friday I believe we were taken to an aquarium by Kumi's dad, it was small but fun as always. Then we went and hung out with the same friends.
Saturday was super lazy day. We didn't wake up till 11, so late. then we went for italian at a near by restaurant and it was super good!!! except super expensive. We also went there for dinner.. that was our day.
Then today we woke up and got picked up and vola here I am safe and sound with only 3 weeks of school left before summer break

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  1. Nice to read a fairly positive blog this week. Sorry to hear about your ripped earring,I wonder if they do all their piercings by just sharpening the metal and going in. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.
    Where is Kumi from?
    Hope the burn on your leg is going down or didn't get infected. Those tail pipes and exhausts can get darn hot. The last day in Sriracha in the hotel lobby with your teacher, I got a bug bite and it is still like a bullseye on my calf. It has grown some but doesn't itch anymore, still looks very weird though.
    Hope your next week is interesting. Are you learning anything nor have any thoughts on things you see?