Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slamming a Door in My Face Will Only Break Your Door

After my largely exciting and whirlwind week in Khon Kaen. Coming home to this quiet life was frustrating the first day or two.
This past week and a half have been quiet for the most part. I’m trying to recall the past days. I’ve mostly sat around loading movies and watching them. I’ve found some good movies worthy of me buying them. Right at this moment I’m watching Eat, Pray, Love and it is a wonderful movie. It makes you think of things in life and it also has given me a huge craving for real Italian food. It has also made me think about the places I want to travel in life. Italy has always been on my list and after watching the movie makes me want to go more then ever. I don’t want to just go for two weeks or something I want to go there for two or three months really get to know the world over there.
anyways I stop my inner monologue and get back to my blog.
On Tuesday at the Rotary meeting I found out that I’ll be moving families the day I go to Bangkok. meaning I’ll have to have everything packed for the day I leave for the Chaing Mai trip and my third host Dad who is driving me to the airport will take the rest of my belongings to his place. I and also Alayna have been invited back to Khon Kaen for a week after the Chaing Mi trip for the Songkran festival to spend it with Tyhlo and Merriam. We’re still working out a few kinks but I think it will all work out and I’m really excited for it as Khon Kaen is supposed to be a major happening place when it comes to Songkran festivals. 
 Wednesday I was taken to a wedding. It was a really cold day and the wedding happened to be outdoors.. man it was cold. I’m so scared about going back to Canada and freezing my butt off. The wedding was huge as it was for the mayor of Sriracha. He was pretty cute and the bride was very pretty. The food was food though it took so long. We got talking about weddings and I asked why they were so big here in Thailand. Its because they invite everyone they know, not just close friends and such, but everyone they know. So the weddings turn out pretty big, P’oats was well over a 1000 people. I then promptly had to explain the phrase ‘jesus christ!’ to P’Goy. Thai people baffle me at times. During the wedding I also got a phone call from Alayna freaking out of the latest Glee episode. It hurt my eardrums to say the least.
Saturday morning rolled around and I decided I should phone my brother to wish him a happy birthday. He didn’t know who I was for a good minute into the conversation. I’m really bad at keeping in touch with people over long distances, and it makes me sad that I’ve talked to my brother so little over the year. anyways I got to talk to both him and Carolyn which was nice. After I tried to phone my Gran who I love dearly and miss, but unfortunately  the connection was horrible and I couldn’t talk to her. I wish Thai people actually used land lines.
Sunday came around and I met up with Alayna at the mall. We went for pizza because we love to fill the fat north american stereotype. We then went shopping for some clothes. Alayna suddenly decided she wanted to dress like a guy. I on the other hand was looking for some cute high hells and some jeans. I found the jeans to the dismay that I’m such a large size. Shoes I was not so lucky. Here I’m a size 42 and in the entire mall one store had shoes bigger then a size 40 and they were all horribly ugly... I still want to go find some cute tops though.
After Alayna came to my house and well, we stayed up  pretty late. Monday we didn’t do much besides hit up 7 for some snacks. We just sit around and talk, watch movies and complain about various aspects of the other person.
Tuesday we both went to Rotary as Alayna’s parents would be picking her up after the meeting. We had some great laughs and great food. the meetings always pass faster with another white person present. I have to say though, the restaurant where we have our meetings have some of the best thai food every time I go there and I’m really going to miss it.
That night was not so good for me. I watched one of Alayna’s movies called ninja assassin which is pretty good guy movie except the head cutting off and such. Though that night my dreams were plagued by nightmares of ninjas popping out of the shadows 
and you know, slicing my in half.. not good.. it also strangely involved ordering pasta in Italian...oh god I’m craving the pasta again...anyways Then at around 5 I was woken up by a huge crack. A massive lightening storm was over Sriracha, Each boom shook the house, and each stroke of lightening lit up my room through the curtains. I could even hear the moment the lash of rain hit my window. It was such a glorious hour as I listened and watched. I think I drifted in and out of dreamland making it that much more wonderful. I had been sleeping with my lights on due to scary ninjas until the power went out. Yet I wasn’t as scared anymore... I think that night is something I’ll never forget. Not scared or worried, not excited or stupid. I wish I could describe it fully but I really can’t...
Today I was told that I have to clean more. It hurts being told that. I know its one of my biggest faults. I’ve always been horrible at cleaning and keeping my room tidy. My mom has always gotten on my case about it every two weeks to clean the basement, clean my room, clean the bathroom. She would also get on me about why I didn’t do it before she asked. I really don’t know why I don’t. Maybe it’s because I’m a major procrastinator and I always think I’ll do it later, or I just push the mess out of my mind and step around it like I step around clothes on my floor. I know this is something I need to work on. I really do and I need someone around me who can get me to do it without making me feel like an idiot by the tone is their voice... Alright I’m rambling again and I’m sorry about that.
This week has been pretty lax and I’m sure up until next thursday will also be easy though I think I’m going to get my hair cut. Anyways..
Kyouhei out
oh p.s
after ( years of solid work and being a confidant to me. My straightener finally died.. It no longer heats p.. well the handle does but still. It has finally given up on me. Goodbye my dear friend.

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  1. Wow high heels and girly stuff. If you had said you had a sudden urge to clean your room I would have to swear that you must have gotten hit by lightening. Sorry, couldn't resist. Too bad about your straightener and hope the new hair cut works out. Did you have much taken off or just tidied up? Your trip must be getting close, when do you leave?