Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Glass Table Was a Bad Idea in the First Place

Alright heres another 2 week blog.. though this time I swear I have reasons as to why  I missed the one week mark...kinda anyways most of my day have been sitting around doing nothing so we’re going to skip those days and right to the exciting stuff
then tuesday came around..oh a wonderful yet hateful tuesday
alright I had to wake up at 5 am after going to bed at 12am. I had to be at the school before 6 to make the M4 and M5 trip. Alayna didn’t make it so it didn’t start out great. Lots of people and lots of talking. when everyone arrived we all piled into those awesome colour buses. I fell asleep almost right away, though at one point Pupay woke me up poking me and I told him that if he did it again I’f break his finger... 5 hours of sleep just isn’t enough.
We arrived around 9 at our first destination. the National museum of science. It was.. well it was a step down from the science center in Calgary but it was fun. The best part of there exhibition about sexual intercourse. They really dumb it down and just make it seem so robotic but I got some of the pictures of the signs they had... classic stuff right there. I started getting really hungry so we got some museum food... I never thought woon sen could taste bad, but the museum proved me so wrong. I ate it anyways and grabbed some more snacks for the bus.
We then drove maybe 20 minutes and arrived at the second and more desirable location. Dream World aka thai Calaway Park. We all piled off the bus and by which time it was sweltering out. I started sweating like a pig, and in my gym uniform it equaled really unattractive me. We then were let into the park, were we ran rampant going on rides and running around like idiots while inhaling numerous cans of 7Up to keep me hydrated. 
There were three things I noticed about the day. 1- some of the rides you had to pay extra to go on, not just the regular park fee...what the hell. 2- there were so many male tourists walking around with no shirts and I waned to smack every single on of them, how completely disrespectful of a culture can you be? walking around a a beach? sure. An amusement park? no excuse, the girls we’re making it just fine so suck it up you babies. The third was even though the thai’s have this amusement park does not mean they can always stomach and enjoy the rides. I saw more then one carnie cleaning puke off a ride and almost all kids closing their eyes on the rides. 
oh and the ‘grand canyon’ ride which is their version of a  log ride really stunk.
After we covered most of the rides we sat for ice cream and this group of maybe a dozen guys walked by. Wow... Some of those boys were smokin’ hot. As they were passing one guy caught me staring... and he looked back. Every time we passed again there were some looks  passing between me and mister hottie. A while later we were lining up for another ride and I started to get a huge headache. I sat out for the res of the rides and tried to swallow as much liquid and ice cream as possible. My headache didn’t get any better as we headed back to the bus. 
As soon as we got on the bus I was asleep. I slept for a good hour. Suddenly I was woken up when someone decided to put on a music video on the tvs and just blare the generic beat. People started getting up and dancing and just my luck, my seat was in the loud section. Pupay was right behind me and him and his friends started screeching and yelling. I almost when Kujo...or what ever that dog’s name is on their face. I started crying it hurt so much. People took pity on me ad fed me an aspirin that didn’t work. Pupay couldn’t resist the yelling though. When the music finally turned off I was the one cheering and in a terrible mood. I snapped at everyone as they got of the bus and I feel terrible about it. 
P’Boat came and picked me up and took me to the school where I sat and ate some rice while watching Mr. Bean. It calmed my headache until I got home where it reared up again and punched me in the head.
Thank god for advil and sleep.
Wednesday was a really late day. Also a lazy day of doing laundry. God forbid I even tried to load the movie Eclipse so I could laugh.
Thursday I met up with Alayna early at the mall to hang out for the first time in a while. We first hit up the movie theater and watched ‘I am Number Four’. Still love the movie.
After we went wandering around and found lunch at Pizza company, yum yum. We also went to starbucks, bought movies, you know, the usual. but, wait for it. I actually bought a girly shirt. Pigs must be flying around in that frozen hell. 
Alayna then wanted to get her hair cut s we waited around for her mom and then we all went to the hair dresser and we sat as she got her hair cut. It looks super cute but while she was getting it cut I couldn’t help but say it would turn out like the ugly bob cut that all younger thai girls must have, i am one horrible friend. Once she was done with the hair cut we rushed to my house because it seemed that I would be staying at her house for the night and we would travel up the next day with some people from her Rotary club to the district conference. I packed my bags pretty quickly forgetting a few things i the process leading to a second trip to my house. I should have brought my carry on bag but I had to be dumb and just bring my backpack... Anyways we got to Alaynas and tried to watch some movies but we fell asleep in the process. 
