Monday, September 20, 2010

Night Markets are my love

I said I would do a tiny blurb about the weekend, so here it is
Saturday was started when my next door neighbour Toy came over and invited me to go to Robinson with her which perked me right up from my massive unhappy bubble I was in.
It some how worked that Alayna was also going to meet us there which as always is pretty awesome. First at the mall we went and got some Japanese food which was really good as always, then something awesome happened
Toy and her mom let me and Alanya go off on our own. no one following us, watching us from a few steps away, we were completely on our own. We high fived and everything over it, this is what I want on the exchange a chance for freedom to be...a normal Thai teenager. We ran to the women's clothing department. low and behold the two items that I wanted were not meant to be mine. The torn shirt was cheap grade and didn't fit right. The black jacket had disappeared all together which made me cry on the inside. Alayna tried on tons of things and my god all of it looked good on her.
After Robinson, we decided to hit up a Thai Starbucks, thankfully everything was English first in the store and we were able to get frappacinos without a problem. They were good as always.
We then went to some smaller stores a few floors down and wow there were some cute clothes. I was able to get two shirts and a vest thingy.
We finally had to meet up with Toy and her mom, then headed for home, Toy offered to take us to the night market which is famous for cheap things
While waiting around for it to go dark Alayna and I just watched random videos on youtube.
fast forward to us actually getting to the night market. It was awesome I only went there with 500 baht and still was able to get 3 t-shirts and a bag. The night market was just awesome. hundreds of stalls and so many things to look at.
Sunday was a ton of sitting around and situations I'd rather not remember ever, lets just say me and my Grandpa aren't on the best terms right now
anyways thats my short blurb

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  1. I wondered who you went to the market with,it sounds like lots of fun. Does the night market run every night or just on weekends?