Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Way Too Hot and I'm Not Even in Thailand yet

I'm sitting in the vancouver airport waiting for my connection to Tokyo.
When I was flying from calgary I saw my house, my brother's house and even the spot where he got married on saturday, it's pretty cool to look at it from the air... we all had those individual little TVs to watch; too bad mine was the only broken one on the whole plane.
 I had one man on the airplane recognize my Rotary blazer and introduce himself, he's also on the flight to Tokyo, which is nice to know someone knows what I'm doing in a bright red jacket.
Now all I can do is sit for a while more until the plane arrives.
I'm really proud of myself that I didn't cry when saying goodbye to my parents, not a single tear. my mom was a bit of a cough*basket case* cough. I'm really excited to make it to Thailand finally and start off on an adventure. I only cried saying goodbye to a friend when I realized I'm actually doing tis, I've always been the person to dream big but never actual do any of the big stuff so this is a huge thing for me just to be sitting in this airport alone...
I arrive technically 9:25 pm on the 17th and I start school on the 19th, ugh that shall be quite the experience. I only get one day to recover from jet lag and everything else then it's right off to the school where me and another rotary exchange girl will be introduced in front of the entire school...eep...

I had some wonton soup from a fast food place just a few minutes ago and it was horrible, and I know the airplane food will be just as bad... this is going to be one long plane ride...oh well I have both my laptop with movies to watch, my ipod with movies as well, and two new books including a Buffy novel, chalk one up for the addiction in novel form (yes I'm truly and utterly addicted to Buffy, I was just able to force myself not to bring a single disc of Buffy on this trip, I am to re-experiance it all over again when I get back)

anyways I'll update when I get there, maybe tomorrow, or after I start school,
until then,
Kyouhei out

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  1. Hi Gina,

    Just to clarify (in my defence), I was not a basket case. In fact I thought I did quite well, just shedding a few tears at the airport as at this moment it doesn't feel quite real. Also the key is not to talk, easier to hold back the tears.
    Love Mom

    ps neat you got to see the house and Banff

    pps also neat that your Rotary jacket was already an introduction to someone new