Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping for all those clothes

I thought I'd start the blog off with  talking about all the shopping I've had to do in preparation for this trip...
wow, I never thought it would be so difficult to find clothes that are suitable for this trip.
Thailand is a modest country and therefore I'm not allowed large amounts of cleavage (not that I show that much anyway), the clothes can't be skin tight due to the humidity and temperatures over there, and the most crucial, I'm not allowed to have bare shoulders which is a pain in the neck. trying to find clothes that fit all that criteria and still be able to like the clothing is near impossible. I've gone to 4 different malls now and found a few pieces but I've been pretty limited in the styles that I'm able to take... oh well I'm also not allowed flip flop or so I've been led to believe so I'm stuck with slip on shoes, I have reason to believe I might be able to wear some sandals (I shall pray to the gods of Thai fashion that I'll be able to as I am a sandal lover). I'm starting to pull some of the clothing together to see what I have and what I need. I'm almost there, just of a few more things and I'll be done and with just a little over two weeks to go I have to hurry to make sure I have everything I need
I think that's all i can say for right now
Kyouhei/Gina (that's my screen name for everything Internet related so I am also using it here, sorry for any inconvenience or misunderstanding, It's just much easier to use one name and I like that name better then my real name)

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