Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fish Balls Make Me Want To Yak...

seriously. those things are rubbery and gross, they are also as common in food here as it is to use salt and pepper as seasoning in Canada....crap...

So I'm on borrowed internet from my Grandpa so I'll make this entry a wee bit smaller

This week is sport week, the school is divided into 5 different teams (by classes) and they compete against one another in 3 different sports. Basketball, Football (soccer), and volleyball. now the weird part is it's onyl certain hand-picked people that compete, most people just sit on the side and watch, It's not really exciting for most though I'm getting into it, also everyday the teachers get teamm up against the best of the school in one of the sports they got whooped so far in both Football and basketball, but it's all in good fun the two Pittsburg brothers are really good about losing.
My friends are all really nice and are always trying to help me learn new words, they also are trying to learn new english words, oh asian accents how I love thee. The food at the cafetiria is all dirt cheep and really not too shabby so I've hit a jackpot there though today I had something with sauce that turned it pink and made it extremely spicy, but I managed (hurray for me).
I got my classes switched around so starting next week me and Aleyna has some classes together including ballroom dancing (woohoo!). I'm no longer in Math or science but I'm also in only a few classes with my original class/ friends.
The gay boy I talked about before also revieled we wants to be a ...awe man I forgot the word but basicly a cross dresser, there is no differnce between gay and cross dresser here, He's such a sweet heart though and deffinitly wiggles his butt when he walks, It is priceless to watch him walk by, or wave at me, it makes my day.

On Saturday I took a 4 hour drive with Alyena and her host family up north to a hotel to meet the rest of the kids in my district. There are only 24 of us inbounds in our district but I literally could not have abetter group of people.
There are 4 other Canadians with me, 2 boys, one from BC the other from Ontario, and 2 girls both from BC. They are all well, very Canadian and we've already decided that we're going to spend Canada day together being as Candain as we can (I'm supper excited) we also have 5 Americans including Alyena. % Brasilians, the boys are super cute (can't wait to get to know them better ;) and the girls look like super model material, there is also 4 mexicans, 2 Germans, and a Taiwaniese in a pear tree. I've only known them one day but i already feel so connected to them... Like I'm part of something...i know they are going to be a different sort of family while I'm here.
i also met my host Club... All of them very nice, i met my second host mom... she basicly force fed me food which didn't give me the greatest first impression...

If humidity was a person I would kill them. It's not truely the heat, it's the humidity, there's always a layer of sweat on my skin...
Also yesterday it rained, and I meaned rain, right before I went o my Rotary meeting, but I couldn't help it. I had the urge and and I stepped out and played in the rain. i giggled like a little girl maniac as I held my face to the sky as It poured on me, soaking my clothes and my hair. It was so beautiful, I'm never going to forget it...

Everything Else
I met a neibour from acorss the street, She has amazing english as she studied in Australia for a year and she wants to move to America. She's startelingly pretty and super nice, me grandparents acually considered not letting me go to her house which is across the street because they were worried. They are seriously over protective which I'm certainly not used to. My parents et me have the right amount of freedom and always treated me like and adult. here I'm deffinitly thought of as a child which is their culture. 18 still seems very young to them...still it's really hard when your grabbed by the wrist every time you cross the street because they believe they need to lead me...

I'm without wireless so still not able to post photoshoots or wedding photos which I really want to... I loved these last two shoots both with Nakama and the wedding I'm so proud of the work, and no one sees it but my computer screen...
I've found an asian music channel and have already picked up a lot of new jpop and kpop songs that i'm excited to get...and wow i forgot how absolutely amazing asian boys beautiful...can i marry an Asian please...
also the teahcer that drives me to school every day, shes really nice and has a great sense of humour, well the past two days she's lent me books (in english) Percy Jackson, the first three anyways and ,my god those books are good and have made me fall in love with greek mythology all over again.. I'm athiest and such but if I could believe in any god/ gods it would be the greek gods...

anyways I'm off to watch from jpop boy bands prance around on my tv before I fall alseep

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  1. Wow that's so great you have found so many nice people/friends there! :) They all sound so wonderful.

    Aw and I love the part where you talked about going outside in the rain! Sounds like a moment that you will never forget, especially how it made you feel.

    Stupid wireless -_- I wants to see your work of epicness 8D haha. Mmm asian boys are so beautiful, I agree!

    Been missing you lots, and I'm glad you are having a good time in Thailand! <3