Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thai Speaking Barbie is Quite Amusing

They are so cool to watch, then again so is any american tv show translated. Right now for some reason there is a Mickey Mouse Christmas special on... whaaaaa? is all I can think
Alright where should I start?

hmmm lets start with last week

Sports week ended on friday with a huge parade of all 5 teams, starting in town and working it's way all the way to our school in oh lets estimate at 30 degree weather. I didn't envy them having to walk in that weather. Some of the costumes were gorgeous, from traditional thai outfits to what appeared to be slutty halloween outfits. When I say slutty, it was slutty for Canadian standards, Don't want to think what it was in thai standards. The parade was really nice and really interesting to see what all the teams had put so much effort into, also the cheerleaders got all dressed up and preformed there full routines with their cheering sections to match. some of the groups had lifts and spins and really good moves, my team (green) was the worst T_T oh well. over all it was really really cool to experience something like this with my friends.

After school on friday on of the teachers who's name is very long and very hard to spell took my out along with four other teachers to a sushi buffet at the mall. I've only been to the mall once before so it was nice to see more of it. Its about 6 stories high and really big (oh and theres a Wranglers store...why wranglers???)
The sushi bar was really good, we all so had a sort of a steam pot where you put in tons of veggies and dumplings and cool it, then serve everyone, it was different but really good, oh and did I mention the sushi BUFFET part? I ate my weight in sushi and ice cream (which they also had as part of the buffet) I could not have eaten another bite by the end.
The teachers were all really nice. My Japanese teacher was there also, she only comes up to my chin, but she's so adorable and funny, yesterday in our double class with her we watched Totaro, a Ghibli classic, The teacher is so awesome,
anyways back to dinner, after when everyone hit the bathroom I noticed one of the arcade games had Cloud Strife as the background (how great is that?) after we went and looked through Robinsons, the major department store that the mall is named after. going through that store made me learn something, so mom, know all that shopping looking for shirts that covered my shoulders. not worth it, that rule really doesn't apply. They have tons of cute tops, half of them not covering the shoulders....ffffff all that work for nothing.

This past weekend I got to know Alayna a lot better(I finally found out how to spell her name properly)
On Saturday we picked her and her mom up nice and early to go to Pattiya, a town about half an hour way.
Our first stop was a temple over looking all of Pattiya which was really stunning for looking at a ton of buildings. I have some pictures which will be up on facebook soon enough. Then we headed to a chinese Buddha museum. we were greeted by a huge gate covered in dragons and phoenixes, very chinese. Chinese architecture and art styles are so completely different, it's kind of crazy, I lean towards liking the thai style better...and I'm off track whoops
There had to have been dozens of statues outside let alone inside. the outside ones were carved out of bronze and painted black, they were so...mesmerizing... When we went in there must have been every kind of Buddha statue there, mix in a few emperors and some terra cotta warriors and you got one spiffy collection. There were also stories through paintings like how Buddha was born and such.
Outside on the second level how the floor and the statues lined up it reminded me of the giant harry potter chess board except the players weren't castles and knights, oh no, these were monks fighting with a variety of weapons. (some of the statues made me think of characters from the Avatar the last airbender). When we hit the third floor, it started to rain outside and I mean that heavy rain, like the stuff I played in last week. Alayna and I was both gung-hoe for running outside and playing in it, my grandpa denied us of our fun, Thai people really do not like the rain. Since we had time to spare Alayna and I tried out the whole pray-meditaite thing in front of a prayer Buddha statue. Buddhism is certainly not for me, I couldn't even attempt to concentrate on "just breathing". I had to stop after about a minute, it really just wasn't something I could do. Alayna lasted a few minutes longer, though she also said it's not a religion she could fully appreciate
 It was still raining lightly when we left the museum so we got to play in the rain. IOn the distant we could see a giant Buddha carved into the side of a mountain and painted gold. This made me think of the statue in Brasil, which i incidentally didn't think that the peticular statue was jesus, Alayna has yet to let me live it down that I didn't know. I won't let her live down the fact she didn't know Canada is in Afghanistan.
We had to head home after that due to the rain but Alayna came over for the night. Stayed up watching Romeo and Juliet. She now hates me for laughing at all the supposed to be funny parts, they are just so bad that I couldn't help it.
Sunday in the morning Alayna and I asked to walk to the temple literally two buildings away from my house. Grandma wouldn't let us go alone so Grandpa joined us. It's a very small temple but it was really small but cool none the less.
After lunch Alayna's family came and picked us both up and we headed to an Aquarium at a university in Pattiya. It wasn't flashy or anything but nice. They did have a huge tank with a window that took up a full wall. Also they had a museum section that included dried sharks. There was even two dried whale sharks, I couldn't help but keep coming back to the whale sharks, I'm in love with whale sharks.
After the museum we headed to the beach (though we didn't know we'd be going to the beach so neither of us had bathing suits). We grabbed seafood and ate as we watched people play in the waves. After dinner me and Alayna went and got our feet wet in the waves. Had a drunk guy talk to us (he was swimming in his jeans and expensive watch), I wouldn't doubt we spent at least 2 hours playing in the water up to our knees. I'm so calmed by the ocean, and this ocean was even pretty but it was still the ocean. half the time I just stood there watching the waves and the sunset... one of those times that just seemed so right... once I was dropped off at home I kerplunked strait into bed though had a really weird dream including those worms from 'Tremors'...

This week at school has been interesting, I switched around my time table to classes like Art, Japanese, English (I didn't choose it, but I have it 4 times a week), Ball room dance, music etc. My favourite classes so far this week is Japanese and Dance class. Alayna also has the exact same schedule. She and Poupay (the gay boy) have become fast friends and she also knows way more thai then me, but I'm starting to learn words. I'm trying to teach her how to draw anime people, it's kind of funny, I'm not the best teacher.
That's about all I can think of for the moment... If I can think of anyone else I'll do an extra blurb thinngy

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  1. Mmmm sushiiii haha it sounds like it's really good there! I'm so jealous you went to those temples! Gosh so amazing! I love how much you like to play in the rain. Rain is wonderful. And does Alayna ever sound like an awesome friend! :) Aww I love those moments as well, watching the sunset on the beach. I just wanna soak up every minute of it, and it's always sad when the moment ends. Still leaves you with a good feeling inside though. I wanna hear you speak Japanese and Thai when you get back! :P I loooovee ballroom dancing and I'm so glad to hear you like it too.
    I love reading your blogs Gina. They make me feel like you are still here, because I can hear your voice saying each and every word <3