We woke up kind of early as we were told our ride would be there at 9. The car did not come until almost 11. We found out we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us. We kept busy with sleeping, music, sleeping, movies, sleeping tv, sleeping and eating. We finally arrived around 5 pm when we were supposed to arrive at 1. We got checked in and saw all the YE guys again. We got to our room after some chaos and we all headed down with our blazers for the ‘opening ceremonies’. It reminded me a ton of Red Deer weekend back in Canada but this was all old people. Though we did get to watch as some of the YEs had to dance. I also ran into Top, He was he Thai exchange student from my district back home so it was nice to see a familiar face.
We had an awesome dinner with a ton of talking and laughing we sat around for various speeches, an old person dance party before heading up to the rooms. After a few hours of wandering from room to room we found ourselves at the pool but we just dipped our toes in until Kumi decided to take a dip with all her clothes. She was soon followed by a few others until they were kicked out as the pool was closed.
We were given the rule by Rotary that we could go to the clubs as long as we didn’t excessively drink or make a commotion when we came back which I think is pretty damn awesome. A large group of us headed out, we even met up with mullet man in the lobby and he said it was okay. The first place we want to was, well...cramped. They had no space for dancing which is what we wanted to do. We only stayed there for maybe 20 minutes before searching for a better place which was soon found in a place called ‘Rad’. We went in to find a live band playing, and everyone just standing.. or swaying. So we decided to show them how its done. We even got the guitarist to let us strum on his guitar a few times. We had fun dancing around while thai people stared at us.  After the band started slowing down their music we went to check out the other side of the club which just played dance music. It was pretty empty so we made our way back to the other room where scantily clad girl we now dancing about on the stage. They then dragged Tylho up to dance with them. Then Susie and Cat. It was really fun to watch and we all cheered them on. 
The club then turned on the dance tunes and we had a great time, everyone dancing with everyone. We finally headed home when it hit 2:30, we straggled back to the hotel and showered to get the massive amounts of sweat off our bodies, then we hit the bed with only 3 hours on the phone before we had to wake up for the next day.
We woke up to find we slept past the alarm and we only had half an hour before the meetings started so we rushed to get dressed and we ran down stairs only to find that the meeting was at least an hour behind and was not close to starting. We then had time to get some breakfast and properly get dressed.
For the firs half of the day we had to sit around and listen to thai speeches which I’m really no good at. playing hangman and reciting shakespeare helped pass the time. We then got to spend lunch with the oubounds who would be going to our countries. I even met the girl who will be going to my district. I’m going to ask if she can be placed in cochrane so then I can see her lots and make her feel comfortable.
After lunch some of us were spent to go cook our countries native foods. We were taken to a Rotarian’s house with about 15 of and told we had to cook everything in 2 hours, almost all the foods needed stoves and we only had 2... lets just say it was a gong show, fun, but a gong show. 
We finally made it back in time to serve our food. Everyone who looked at our poutine said it looked and sounded disgusting but once they tried it, they converted to poutine lovers, even Alayna. 
We also had to so up on the stage and receive certificates about our contribution to Rotary. It was fun and everyone cheered for everyone.
After that the meetings came to a close and we all headed to the rooms. There was more sitting around in thew rooms and talking until we were all brought to Giulia’s room to celebrate her birthday. We sang happy birthday in all the different languages but the absolute best was Inken who burst out in her best german voice as we had been teasing her the whole weekend about how German is a very harsh language.
we then smooshed Giulia’s face into the cake and took some photos. after awhile a small group including me headed out for a second night of dancing. We went to a fancy place this time.The bathroom was so pretty, like wow... yes i talk about bathrooms in my blog. Anywho there was a live band though I did not like them much and their music was hard to dance to, after awhile though they turned on the dance music... but it still wasn’t right. Alayna and Merriam were set on going back to ‘Rad’ so yeah we headed back there, well Alayna, Merriam, Tyhlo, Oscar, Pancho, and Me.  We got there and started to dance. The same scantily clad girls were dancing ons tage and they pulled up a white guy who tried to seduce the girl with a light stick.. it was horrible and hilarious. Then a large group of thai guys jumped on the stage, took off their shirts and started rubbing their abs... odd much? We danced some more until Merriam wasn’t feeling good and so we headed back to the hotel roughly around 3 am. We made it back but Alayna and I didn’t sleep till 4 due to long talks.
