Saturday, January 15, 2011

tra la la la bamba

alright week right week.
the weekend was a little uneventful.
so monday. Monday was well monday.  I can't even really remember it lol. School was the same as always though I did give out gifts to my teachers on behalf of me and my parents. some coffee mugs, calendars and small wood statues. The people liked them (I think) so my job was done there. I also booked my flights home. I'm officially flying back on the 11th of June. In time to see people at school, my birthday, and most importantly CCEE. after school I got to hang out with mint before my class and he surprised me. I also found out Thailand has gotten to me and I've become a prude.
Tuesday... Crap, I can remember nothing of what happened at school... oh Matt stole the Canadian mug i gave to Howard. made me very distressed.
After school we we picked up by Alayna's mom and while munching on McDonalds, we headed to Bangkok for a celebration of the king at the grand palace. We made it there and took our seats. Even one of the princess' attended which was really awesome. I saw royalty!!!! She had a really cute son with her and yeah.. The show was interesting and had a lot of different aspects though english would have been much appreciated. When the show ended and everyone got ready to leave. Alayna and my eyes fell upon the sexiest man in all of thailand. he was gorgeous. He may have caught me staring.. then he watched us as we left I think to make sure we didn't stalk him..
Wednesday... why am I having such a hard time remembering???!!!
oh Wednesday, Alayna and I got to skip a class and go help MAtt with his class. we did "ask the white people questions day" Matt made up the questions and it was a lot of fun though it soon became a competition between Canada and America (like always).
Thursday was kind of the same. We helped Matt out with two of his classes which was again tons of fun. then as a thank you Matt and Howard took us out to lunch. It was just down the road but we had fun and some good conversations about life and such. I like talking with the english teachers outside of class and just about normal things.
Friday. Friday flew by pretty fast. Though something really hit me. Alayna and I were talking about her best friend Sam and how they do everything together. Then she said "except this exchange, and it was a huge mistake" I thought she meant Sam could have gone on the exchange as well. but she meant she coming on this exchange she then said "yeah, I wouldn't go back early or anything...". I won't lie and say it didn't hurt a lot, it did. I guess because I don't understand it. I don't need any single person in my life that much.
Anyways Friday after school Alayna had previously asked someone to go to the movies with her and this time it was my turn to be the third wheel. We went to see the social network, which by the way, is a really good movie. After While she said goodbye to the person I went ahead to McDonalds and ordered two bigmacs. This being part of the deal if she could ask the person in person. While I was ordering, two guys I sorta know from one of our english classes came in and ordered food. Then we started talking and they invited us to sit with them.
We had a great time. Both the guys were really nice though one couldn't speak much english. There was much joking around and stealing of fries from one another. We got to know each other better which was really nice. People from our school don't often approach us to get to know us. We found out it's because they are nervous about speaking english to us, which I think is dumb.
Alayna's mom came and picked us up and dropped me off.
I then proceeded to check my mail and I got some potentially bad news about uni and I just broke and started sobbing. A big  hug to Jess though who really helped me, as well as Mint who put up with my bad mood.
Saturday....uhhh.. well a lazy day for most of it, though at 5 P'Boat came to my door and told me I had to go to a wedding at 6.
well this wedding.. lets start with I've never been to a second-rate wedding before. The carpets leadign you into the room for the reception were stained. The chair covered were stained and ripped. The chairs were red plastic lawn chairs. The food was kinda terrible and just everything was... second best..
This is party because of the secret..very very very secret passion of wedding planning. So this wedding kinda killed me. So I got to sit there for 4 hours , not the most fun thing I could have done.
anyways that brings us to today.
sorry this blog was... lackluster on the info, my brain is a little rusty.

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