Sunday was an later get up and a sleepy breakfast as our small group was no working off 7 hours of sleep in 48 hours. Oh it was interesting. We did make it though with black circles and bags under our eyes. I found myself in Inken’s room where we sat and talked about the weekend. 
We then slowly filtered down to the lobby taking our stuff with us. We then gave all our stuff to the front desk and headed over to Central plaza, the local mall. We first hit up bowling where there was a ton of laughing and horrible throws on my part. Suddenly there was a random Brazilian with us who turned out to be Tais, from the Bangkok district. She’s super nice. After we all went our separate ways for a few hours and Inken and I went shoe shopping and met some certainly interesting shop ladies. We then went to McDonalds and met up with everyone else once again. It started getting late so the girls headed back to the hotel and picked up our luggage. Top drove us in a cage truck to the bus station and we took an hour bus ride to Ludi’s house. We then got comfortable and spent the night playing chatroulette and sleeping. 
The next day was a really late start and all the girls just lazed around in our pjs until we found the boys had invited themselves to Ludi’s house as they were bored even though we were not doing anything exciting either. soon the boys left and let the girls get ready as as emily said “I think this is the best I’ve looked in thailand’. We then got to ride in the back of a truck for an hour back to khon kaen to central plaza where we were told to wait around as some of the people went to ‘shoot ducks’. We were kicked out of the mall at 10pm and had to sit around for another hour before Top came to pick us up and drive us to Rad. We started early that night and ended late. I had a headache so I didn’t have much fun and got pretty depressed but it was still a fun night over all for most people. At 4 we went to a hotel room where Pancho and Edgar were staying and stayed there for a few hours before the girls left again for the bus station. this time so we could travel two hours to go to Heathers house though all of us were so tired that it was insane and traveling was interesting to say the least. once we made it to Heather’s half of us fell asleep right away and missed the graduation ceremony of the elementary school kids. We started sleeping around 9 and slept till 4 whoops. We then headed back to the bus station and traveled back to Ludi’s. his time we got there, bought some ice cream and had a good time. We then started up chatroulette again. Met an interesting guy from Jersey and two cuties from Brazil though Cat did all the talking then.
Wednesday came around. I woke up pretty early which was a little strange, but bummed around all the same until we started getting ready around 2. I even straitened my hair though almost no one noticed which made me kind of sad.. oh well. When 5 rolled around we piled into another truck, this one was a covered back which turned the space into a sauna with all of us in there, but we made it to Khon Kaen again! This time we went to Ludi’s parents noodle shop which was really delicious and we met up with all of the boys. Tais had to be driven to the airport so a few of the people went with her. We sat and played inappropriate games to pass the time. what fun. We were finally driven to Vintage where we hung around outside until 11 and then went in. There was much dancing, laughing, memories made and memories lot in one evening and I got tired and started to think to much equaling in me getting so majorly depressed, don’t you just love doing that? The night ended with all of us, boys and girl piling into the tiny truck, though dropping a few off on the way, coming to Ludi’s house. 
I woke up rather early and bummed around until the boys and Merriam left. Slowly the girls started to wake up and pack. At 2 we headed out and said goodbye to Ludi who is leaving in two weeks... We were dropped off at the bus station. Everyone else's bus would come within an hour and be gone by 4. Alayna and mine bus didn’t come till 8..and we wouldn’t make it home until 5 am. We were able to make it  to the mall where we got some pizza and talked about the week’s crazyness.
We got back to the bus station and well, waited some more. One of the ladies was nice enough to point out when our bus came and we climbed on with our massive amounts of bags and belongings. We then settles in for the great 9 hour bus ride which consisted of much sleeping and music listening. I got to see stars again for the first time since the mountain trip. It made my night... It was so beautiful...
Anyways at 5 we were dropped off at the side of the road and called our families. P’Boat came and got me and got me home. I got in my room to find dozens of ants eating a sealed bag of rice...eeeewww. I stayed up not being able to fall asleep so I watched some movies and finally some my dream world after a week of being so alive

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